58 adjectives to describe spiking

He had caused the driver of each of them to be provided with a sharp iron spike and a mallet, and had given orders that every beast that became unmanageable, and ran back upon his own ranks, should be instantly killed by driving the spike into the vertebra at the junction of the head and the spine.

The ground beneath the trees is covered with a luxuriant crop of grasses, chiefly triticum, bromus, and calamagrostis, with purple spikes and panicles arching to one's shoulders; while the open meadow patches glow throughout the summer with showy flowers,heleniums, goldenrods, erigerons, lupines, castilleias, and lilies, and form favorite hiding and feeding-grounds for bears and deer.

In July and August the dense spikes of white, or rather yellowish-white flowers are produced freely, and that, too, even before the shrub has attained to a height of 2 feet.

The flowers are white, sweetly scented, and produced in dense terminal spikes.

He dived and came up through them; and then, staring upward, he saw the tall, purple spikes against the stars.

The yellow and orange poppies predominated, but there were acres of wild mustard throwing countless numbers of gorgeous saffron spikes skyward, and vistas of blue carconnes, white daisies and blood-red delandres.

The ground is littered with fallen trunks that lie crossed and recrossed like storm-lodged wheat; and besides this close forest of pines, the rich moraine soil supports a luxuriant growth of ribbon-leaved grassesbromus, triticum, calamagrostis, agrostis, etc., which rear their handsome spikes and panicles above your waist.

Occasionally two or three fertile spikes grow on the same plant.

It bears elegant spikes of white flowers from May onwards, followed by red bracts in September, and is readily propagated by seeds.

In the brightest places you find three species of gentians with different shades of blue, daisies pure as the sky, silky leaved ivesias with warm yellow flowers, several species of orthocarpus with blunt, bossy spikes, red and purple and yellow; the alpine goldenrod, pentstemon, and clover, fragrant and honeyful, with their colors massed and blended.

To guard against this practice the doctor had the top of his wall adorned with a row of very ugly iron spikes.

I walk round the borders, which are all full of the little glossy spikes of snowdrops pushing up, struggling through the crusted earth.

Flowers white, borne in loose spikes in the beginning of summer, and succeeded by flat, somewhat curved brown pods.

The golden spike.

Pride, beauty, and profit blossom together on one delicate green spike, and, it may be, even immortality.

It forms rosettes of large, deep green, shiny foliage and stout spikes of rose-coloured flowers in whorls, which make it one of the most attractive of Thistles.

A little by-way brought us to a bank of the Gave: in a long pool of water was growing an army of reeds twice the height of a man; their grayish spikes and their trembling leaves bent and whispered under the wind; a wild flower near by shed a vanilla perfume.

Ranges and ravines clothed with an almost impenetrable jungle, which was infested with the venomous leaves of the stinging tree and the hooked spikes of the lawyer vine, confronted them.

At the end of its long tail it has a horrible, jagged three-inch spike.

At the end of its long tail it has a horrible, jagged three-inch spike.

The great boom across the river to catch the floating logs had been carried away in the flood, and merely showed a few melancholy and ineffectual spikes of wood sticking up above the now calm and sluggish river.

I have found it of old in Cambridge, and then upon the pleasant shallows of the Artichoke, that loveliest tributary of the Merrimack, and I have never seen it where it occupied a patch more than a few yards square, while yet within that space the multitudinous spikes grow always tall and close, reminding one of hyacinths, when in perfection, but more delicate and beautiful.

(Generic name from the Greek meaning the tongue of a snake, in allusion to the narrow spike of the sporangia.)

The flowers are produced pretty freely, and are of a pale rose colour, and well set off by the light-green leaves, over which they hang in neat and compact spikes.

I was thankful that the spike was a short one and not one of the newfangled aluminium spikes which would have penetrated much further and might easily have done damage to the bone.

58 adjectives to describe  spiking