78 adjectives to describe sob

Jervis sat and worked and cried, and mixed her words with little sobs.

It was Dick's voice, in a convulsive sob.

In short, I can stand them no longer," she continued, giving way to a short, hysterical sob.

Does Mr. Vantine need me?" "We all need you!" said the voice, and broke into a dry sob.

He heard again that sound which the man could not hear, the broken sob in her throat, as the canoe moved slowly down to the wooded point.

Now and then a bitter sob escaped her.

Sometimes at such moments there would be heard from her a faint sob, called forth, it was quite as likely, by the recollection of the triumph as by that of the deathbed.

And strangling a passionate sob, the lawyer sank again into his chair, covering his face.

Once more the family stood together under the cottage roof; once more the neighbors and friends one by one, silently passed in; once more a coffin stood upon the table, and aged men and women, and middle-aged and children looked into it with weeping eyes; once more stifled sobs were heard; once more that mother with her children sat in the inner room; but not all; all were not there.

But Polly only burst out afresh in loud sobs and cries.

"Lord!" said he, "O Beltane, my lord and master" and bowed grim head with sudden sob, whereat Beltane questioned him full hastily, as thus: "Art wounded, Ulf!

Barbara was silent, except for an occasional sob which she was unable to stifle, while the Professor poured forth his story of Leith's deception when he first met him in Sydney, and where the big scoundrel had poured into the ears of the laurel-hungry scientist the tales of skulls and ruins which he would find upon the Isle of Tears.

She tried to be calm, but a dull sob went with the words.

You, too, suffered a similar loss, at an early period, if I have been correctly informed" A soba stifled, but painful sob, escaped Eve; and, inexpressibly shocked, Paul ceased dwelling on his own sources of sorrow, to attend to those he had so unintentionally disturbed.

CHAPTER X. Veronica left Bianca Corleone's house with a very painful sense of disappointment, and as she drove homeward through the wet streets, she could not get rid of Gianluca's tearful blue eyes, which seemed to follow her into the carriage; and in the rattling and jolting, she heard again and again that one weak sob which had so disturbed her.

So he thought; for he could hear only now and then a very inaudible sob, and occasionally a very weak wail, shrill and yet low.

he asked, as an involuntary sob broke from poor Katherine.

The boy sat as stiff and rigid as a wooden figure till they took the reins from him; then all the strength seemed to go out of him, and he leaned against his sister, as white and trembling as she, whispering with an irrepressible sob, "O Polly, wasn't it horrid?

Gracie's distress sank into anguished sobs, and Avery knew that the punishment was over.

" Tears choked his utterance, and the old man wept, His meagre frame convulsed with mighty sobs, Pathetic tokens of a broken heart.

A sharp sob rose in her throat, but she stifled it.

" For a while my lady did not move, the gold chalice closed in her delicate fingers half-way to her lips; then with one little breathless sob such as the hare gives when the fangs of the hound are about to close upon her, she, very slowly, set down the goblet, and, just as slowly, rose to her feet, her face the grey-white of the pearls at her throat.

Kitty clasped Rudolph's neck more tightly, and broke into a frightened sob.

Heavy childish sobs racked him.

The tremulous sob of the complaining owl; 1793.]

78 adjectives to describe  sob