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106 adjectives to describe sparks

And Bruno always is like a loaded gun-barrel, just a little spark and he is on fire and explodes.

The savage, familiar with the electric sparks caused by the friction of deer-skins, ascribes the aurora borealis to the friction of a jostling herd of celestial deer.

The vital spark had fled forever, which filled all their hearts with grief, disappointment, and horror, as some dreadful tale of mystery was now sealed up from their knowledge which, in all likelihood, no other could reveal.

Lizards glide about on the rocks enjoying a constitution that no drought can dry, and ants in amazing numbers, whose tiny sparks of life seem to burn the brighter with the increasing heat, ramble industriously in long trains in search of food.

I've watched you since the faintest spark blazed in your mother's womb, I've watched your hypocritic grief, beside your father's tomb; I know the tainted blood that flows thru your each and every vein That shows up in your withered arm, and feeds your fevered brain.

The great thing was the divine spark in the boy who could not have been held back.

This was a very needful expedient, for a stray spark might have blown up the vast stores of munitions of war, without which it would have been impossible to carry on future operations against the enemy.

"I left in consternation," resumed Chichoy, "thinking about how, if a mere spark, a cigarette had fallen, if a lamp had been overturned, at the present moment we should have neither a General, nor an Archbishop, nor any one, not even a government clerk!

Of a sudden he espied a glowing spark in the angle of the wall to the rightvery small, yet very bright.

On the left there was the Place de la Bastille, dark and gloomy; one could see nothing there, but one could feel a crowd; regiments were there in battle array; they did not bivouac, they were ready to march; the muffled sound of breathing could be heard; the square was full of that glistening shower of pale sparks which bayonets give forth at night time.

Shortly after, we saw two gallant young sparks come riding along the plain on the opposite side of the river, evidently having been sent by the general to report on our proceedings.

They put aside all conventional restraint, and the mental metal of those choice spirits clashed and evolved brilliant sparks, bright rays of light, the luster of which still glitters after a lapse of more than two centuries.

A cherry-red fire with golden sparks and crimson- bellied sulphur smoke was blazing in the midst of El-Kerak.

"I tried every lever, screw, and spring," she went on calmly, "but the machine must have been out of order, for I only got one miserable little spark" "You got a spark?" "Yesjust a tiny, noiseless atom of white fire" Her father bounced to his feet and waved both hands at her distractedly.

He might erect a tomb to her memory,but that would not satisfy him; it would not express his feeling that the immortal godlike spark within her survived.

His gratitude soon received the additions of esteem and admiration, and the young disciple felt the growth of desires which it is difficult to believe were real, but which became so pressing, that they revived in a heart nearly extinct a feeble spark of that fire with which it had formerly burned.

And so it befell, that amid the little cross-blasts of home squabbles the sacred spark was fast going out.

The current from cells in multiples is increased in volume but not in force, and gives a fat spark; the current from cells in series is doubled in force and gives a long blue hot spark.

So it is made to shine, like a bluish spark moving to and fro over the cold black slime of the sea-bed.

Suddenly his groping fingers came in contact with the cold steel of his pocket revolver and with a last hope he snatched it forth, stretching down his pistol arm until the muzzle of the weapon was within a dozen inches of the deadly spark.

Yellow and orange sparks erupted in a spectacular shower from the damaged panel.

I felt strangely goaded on to encounter him in new opposition, to elicit some angry spark from him answerable to my own.

nay, an infiniture of creatures which, century after century, in never-ending flow, Nature sends bubbling up from her inexhaustible springs; as generous with them as the smith with the useless sparks that fly around his anvil.

The thing seen without, or the idea felt within, act as the initial sparks, while the adrenals, as the carburetors, permit the freer flow of fuel, sugar, from the liver.

A round spark, as from a cigarette, was visible at the open window.

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