20 adjectives to describe shreds

Take a little strong white gravy, with some of the whitest sellery you can get, cut it about an inch long, boil it whilst it be tender, and put it into the gravy, with two anchovies, a little lemon-peel shred, two or three spoonfuls of cream, a little shred mace, and a spoonful of white wine; thicken it up with flour and butter; if you dislike the sellery you may put in the liver as you did for chickens. 64.

Put on crisp lettuce leaves in a salad bowl and cover with a mayonnaise dressing Garnish with thin shreds of red beets, and serve.

Ho, ho, how good it is to relax the nerves and to imagine that, with gleeful claws, one tears the enemies' flesh in bloody shreds!

You can't know how they came a-flyin' by day an' by night in great brown clouds; how they crept an' crawled an' squirmed through the wheat an' the corn an' the grass, bitin' an' chewin' every green thing, leavin' nothin' but black an' dry shreds, an' the earth more desolate than if a fire had swept over it.

It hides amongst the sea-weed at the bottom of the sea, and the fleshy shreds attached to its nose, floating about in the water, act as natural bait, and attract the unwary little fishes in its neighborhood, but the instant one of them makes a bite at the tempting morsel it is whisked away, and the poor fish is caught in the huge mouth of the fisherman fish, and crushed up by its sharp teeth.

It was, indeed, no wonder that the signal had attracted no attention among the fluttering shreds of sails about it.

And then with a curious gulp and start he saw a little grey cloud wreathe itself slowly from among the rocks and drift in a long, hazy shred over the desert.

It is made of long bunches of very light and soft shreds, like fine twisted grass, apparently the prepared leaf of a calamus or rattan.

It is the office of this class of particles, to link together words, phrases, or sentences, that would otherwise appear as loose shreds, or unconnected aphorisms; and thus, by various forms of dependence, to give to discourse such continuity as may fit it to convey a connected train of thought or reasoning.

"The luminous shreds of the tail apparently underwent rapid, frequent, and considerable variations of length.

Arms and legs were torn right off or hanging by the merest shreds, ghastly wounds of the head left the brain exposed.

'I suppose when he's quite far away in the bush like that he can't get it,'by which last miserable shred of security the poor mother allowed herself to be in some degree comforted.

Git outa hyar quick!" Dominique, his evil face twitching with fury, picked up the ragged shreds of his coat and walked unsteadily out.

It's all there; every rotten, stinking shred of it!

CHANTECLER O thou that driest the tears of the meanest among weeds And dost of a dead flower make a living butterfly Thy miracle, wherever almond-trees Shower down the wind their scented shreds, Dead petals dancing in a living swarm I worship thee, O Sun!

"Do you know any one who wears a frieze coat like that?" he asked, handing her a few torn shreds of wool affixed to a splinter of bark.

Herschel discerned symptoms of a rotatory movement both in the comet and its tail; a movement which carried unequal shreds from the centre towards the border, and the border towards the centre.

A long chamber in the middle of the house was the shop, always smelling of woolen shreds.

The compressed shreds are once more exposed to the atmosphere, and then subjected to a powerful pressure.

"Not a cursed shred of an idea!

20 adjectives to describe  shreds