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199 adjectives to describe sketches

(Should Mr. PUNCHINELLO object that this biographical sketch is desultory and "wandering," let him try, himself, to write the biography of a lady who is incessantly and frantically roaming from one end of the country to the other, and if he don't wander it will be a wonder.)

This brief sketch must content the reader for the present.

For perhaps another hour we wandered onward, chatting quietly and comfortably on this and that matter, and on several occasions stopping while my companionwho is something of an artistmade rough sketches of striking bits of the wild scenery.

He knew everybody, French and foreign, and gave me most amusing and useful little sketches of all the celebrities.

In proof of this assertion, it will be sufficient to give a slight sketch of the different views and opinions of the gold-makers, Rosicrucians, manufacturers of astralian salts, drops of life, and tinctures of gold, hunters after the philosopher's stone, and other equally absurd chimera.

" GUSTAV T. KIRBY, President of the Amateur Athletic Union:"Not only as a historical sketch of this great national game, but also as a technical dissertation on base ball as it was and is, this book will not only be of interest but of benefit to all of us Americans who are interested in sportand what American is not interested in sport?and being interested in sport, chiefly in base ball.

Naval sketches of the war In California.

With this rapid sketch, I proceed to enumerate the services of Daniel Webster to his country, since on these enduring fame and gratitude are based.

This incident was a very important part of the Centralia conspiracy but a hasty sketch, such as might be portrayed in these pages, would be an inadequate presentation at best.

One of Mr. Haydon's new pictures is the first start in lifea mother teaching her infant to walkit is a clever sketch, but, bearing in mind the beautiful comparison of Solomon and the lily of the valley, here is a counterpart.

They are sometimes mere sketches, but oftener the story is told with consummate art, with strict economy of word and phrase, and the dénouement comes with a point and power which show that the Moorish minstrel was an artist of no mean skill and address.

The first includes his numerous critical articles, and the second his autobiographical sketches.

"I was born," he tells us in that delightful sketch, "The Old Benchers of the Inner Temple," "and passed the first seven years of my life in the Temple.

Hetty, at Miss Briggs' desk, attended the telegraph instrument and long-distance telephone, receiving news over both wires, and still found time to draw her daily cartoons and additional humorous sketches which she "worked in" whenever the mood seized her.

NOTE ON THE ILLUSTRATIONS The Publishers feel that they have been peculiarly fortunate in securing Mr. E. Boyd Smith as the illustrator and interpreter of Mrs. Austin's charming sketches of the "Land of Little Rain."

Among the poetry is the Painter's Song, a pleasing composition, by Barry Cornwall, who has also The Victim, a dramatic sketch of twenty pages.

This, the reader will understand, is no fancy sketch, as far as I am concerned.

It is in that scriptural series, to which we have referred, and which, judging from some fine rough old graphic sketches of them which we possess, seem to be of a higher and more poetic grade than even the Cartoons.

We have been delighted with the following admirable sketch of English comfort from the pen of Mr. Cobbett: "I never had, that I recollect, a more pleasant journey or ride, than this into Sussex.

A preliminary sketch of the second portion of this essay will be found in the letter to Coleridge dated March 9, 1822.

Making allowance for the fact that most of the poet's autobiographic sketches are emphatically "Dichtang und Wahrheit," we can believe that he was an omnivorous reader"I read eating, read in bed, read when no one else reads"and, having a memory only less retentive than Macaulay's, acquired so much general information as to be suspected of picking it up from Reviews.

He was at his best in satirical character-sketches, such as the brilliant portraits in this poem of Shaftesbury, as the false counselor Ahitophel, and of the Duke of Buckingham as Zimri.

We have already illustrated the Panorama, and it is our intention to introduce other embellishments of the Colosseum, as far as may be compatible with finished sketches.

But even more interesting than the poems themselves, is the autobiographical account prefixed, with its vivid sketches of factory life in Aberdeen, of the old regime of 1770; when "four days did the weaver's workSunday, Monday, Tuesday, were of course jubilee.

This imperfect sketch of 'the COMBINATION and the form' of that Wonderful Man, whom I venerated and loved while in this world, and after whom I gaze with humble hope, now that it has pleased ALMIGHTY GOD to call him to a better world, will serve to introduce to the fancy of my readers the capital object of the following journal, in the course of which I trust they will attain to a considerable degree of acquaintance with him.

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