179 adjectives to describe shocking

Reaching it, I burst into the passage; then, turning quickly, slammed and bolted the door, just as the first of the creatures rushed against it, with a sudden shock.

" His addresses were so fervent that they acted at times like an electric shock.

Were you tried as I am, your scepticism would receive a severe shock.

By and by he felt a shock; not a violent shock, but as if the boat had touched, and was pushing through, something soft.

Then came a rude shock.

Evadne longed to throw herself beside him and pillow the dear head upon her bosom, but Dr. Danvers had whispered, "A sudden sound may start the hemorrhage again,the slightest shock is sure to."

(And this notwithstanding the one deficient letter: but many people who are much more dignified than Mrs. Turnerpeople who behave themselves very well in every other respectsay "'ome.") "Oh, my dear, I don't make any pretensions," the good woman cried, but with a little shock of pleasure which brought the tears to her eyes.

One night we were awakened by a tremendous shock; and, to spare you the details of a shipwreck, which have nothing to do with my story, we found ourselves when day broke fast on a coral reef, about a mile from an island of no great size, and out of sight of all other land.

Nervous shock, too, I think.

At this rencontre Lanyard knew a momentary shock of doubt; perhaps he hadn't been so clever as he had thought himself in trailing Dupont all the way from Combe-Re-donde to Lyons.

I made the acquaintance also in the Mess of a Medical Officer, named Rossi, in peace time a University Professor of Nervous Pathology, who was now in charge of a hospital for "nervosi," or shell-shock cases, four miles outside the town.

"As Mrs. Ireland had anticipated, her husband had received a severe mental shock which had completely prostrated him.

moaned the distracted organist, fairly kissing the dear remains, and restored to perfect speech and comprehension by the awful shock.


The event came as a distinct shock to their over-confidence and as a reminder that the German navy was still to be reckoned with.

There was the whirling of the air, resisting my passage, yet giving way under me in giddy circles, and then the sharp shock of once more feeling under my feet something solid, which struck, yet sustained.

When the latter therefore was removed, it received a considerable shock; but, alas!

But 'twas not so with our poor brig, for after that first fearful shock she never moved again, being flung so firm upon the beach by one great swamping wave that never another had power to uproot her.

" "I know it was a dreadful shock to you, but you must not take it so much to heart.

I could guess what a mighty shock that had been to his self-confidence!

It acted upon him like a galvanic shock; he sprang to his feet and, bewildered, stared after the machine.

Poor Muriel has suffered from the suspicion as well as from the horrible shock of the discovery.

The British grenadiers throughout the eighteenth century showed themselves superior, in the actual shock of battle, to any infantry of continental Europe; if they ever met an over-match, it was when pitted against the Scotch highlanders.

A child frequently survives terrific shock.

It was an unpleasant shock to me, placing me, as it seemed, in a terribly difficult position.

179 adjectives to describe  shocking