133 adjectives to describe squarer

I walked about a good deal in my quarter in the morning, and made acquaintance with many funny little old squares and shops, merceries, flower and toy shops which had not yet been swallowed up by the enormous establishments like the Louvre, the Bon Marche, and the big bazaars.

At no great distance from this hollow square, (which was used exclusively for buying and selling,) might be seen an infinite variety of persons, collected in groupes, all engaged in some occupation or amusement, according to their several tastes and humours.

It was erected in front of the camp over the usual large fire, in the form of an oblong square.

The afternoon sun streamed in through the great arched windows and lay in broad squares of light upon the stone floor and across the board covered with a snowy linen cloth, whereon was spread a princely feast.

A multitude, some in masques and others careless of being known, had poured along the quay into the piazzetta, on their way to the principal square, while this individual had scarce turned a glance aside, or changed a limb in weariness.

" GAZUL'S DESPAIR Upon Sanlucar's spacious square The brave Gazul was seen, Bedecked in brilliant array Of purple, white, and green.

His plan was to make a number of them form a solid square, and interlock their arms; then a smaller number to mount upon their shoulders, on whom others were in like manner placed, and so on till the pyramid was sufficiently high, when he himself was to mount, and from the shoulders of the highest pluck the darling object of his wishes.

The central square of a line represents the unit's place, and is marked by a line drawn above it.

In order to-shield myself from the rain, and to enjoy the view of the grand square before me, and of the Parliamentary Buildings in the distance, I took refuge upon the portico of the National Gallery of Paintings.

It is an irregular square, and built chiefly of the remains of ancient edifices.

The other girls saw her idea, and passed over their tiny squares of linen, which Betty rolled with her own.

This shop (or reception room) was situate in an immense gloomy square; it was the only one open, and here were the only signs of life.

The places occupied by the pictures formed yellow squares on the walls.

Lights out!" to the deserted square.

The road, leaving on the right a low hill, or convex field, that heaved against the lower stars, now led the wanderers down a lane of hovels, among dim squares of smoky lamplight.

What a transition for a countryman visiting London for the first timethe passing from the crowded Strand or Fleet-street, by unexpected avenues, into its magnificent ample squares, its classic green recesses!

I can imagine but one way of making it seem possible, namely, that this round square or rectilineal curvethis honest Jesuit, I meanhad confined his conception of idolatry to the worship of false gods;whereas his saints are genuine godlings, and his 'Magna Mater' a goddess in her own right;and that thus he overlooked the meaning of the word.

At the Hôtel de Ville she was met by the king, with the princess, his brothers, the great officers of his household, and the ministers; and there (after having first come forward on the balcony to afford the multitude, who completely filled the vast square in front of the building, a sight of their sovereigns), the royal pair, sitting side by side, presided at a banquet of unsurpassed magnificence and luxury.

The map of Paris, for example, is divided into numerous squares by arbitrary lines.

" The huge paved square, indeed, was thronged like a bazaar.

The ground plan of the house was almost an exact square.

After three years' service down the sewers or at the smelting works, our men of leisure would no longer raise their wail over national degeneracy or the need of maintaining the standard of hardihood by barrack-square drill.

Kit remounted and rode slowly up to the edge of the sandy square where the palms grew along the rails.

"About gone, but it has been a great help, and our dear little old-fashioned square is just as much of a comfort.

He spaded up a neat square of ground at the side of the cottage and a long ridge near the fence that separated her yard from that of the very young couple next door.

133 adjectives to describe  squarer
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