94 adjectives to describe stains

But whether black or lighter dyes are worn, The chandler's basket, on his shoulder borne, With tallow spots thy coat; resign the way To shun the surly butcher's greasy tray Butchers whose hands are dyed with blood's foul stain, And always foremost in the hangman's train.

It was still more in vain to remind her that such a concession must entail the dishonour that man fears above all perils; would brand me with that indelible stain of abject personal cowardice which for ever degrades and ruins not only the fame but the nature of manhood, as the stain of wilful unchastity debases and ruins woman.

He is still wearing the coat he wore in the fight; there are two ragged little holes in the left sleeve and a puncture in the side of it; and it is spotted with stiff, dry, brown stains.

There were a few patches of vineyard, the leaves showing the ugly stains of sulphate of copper with which they had been splashed as a precaution against mildew, which in so many districts has followed in the wake of the phylloxera, and hastened the destruction of the old vines.

She was determined that no slightest stain should remain on her smooth, fine-textured skin.

'T is a God speed to the parting guest, Who stands already at the door, Sandalled with holiness, and dressed In garments pure from earthly stain.

I wouldn't let anybody look me down; I wouldn't give in to anybody!" Under this attack, the man of the world collapsed into an awkward overgrown boy, ill at ease, with red lids to his eyes and premature yellow stains on two fingers of his left hand.

He might have escaped, but he preferred the risk of death to the double stain of surprise and flight.

Of purple granite was the necropolis; yet, in the first minute, it lay like a purple stain upon the horizonso mighty was the distance.

Oblivion's boon is vainly sought Amid those scenes sublime; Forever lurked within his breast The nemesis of crime; Not all that flood of limpid spray Could wash the fatal stain away.

I Her eyes are wild, her head is bare, The sun has burnt her coal-black hair; Her eyebrows have a rusty stain, And she came far from over the main.

DREAMS. Let me not mar that perfect dream By an auroral stain, But so adjust my daily night That it will come again.

That is where the stain was,the bloody stain that held the leaves

And see the broad stains, worn by the pilgrims' knees as they climbed to the martyr's shrine.

And though thou art the mirror of beauty's glittering train, Thy bosom has one blemish, thy mind one deadly stain; For upon all alike thou shed'st the radiance of thy smile, And this the treachery by which thou dost the world beguile.

Nothing but blood will wipe away the dreadful stain on your sister's character.

No vividly flowered carpet decked the floor; only a time-toned rug that left the outer edge of the floor untidily exposing its dull stain; no gilt and onyx table bore its sculptured fantasy by the busy Rogers.

On the under side, dried in, like a faint stain, four muddy finger-prints, index joint lacking.

His blood alone can cleanse from sin, And wash thy guilty stains away." "Oh, Mother, yes, I feel His power, E'en as I see yon gentle ray; His blessed voice now says 'Thoul't be In Paradise with me this day.'" Joy filled this waiting mother's heart; "Let us to God the glory give.

He draweth (thinks he), no blood, nor breaketh any bones, nor impresseth any remarkable scar; 'tis only the soft air he breaketh with his tongue, 'tis only a slight character that he stampeth on the fancy, 'tis only an imaginary stain that he daubeth his neighbour with; therefore he supposeth no great wrong done, and seemeth to himself innocent, or very excusable.

The Panther[104] sure the noblest, next the Hind, And fairest creature of the spotted kind; Oh, could her inborn stains be wash'd away, She were too good to be a beast of prey!

While Graham commenced his search, indeed, he continued to stare at the little round hole in Howells's head, at the fresh, irregular stain on the pillow, and he became absorbed in his own predicament.

The pointed beard of Monsieur Duchemin was no more; and a little stain, artfully applied, had toned the newly exposed flesh to match the tan of the rest.

When he had done this, I saw that his hair was left streaked with damp; and there was a faint, purplish stain on the handkerchief, observing which with evident dismay he stuffed the big square of coarse cambric hastily into his pocket.

Their appearance would have been improved and examination facilitated by a thorough scrubbing, for they were just as they had been taken from their respective resting-places, and it was difficult to decide whether their reddish-yellow colour was an actual stain or due to a deposit on the surface.

94 adjectives to describe  stains