257 adjectives to describe soils

The surface is a very light cotton soil several feet deep.

The whole of Africa, indeed, was of a lighter hue than either Asia or Europe, owing, I presume, to its having a greater proportion of sandy soil: and I could not avoid contrasting, in my mind, the colour of these continents, as they now appeared, with the complexions of their respective inhabitants.

At your feet lies the great Central Valley glowing golden in the sunshine, extending north and south farther than the eye can reach, one smooth, flowery, lake-like bed of fertile soil.

my dear, my native soil!

" Loosening a handful of the dry soil, he brought it down and laid it with the explosives.

On the loamy soil the grass was good and abundant, but the gravel was covered with spiny treraphis.

CHAPTER VI IN TROUBLE ON FOREIGN SOIL From Hampton Roads the Battleship Squadron, with the midshipmen on board, sailed directly for Plymouth, England.

She brought to it a mind absolutely untrammeled by creed or circumstance, and in this virgin soil God's truth took root.

In a well-ordered society, making the most of all the means offered by modern technical science, the dry barren soil might be made to yield sufficient harvests to satisfy the wants of its members; but among these inhabitants, paralysed by anarchy, chronic famine prevails.

This vegetable always flourishes in a moist soil, though it generally has a holy horror of aqua pura.

It is one of the most important productions of an alluvial soil, and belongs to the vegetable rather than the mineral kingdom.

This island has a few Norway pines upon it, is of a loose sandy soil, and at the highest portion is some twenty feet above the level of the water.

"Good neighborhood, healthy air, fruitful soil, very rich soil hereabouts.

We seemed to take a long time groping along seeking this; the squash of the wet soil under our feet was the only thing that marked our progress.

And so with his pick he now began to open the trench which was to drain the damp soil above, and fertilize the dry, sterile, thirsty ground below.

We conclude then that all that can be done in the way of Tracts for the Million should be done; that seed of every kind should be scattered to the four winds, hoping that each may find some congenial soil.

With incredible labour, inspired and sustained by his natural acuteness, he wrought a miracle upon a singularly arid and sterile soil.

"But now we are on the 'sacred soil,'" Jack cries, as the company debouched from the bridge up the steep, narrow road that seemed to be taking them to Arlington.

FENNEL.This elegantly-growing plant, of which the Latin name is Anethum foeniculum, grows best in chalky soils, where, indeed, it is often found wild.

Whether progress would ever invade those mountain regions; or the ingenuity of man ever discover uses for these rocks and boulders, or coin wealth from the sterile and sandy soil of this old wilderness?

A little further inland, trees were to be found, but on a soil so marshy that an inundation or a tempest threw down whole forests, such as are still at times discovered at either eight or ten feet depth below the surface.

CHAPTER II ~On to Shen-shen and thence to Khoten~ After travelling for seventeen days, a distance we may calculate of about 1500 li, the pilgrims reached the kingdom of Shen-shen, a country rugged and hilly, with a thin and barren soil.

Hard is their shallow soil, and bleak and bare; Nor ever vernal bee was heard to murmur there!

The truth is that this fine country, blessed with a productive soil and a benign climate, has been reduced by civil dissension to a condition of almost hopeless anarchy and imbecility.

Once the container is full with organic waste, it should be covered with a little soil and allowed to decompose undisturbed.

257 adjectives to describe  soils