96 adjectives to describe shielding

His broad shield hung behind his shoulder, balanced by a long lance whose gay banderol fluttered wanton to the soft-breathing air; above his mail-coif he wore a small bright-polished bascinet, while, at his high-peaked saddle-bow his ponderous war-helm swung, together with broad-bladed battle-axe.

Above the fireplace were rows of heraldic shields with the blazonings of the family and of its alliances, the fatal saltire cross breaking out on each of them.

Astern, dangerously near, they saw the hostile craft, small, but listed heavily with crowding ruffians, packed so close that their great wicker hats hung along the gunwale to save room, and shone dim in the obscurity like golden shields of vikings.

On overtaking them, they drew up on each side, and some dozen of them kept up a running sham fight with their swords and small wooden and metal shields before the Bey.

Orbit without any scales between it and the labial shields.

He addressed himself particularly to the weak; to such as wished to be considered men of profound knowledge, but who, when they were compelled to be silent from real ignorance, took refuge behind the impenetrable shield of mystery.

He stood beneath his brother's ample shield; And, covered there, shot death through all the field.

Then might the Thebans perish with renown: But now a beardless victor sacks the town; Whom nor the prancing steed, nor ponderous shield, Nor the hacked helmet, nor the dusty field, But the soft joys of luxury and ease, The purple vests, and flowery garlands, please. Stand then aside, I'll make the counterfeit 50 Renounce his godhead, and confess the cheat.

But with my spear of Faith, Stout as an oaken rafter, With my round shield of laughter, With my sharp, tongue-like sword That speaks a bitter word, I stood beneath the wall And there defied them all.

The male fern resembles the marginal shield fern in outline, but the fronds are thinner, are not evergreen, and the sori are near the midvein.

And even me that generous love has spared, Me, trustless knight and miserable man, Sad prey of dark and mutinous thoughts that tempt My sick soul into perjury and death Since his great love had pity of my pain, Has spared to lead these blameless warriors safe Into the desert from the blazing towns, Out of the desert to the inviolate hills Where God has roofed them with his hollow shield.

" The "Franklin" now poured in her fire with all possible rapidity; but it was evident that her shot made little or no impression on the massive iron shield of her antagonist, although it played havoc amid his rigging.

From the barbaric shields and the letters MARIO, still remaining, it has been supposed to commemorate the victory of Marius over the barbarians, near Aix.

He had a large oblong shield; and, as weapons of offence, two javelins, one of which was light and slender, but the other was a strong and massive weapon, with a shaft about four feet long and an iron head of equal length.

Eagle feathers were used by the men to make head-dresses and to ornament shields and also weapons.

Carlyle caught their massive, rugged strength in his great translation: A safe stronghold our God is still, A trusty shield and weapon; He'll help us clear from all the ill That hath us now o'ertaken....

The untarnished shield.

Do spirits go in steel, Roger?" said Beltane, stooping for his sword; for indeed, plain and loud upon the prevailing quiet was the ring and clash of heavy armour, what time from the bushes that clothed the steep a tall figure strode, and the moon made a glory in polished shield, it gleamed upon close-vizored helm, it flashed upon brassart, vanbrace and plastron.

The other infantrymen, who have flat shields, form a compact body in the center and raise their shields above themselves and above all the rest, so that nothing but shields can be seen in every part of the phalanx alike and all the men by the density of formation are under shelter from missiles.

O "Land of Might Have Been," we turn With aching hearts to where you wait; Where crimson fires of glory burn, And laurel crowns the guarding gate; We may not see across your fields The sightless skulls that knew their woe The broken spearsthe shattered shields That "might have been" as truly so. "Of all sad words of tongue or pen" So wails the poet in his pain

He is a worthy prince, and we shall lose a father when called to weep for his loss!" "Most true, Signore: but the horned bonnet is not an invulnerable shield against the arrows of death.

So mustered he his powers of Pentavalon, gay with stir of pennons and rich trappings; the sun flashed back from ponderous casques and bascinets innumerable and flamed on blazoned shields.

"Fair steeds, gay shields, bright arms," [Spencer.]

Highest and midmost, was descried The royal banner floating wide; The staff, a pine-tree, strong and straight, Pitch'd deeply in a massive stone, Yet bent beneath the standard's weight Whene'er the western wind unroll'd, With toil, the huge and cumbrous fold, And gave to view the dazzling field, Where, in proud Scotland's royal shield, The ruddy lion ramped in gold.

Mary Coombe settled herself with a flutter and a rustle, and then, behind the decorous shield of a hymn book, she whispered, "Did you see Dr. Callandar as we came in?" "No." "Look and see if he is here.

96 adjectives to describe  shielding
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