189 adjectives to describe snow

"The slopes of Mont Blanc are with eternal snow."

There appeared to be a line of perpetual snow, though in many places above, this line patches of yellow appeared, the nearer of which were certainly and the more distant must be inferred to be covered with a low, close herbaceous vegetation.

" But, leaving wheels and animals out of the question, the free mountaineer with a sack of bread on his shoulders and an ax to cut steps in ice and frozen snow can make his way across the range almost everywhere, and at any time of year when the weather is calm.

Doesn't even get anything to drink; eats a little snow after dinner, digs his bed, and sleeps in a drift till morning.

" That same morning a light snow fell, making the work more complete, for it covered up all footprints and buried the telltale scent of man.

The loose snow was already over five feet deep on the meadows, making extended walks impossible without the aid of snow-shoes.

Again and again she went to look out into the quiet moonlight night, across the glittering expanses of pure white glistening snow.

This dry fragmentary snow is still further prepared for the formation of banners by the action of the wind.

The day was wonderfully clear and we could see the everlasting snows beyond Cadore.

He seemed to be sleeping very sound, powdered over already with soft wet snow; but she whispered her next remark.

Jeannette had a naughty lamb, That looked like dirty snow; And wherever Jeannette went That lamb would never go.

It was veritably a country club, gay and full of life in the season, but isolated and lonesome beyond description after winter had set in and buried flower and leaf under a wide waste of untrodden snow.

The most obvious peculiarity of this planetits polar snow-capswere seen about 250 years ago, but they were first proved to increase and decrease alternately, in the summer and winter of each hemisphere, by Sir William Herschell in the latter part of the eighteenth century.

Over the dark velvet of her robe the bountiful, white waves of her hair streamed like a bridal veil, wreathing her brows and her young, pathetic face with silken rings of drifted snow.

Height 10,280.We started well on the afternoon march, going a good speed for 1 1/2 hours; then we came on a stratum covered with loose sandy snow, and the pulling became very heavy.

A gale of blinding snow was sweeping past, making all things indistinguishable, but the absence of balcony outside was reassuring and I stepped hastily back, asking myself for the first time what I should do and where I should now go to ensure myself from being called as a witness to the awful occurrence which had just taken place in this house.

Thus they struck out for the river, floundering knee-deep in the freshly fallen and drifted snow.

" After he had looked at the cubs playing merrily, how, with soft stealth, one would creep behind another to bounce out and startle him, a thought came into Mr. Tebrick's head, and that was that these cubs were innocent, they were as stainless snow, they could not sin, for God had created them to be thus and they could break none of His commandments.

Beyond and across the river lay the boundless steppea sheet of virgin snow.

The next morning a thin, powdery snow was driving about.

This green gateway opens suddenly upon another, cut through a glittering mass of micaceous rock, whence one looks down on the town and Gulf of Scanderoon, the coast of Karamania beyond, and the distant snows of the Taurus.

As in the days of long ago, In southern heat and northern snow Still twangs the archer's potent bow, And as his flying arrows smite, Love laughs.

"] Many a year has gone by since I last looked upon this picture, and then it was a winter scene; for it was near the end of March, which is winter enough in this region, and the blue water of the bay there was flagged over with a rough white pavement of crisp snow.

Next morning from my window I could see the Alps lying very low on the horizon, like a ball of fluffy snow.

When their eyes roved toward her she thought that she would rather be dead, out in the clean, white snow, than here.

189 adjectives to describe  snow