10 adjectives to describe spendings

© 17Oct44; A183492. Louis W. Doherty & Third National Bank of Hampden County (E of T. W. Burgess); 9Dec71; R518261. BURKE, ARVID J. Defensible spending for public schools.

The sessions, too, had gradually come to be, not annual as in England, but biennial, the Lord-Lieutenant spending as a rule only six months in every two years in Ireland.

The careless spending of time among servants, who are charged with the care of infants, is often fatal: the nurse frequently destroys the child!

'Tis not your riot, that we hear you use With such as waste their goods, as tire the world With a continual spending, nor that you keep The company of a most leprous rout, Consumes your body's wealth, infects your name With such plague sores that, had you reason's eye, 'Twould make you sick to see you visit them Hath drawn us, but our wants to crave the due Our father gave, and yet remains with you.

A soul immortal spending all her powers, wasting her strength in strenuous idleness! 8th Mo. 16th.

According to your calling, you have liv'd here, In Lord-like Prodigality, high, and open, And now ye find what 'tis: the liberal spending The Summer of your Youth, which you should glean in, And like the labouring Ant, make use and gain of, Has brought this bitter, stormy Winter on ye, And now you cry.

Some like the moonlight and some like the sun, Some flirt in earnest and some flirt in fun; It's worth all the rash, Reckless spending of cash, All the dresses you spoil, All the tempers you roil, Down at the beach, If a man's within reach.

Were his and his wife's life all wrong, except as they had contributed to this new life of thoughtless spending and useless activity and vanity and splurge?

The decisions made, it is the wife who has the whole responsibility for the actual spending.

To reckon up a thousand of her pranks, Her pride, her wasteful spending, her unkindness, Her false dissembling, seeming sanctity, Her scolding, pouting, prating, meddling, And twenty hundred more of the same stamp, Were but to heap an endless catalogue Of what the world is plagu'd with every day.

10 adjectives to describe  spendings
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