25 adjectives to describe songster

How aggravating truly such words must be, bursting cheerily from the lips of the little free songsters!

The universal folk songster for home, school and community.

This beautiful and gentle bird (a sweet songster too) is doubtless a permanent resident within the United States, for I have seen them at the White Mountains in August.

The reason for calling the nightingale the sister of the spirit of Keats (Adonais) does not perhaps go beyond thisthat, as the nightingale is a supreme songster among birds, so was Keats a supreme songster among men.

Convivial songsters frequently remind us that "a Hollander's draught should potent be, And deep as the rolling Zuyder Zee.

After looking at the Coolie's toe, of which he made light, though the bleeding from the triangular hole would not stop, any more than that from the bite of a horse-leech, we feasted our ears on the notes of delicate songsters, and our eyes on the colours and shapes of the forest, which, rising on the opposite side of the streams right and left, could be seen here more thoroughly than at any spot I yet visited.

There are many other species, wild and solitary in their habits, which are delightful songsters in uncultivated regions remote from the town.

However, Scoutbush belongs rather to the former than the latter of Chaucer's categories; for a "smale foule" he is, a little bird-like fellow, who maketh melodie also, and warbles like a cock-robin; we cannot liken him to any more dignified songster.

Some comment of mine upon a specimen of that dismal songster, the cuckoo clock, which stood on his mantel, had started him into one of his learned expositions.

He is rather like that detestable and spidery thing the araucaria, which has a wound for every tender hand, and invites no bright-eyed feathered songsters to perch or build among its sinister branches.

When at length the Earl began to suffer from the gout, his faithful family songster recorded that also in her amiable verse, and prayed that "the bad disease" May you but brief unfrequent visits find To prove you patient, your Ardelia kind.

Against her majestie's comeing, he made a pleasant pastorall, and gave her an entertaynment with his fellow songsters in shepherds' weeds and bagpipes, he himself like an old bard.

The King, now seated, with himself communes, Heeds not the warbling of the birds, and tunes Of gorgeous songsters in the trees around, But sadly sighing gazes on the ground: "And I a ship must build; alas!

A Ground Gleaner as well as a Weed Warrior, and a constant joyful songster.

The lesser songsters were already mating and nesting, and he found secret pleasure in their cheery calls and bustling activity.

The professional gleeman "paled his ineffectual fire" before these mournful songsters.

Sometimes the splashing of the oar is heard, and the boatman's song awakens the surrounding echoes; but the most usual music is that of the native songsters, whose melody steals pleasingly on the ear, with every modulation, at all hours, and in every change of situation.

Many of our principal songsters do not arrive until near the middle of May; and all, whether they come early or late, continue in song throughout the month of June.

Up starts the lark, and with him a variety of sprightly songsters, whose lively notes are in perfect correspondence with the gaiety of the morning.

The melodies of unknown songsters enliven their spirits, and glimpses of gaudily plumed birds excite their desire to search those beautiful thickets; but time is urgent, and onward they must speed.

"'Blessed songster!' cried the pilgrim, 'Where is now the load I bore?

Vernal songster, thou art here, With the flowers thou dost appear; Yes, sweet little Whippowil, Thou art singing by the rill; Where the silver moonbeam plays Thou dost chant thy hymn of praise; Thy shrill voice I love to hear, And I'd have thee warble near.

On mischief bent, he marked, with ravenous eyes, Where wrapped in down the callow songsters lay; Then rushing, rudely seized the glittering prize.

A beautiful bird and charming songster.

A Ground Gleaner as well as a Weed Warrior, and a constant joyful songster.

25 adjectives to describe  songster