18 adjectives to describe shoveling

I go at it lustily with my wooden shovel, clearing out a pathway to the gate.

The more delicate Highlander carries the snuff to his nose on a little shovel.

why does he suffer this rude knave, now, to knock him about the sconce with a dirty shovel, and will not tell him of his action of battery?

A baker sprang from the cellar where he was kneading his dough, and with his oven shovel struck a French dragoon to the ground.

Since Grizel's time monster hotels have trampled the village to death, and the shuddering lake reflects all day the most hideous of caravansaries flung together as with a giant shovel in one of the loveliest spots on earth.

Surely Mollie would be pleased to receive a nice little fur tippet or a muff, and I'll get Tommie a handsome snow-shovel, that he can use when he cleans off the paths.

They dug us down and earthed us in, their hasty shovels plying, Us the poor dead of Oudenarde, Ramillies, Waterloo; We heard their drum-taps fading and their trumpet fanfares dying As they marched away and left us, in the dark and silence lying, Home-bound for happy England and the green fields that we knew.

1 bolo or hand axe, per squad. 4 shovels, intrenching, per squad. 1 wire cutter, per squad.

Lacking shovels, they worked with hands and feet.

He began to figure with his finger on the muddy shovel blade.

They made rude shovels of wood and enlarged the space they had cleared of snow.

Accordingly, they have ordered a massive and handsomely engraved pair of silver tongs, and a splendid silver fire-shovel.

" He opened the stove door, took the tiny shovel, stuck it into the coal-box, and threw some fresh coal on the lividly red embers.

It may be exemplified in the words oven, shovel, able; or in the unemphatic article the before a consonant, as in the sentence, "Take the nearest:" we do not hear it as "thee nearest," nor as "then carest," but more obscurely.

"You forgot yore shovel, Kansas," he said, gently, "or Jack Harpe did.

I will scatter them as with a broad winnowing-shovel, as men scatter the chaff on the threshing-floor.

The little girls were sliding down hill on boards and broken shovels, cast-off dripping-pans and ash-panseverything, indeed, that could be seized on for coasting.

The first pew on the right side was occupied, when we last saw it, with three brushes, an elderly shovel, and two gas-meters, one of them being a very full-grown fatherly affaira sort of deacon amongst ordinary meters, and looking very authoritatively upon its smaller colleague and the brushes.

18 adjectives to describe  shoveling