22 adjectives to describe snored

The audience was probably Petrified with astonishment at the immense learning and research he displayed, for it observed a Stony silence, only interrupted by an occasional snore.

While I pondered the problem in all its impossible bearings, loud snores to right and left of me, tenor and bass by turns, announced that Jimgrim and Anazeh were as blissfully oblivious to my worries as the bedbugs were that had come out of hiding and discovered me.

Her rhythmic snores soon proved that she slept, while Johnnie lay thinking of the various proffers she had that evening received of a lamp to her feet, a light on her path.

We passed through the half-opened door and saw a peaceful figure lying in the bed, whence proceeded a gentle snore.

The man in the next bunk, a muscular Kanaka, had his face turned away from me, and in spite of his prolonged snore my suspicions were aroused.

" A delicate but unmistakable snore rose from his shoulder in reply.

A light snore reached him, hardly a snore so much as the heavy intake of breath of a very weary, sleeping man; yet the hand of Nash froze on the lariat.

It was his habit to "snooze" in an easy chair on his porch every afternoon, and Hetty depicted the little man with both feetmeat and woodon the rail, his mouth open and eyes shut, while lusty snores were indicated by radiating lines and exclamation points.

As soon as my respected relative uttered the preliminary snore of her afternoon siesta, Beauty made an involuntary exit out of the house, all the lower doors and windows having been carefully fastened.

And, as in the past, the prodigious snores of Mr. McOstrich, who still followed his trade of baker, sounded at intervals through the wall without causing the company the slightest concern, and were likewise no longer funny.

We had just reached the critical reign of Apepa II when a resounding snore broke in upon the studious quiet of the room and sent us both into a fit of silent laughter.

Unused to the ways of the road, yet pleased with the fate that had brought them into the partnership of men who at least provided them with substantial meals, soon the satisfied snores that emanated from their throats proved to the others that the twins had landed in dreamland.

The only noises that came up were the shrill snores of the islanders, but the blood that streamed down my face made me forget prudence, and I scrambled down into the stuffy quarters, where the odour of natives was overwhelming.

A slight snore came from the body.

I lay listening to Anazeh's thunderous snores and naturally enough imagining every possible contingency and dozens that were totally impossible.

A long time passed, marked by alarming snores from the billiard-table.

The curious nasal sounds produced by the natives, together with the rather high-toned snore of Professor Herndon, were the only sounds that came through the still night.

Buffon and Bewick err (no doubt, unintentionally) when they say that the barn owl snores during its repose.

When I got to my boudoir I could hear Augustus's drunken snores from the room beyond.

A faint snore issued at regular intervals from the half-open door of the mate's stateroom.

In the midst of the silence that reigned in the house, broken only by a feeble snore that issued now and then from the adjoining bedroom, Basilio heard light footfalls on the stairs, footfalls that soon crossed the hallway and approached the room where he was.

Scarcely had the very uncourteous laughter that accompanied this narrative concluded, when a low, intermittent snore, proceeding from a person close at my elbow, challenged my most serious notice.

22 adjectives to describe  snored