50 adjectives to describe snaring

Let us even admire the spider who with her cobwebs lays subtle snares to trap flies, and fall unawares upon them before they can disentangle themselves.

I set it down to the snares of Springto her insidious, delightful snares of scent and sound and colour thatfor the moment, at leasthad trapped these young people into loving life infinitely.

It is the shipwreck of liberty, a fatal snare, from which it is impossible ever to get free.

To this fair creature I'd sometimes retire; Her conversation would new joys inspire; Give life an edge so keen, no surly care Would venture to assault my soul, or dare Near my retreat to hide one secret snare.

Harvard Advocate. ~Strategy.~ Some, Cupid kills with arrows, Some, with traps; But this spring the little rascal Found, perhaps, That he needed both to slay me; So he laid a cunning snare On the hillside, and he hid it In a lot of maidenhair;

All this labour I was at the expense of, purely from my apprehensions on the account of the print of a man's foot which I had seen; for, as yet, I never saw any human creature come near the island; and I had now lived two years under this uneasiness, which, indeed, made my life much less comfortable than it was before, as may be well imagined by any who know what it is to live in the constant snare of the fear of man.

First you must catch your bird... and no Western snare has ever caught the Russian bird of paradise, and I dare prophesy that no Western snare ever will.

"And see thou a hostile world to spread its delusive snares.

And laugh did I, to see the little snares He had set for pests to vex him: his great feet Prisoned in greater boots; so narrow a stool To seat such elephantine parts as his; Ay, and the book he read, a Hebrew Bible; And, to incite a gross and backward wit, An old, crabbed, wormed, Greek dictionary; and A foxy Ovid bound in dappled calf.

For him let venal bards disgrace the bay, And hireling minstrels wake the tinkling string; Her sensual snares let faithless Pleasure lay; And jingling bells fantastic Folly ring; 100 Disquiet, doubt, and dread shall intervene, And Nature, still to all her feelings just, In vengeance hang a damp on every scene, Shook from the baneful pinions of Disgust.

TO LEILA Leila, with too successful art, Has spread for me love's cruel snare; And now, when she has caught my heart, She laughs, and leaves it to despair.

Is it that mens frayle eyes, which gaze too bold, She may entangle in that golden snare; And, being caught, may craftily enfold Their weaker harts, which are not wel aware?

He who lends wings of hope, while secretly He spreads a traitorous snare by the wayside, Hath dulled the flame of love, and mortified Friendship where friendship burns most fervently.

This both by others and myself I know, 380 For I have served their sovereign long ago; Oft have been caught within the winding train Of female snares, and felt the lover's pain, And learn'd how far the god can human hearts constrain.

An indescribable disquieting vegetation which seemed to be an extension of the Black Forest, overran all the heights, and lost itself in the horizon like a huge impenetrable snare; the sun shone, the birds sang, carters passed by whistling; sheep, lambs, and pigeons were scattered about, leaves quivered and rustled; the grass, a densely thick grass, was full of flowers.

The day before there was still time to stop, there was time to cast far away temptations and impure desires, to avoid the infernal snares and ambushes, to take refuge, according to the Apostle's advice, in the bosom of God; now it was too late, it was no longer in his power; he found himself hemmed in within the circle of abominations, and he did not see how he could get forth.

Wherefore the birds of passage proclaimed the man, this human mountain-ash in which they nested and of whose berries they ate, to be in reality a dangerous trap; and they seemed hardly able to see the visible berries for the invisible snares.

Years before, Elsley had tried opium, and found, unhappily for him, that it fed his fancy without inflicting those tortures of indigestion which keep many, happily for them, from its magic snare.

But, O when we have arrived at this stage, what a bewildering world of seductive new impressions spreads for us its multitudinous snares!

After these mutual snares were thus carefully laid, the decision of the quarrel advanced apace.

And she, sweet creature! walked straight into the pleasant snare, utterly blind, because she fancied that she saw clearly.

7 Through hidden dangers, toils, and death, It gently clear'd my way; And through the pleasing snares of vice, More to be fear'd than they.

"Older persons than you would have stumbled into such an artfully prepared snare, baited as it was with the hope of catching Mortlake in a plot to destroy your aeroplane.

Rustem removed, the Persian throne is ours, An easy conquest to confederate powers; And then, secured by some propitious snare, Sohráb himself our galling bonds shall wear.

But escaping the religious snare, she goes back to Paris to be claimed by Dorilaus as his real daughter.

50 adjectives to describe  snaring