223 adjectives to describe speed

"Ford was on duty with the fire escape stationed at Bedford Row, and he was called to the fire a few minutes before 2 a.m., and proceeded there with the utmost speed.

During most of the voyage over slow cruising speed was used.

But here again constant attention kept the roads in order, and if one could not describe travelling over them as easy and comfortable they were at least sure, and one could be certain of getting to a destination at an average speed of twelve miles an hour.

Then, for the first time, there flashed across me, the memory that the sun, with its system of planets, was, and had been, traveling through space at an incredible speed.

They had topped the highest point in Jericho Pass and now the long train dropped into the down grade with terrific speed.

Down, down, down at a tremendous speed they went; the earth appeared to be coming up to them with awful swiftness; and a minute or two later with a resounding crash they struck the ground at Newhaven close to the sea.

The news flashed over Europe at the maximum speed with which news could travel at that date (which was not very fast); and by October 1st

Gathering his scattered forces he marched north with amazing speed, covering the two hundred miles between London and Tadcaster in nine days, to meet this new foe; but this almost marvellous performance left the south undefended.

On his superior speed he depended both for overhauling the trader and escaping the man-of-war.

And now forget thatand when I'm goneif you think of me ever, let it be about how much better it made meto have all this good luckto help your father and to save you!" The dust-cloud down the road came from a string of automobiles, flying along at express speed.

" As we watched it was possible to see that the man's arms were tied behind him, while it seemed as if his legs were fettered in some way; yet he was able to take short steps, and in his eagerness to make better speed he fell to the ground again and again, rising only with difficulty.

In the Dreadnought a very great effort was made to obtain a considerable extra speed over that of all other battleships.

Any one may be said to walk who moves along on foot with moderate speed.

Mr. Ogilvie's instructions require him to go on with the survey with all convenient speed, but in order that this work may be effective for the accomplishment of the object in view the co-operation of the Government of the United States is necessary.

When this line of hills was firmly in the hands of the Canadians, they hauled their heavy guns up to the summit with extraordinary speed and proceeded to batter to pieces the powerful defenses of Vimy, while they made continual thrusts down the eastern slopes.

no man can hear unmoved; how the columns went down again and again to the blazing death of the valley, and how men worked, building and girding in a very infernoworked with the furious speed of those whose time of work is short.

His muscles responded to Johnnie's cry almost automatically, stiffening to an effort at extra speed, and he fell headlong, dragging Pros down with him.

The torpedo submarines of the modern type have a submerged speed of from eight to ten knots an hour.

The mean speed achieved by the Rattler during this trial was 9.2 knots per hour; the mean speed of the Alecto was 8.8 knots per hour.

Nevertheless, I thought the heavy body was propelled irregularly, while the head moved forward at uniform speed, the difference being caught up in the undulations of the neck.

" Shortly thereafter the two autos moved slowly off, while the aeroplane raced above them, going at a far faster speed.

And there did be Cities upon the great road; and the houses did be strange-seeming, and did move forward eternally and at a constant speed; and behind them the Night did march forever; and they to have an even pace with the sun, that they live ever in the light, and so to escape the night which pursued forever, as she did tell, and a dread and terrible chill that did live in the night.

Great, foolish impulses came to Alcatraz; he might gather his mares about him and lead them for ten miles at a terrific pace and with a blind destination; he might leave them and scout far and wide, alone, always at dizzy speed.

The disabled foot of the animal diminished his normal speed.

Coubitant then advanced to the side of his prisoner, and, taking his arm in his powerful grasp, he compelled him to advance, at an almost breathless speed, across the plain.

223 adjectives to describe  speed