224 adjectives to describe sighing

Is not that only fair?" She gave a little sigh of contentment.

No, not a groan, not a moaning, not anything so tangible,a perfectly soft, faint, inarticulate sigh.

And when I had fixed my eyes on his more intently than was my wont, methought I could read in his eyes words which might be uttered in this wise: "O lady, thou alone art mine only bliss!" Certainly, if I should say that this idea was not pleasing to me, I should surely lie, for it drew forth a gentle sigh from my bosom, accompanied by these words: "And thou art mine!"

I heard it as clearly as I hear myself speak; a long, soft, weary sigh, as if drawn to the utmost, and emptying out a load of sadness that filled the breast.

"Yes, yes, the garden is there," Apollonie replied with a profound sigh, "but the great rose and mignonette beds are gone.

"It israther," Jeanie sighed a sharp, involuntary sigh.

"I would not be warned," I answered with a bitter sigh.

A sharp sigh of excited disappointment exhaled from the spectators.

" "Ah-huh!" exclaimed Anderson, with a loud sigh.

The dark, good-looking fellow in his smart summer uniform leaned over the bulwark, and said, with a slight sigh, I thought "Yes.

Slow in thy dark eye riseth a tear, Hear I thy sad sigh, Sorrow is near; Hope smiling bright, love, dies on my breast, As day like a white dove flies down the west; So dies the happiest day.

When he had finished, he set the bowl down, and, as a puppy might, he pushed at Mac's arm till he found a way in, laid his head down on "Farva's" knee with a contented sigh, and closed his heavy eyes.

" The danger was past; with an audible sigh of relief the three youngsters clambered into the vehicle, and the next moment were bowling rapidly along in the direction of the town.

Cumberland may have felt the other's silence, or he may have realised the imprudence of his own fury; for he dropped his hands with an impatient sigh, and blurted out:

Then it faded as she shook her head, saying with a regretful sigh, "I'm afraid I've lost the little skill I ever had.

Again came that short, unconscious sigh.

She thought, with a secret sigh of bliss: "Yes, it is real, this moment!

" He saw her eyes light up, her breast heave with a sudden sigh.

And thinking on her beauteous face, Her bearing proud and high, The bosom of the valiant Moor Heaved with a mournful sigh.

And then came the tired sigh, and then that racking, cruel cough that seemed to rend her whole frame.

"It seems that Teddy" Mr. Nugent fetched a mighty sigh and shook his head; Mrs. Silk gazed at him earnestly.

There lay three garters, half a pair of gloves, And all the trophies of his former loves; With tender billets-doux he lights the pyre, And breathes three amorous sighs to raise the fire.

What now remains but tears and hopeless sighs?

" The valiant Gíw with Rustem pondering stood, And, sad, recalled the scene of death and blood; Grief and amazement heaved the frequent sigh, And almost froze the crimson current dry.

" "It must have been a spirit car," said Violet, adding, with a plaintive little sigh that made the girls laugh: "In spite of all my perfectly good training, I'm beginning to believe in ghosts.

224 adjectives to describe  sighing
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