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94 adjectives to describe  stains

94 adjectives to describe stains

But whether black or lighter dyes are worn, The chandler's basket, on his shoulder borne, With tallow spots thy coat; resign the way To shun the surly butcher's greasy tray Butchers whose hands are dyed with blood's foul stain, And always foremost in the hangman's train.

It was still more in vain to remind her that such a concession must entail the dishonour that man fears above all perils; would brand me with that indelible stain of abject personal cowardice which for ever degrades and ruins not only the fame but the nature of manhood, as the stain of wilful unchastity debases and ruins woman.

He is still wearing the coat he wore in the fight; there are two ragged little holes in the left sleeve and a puncture in the side of it; and it is spotted with stiff, dry, brown stains.

There were a few patches of vineyard, the leaves showing the ugly stains of sulphate of copper with which they had been splashed as a precaution against mildew, which in so many districts has followed in the wake of the phylloxera, and hastened the destruction of the old vines.

She was determined that no slightest stain should remain on her smooth, fine-textured skin.

'T is a God speed to the parting guest, Who stands already at the door, Sandalled with holiness, and dressed In garments pure from earthly stain.

I wouldn't let anybody look me down; I wouldn't give in to anybody!" Under this attack, the man of the world collapsed into an awkward overgrown boy, ill at ease, with red lids to his eyes and premature yellow stains on two fingers of his left hand.

He might have escaped, but he preferred the risk of death to the double stain of surprise and flight.

Of purple granite was the necropolis; yet, in the first minute, it lay like a purple stain upon the horizonso mighty was the distance.

Oblivion's boon is vainly sought Amid those scenes sublime; Forever lurked within his breast The nemesis of crime; Not all that flood of limpid spray Could wash the fatal stain away.

I Her eyes are wild, her head is bare, The sun has burnt her coal-black hair; Her eyebrows have a rusty stain, And she came far from over the main.

DREAMS. Let me not mar that perfect dream By an auroral stain, But so adjust my daily night That it will come again.

That is where the stain was,the bloody stain that held the leaves

And see the broad stains, worn by the pilgrims' knees as they climbed to the martyr's shrine.

And though thou art the mirror of beauty's glittering train, Thy bosom has one blemish, thy mind one deadly stain; For upon all alike thou shed'st the radiance of thy smile, And this the treachery by which thou dost the world beguile.

Nothing but blood will wipe away the dreadful stain on your sister's character.

No vividly flowered carpet decked the floor; only a time-toned rug that left the outer edge of the floor untidily exposing its dull stain; no gilt and onyx table bore its sculptured fantasy by the busy Rogers.

On the under side, dried in, like a faint stain, four muddy finger-prints, index joint lacking.

His blood alone can cleanse from sin, And wash thy guilty stains away." "Oh, Mother, yes, I feel His power, E'en as I see yon gentle ray; His blessed voice now says 'Thoul't be In Paradise with me this day.'" Joy filled this waiting mother's heart; "Let us to God the glory give.

He draweth (thinks he), no blood, nor breaketh any bones, nor impresseth any remarkable scar; 'tis only the soft air he breaketh with his tongue, 'tis only a slight character that he stampeth on the fancy, 'tis only an imaginary stain that he daubeth his neighbour with; therefore he supposeth no great wrong done, and seemeth to himself innocent, or very excusable.

The Panther[104] sure the noblest, next the Hind, And fairest creature of the spotted kind; Oh, could her inborn stains be wash'd away, She were too good to be a beast of prey!

While Graham commenced his search, indeed, he continued to stare at the little round hole in Howells's head, at the fresh, irregular stain on the pillow, and he became absorbed in his own predicament.

The pointed beard of Monsieur Duchemin was no more; and a little stain, artfully applied, had toned the newly exposed flesh to match the tan of the rest.

When he had done this, I saw that his hair was left streaked with damp; and there was a faint, purplish stain on the handkerchief, observing which with evident dismay he stuffed the big square of coarse cambric hastily into his pocket.

Their appearance would have been improved and examination facilitated by a thorough scrubbing, for they were just as they had been taken from their respective resting-places, and it was difficult to decide whether their reddish-yellow colour was an actual stain or due to a deposit on the surface.

Leave the blood upon his bosom Wash not off that sacred stain: Let it stiffen on the tartan, Let his wounds unclosed remain, Till the day when he shall show them At the throne of God on high, When the murderer and the murdered Meet before their Judge's eye! Nayye should not weep, my children! Leave it to the faint and weak; Sobs are but a woman's weapon Tears befit a maiden's cheek.

sad stain in the character of a man who was "perfect in his generation;" and which also proves that, in the earliest period of the world, the very best of men were liable to fall into error and excess.

It was in one of the meetings that the Holy Spirit impressed my mind of its sinfulness and the need of a Savior, not only to cleanse my soul of sin and sinful stains, but to save me.

From the contagion of the world's slow stain 5 He is secure; and now can never mourn A heart grown cold, a head grown grey in vain Nor, when the spirit's self has ceased to burn, With sparkless ashes load an unlamented urn. 41.

She fanned herself with her broad hat, and stopped fanning to examine closely a tiny stain on the hem of her frock.

Under them was no stain visible, no mark of poverty, no line of pain; he lay like a king in state with the cloth of gold across his body, and a crown of gold upon his head; but his soul, his brave, pure, noble soul, ah!

People want to own physical books because of their visceral appeal (often this is accompanied by a little sermonette on how good books smell, or how good they look on a bookshelf, or how evocative an old curry stain in the margin can be)

Similarity in outward shape and touch was ensured by the use of mechanically-made cartridge cases; dissimilarity through any external stain was rendered of no hindrance to the experiment by making the operatee handle them in a bag or with his eyes shut.

It was a worthy plan to wipe off the more superficial stains of the prison house by this display of free indulgence; but so far as the second item went the plan was changed.

They may quickly silence him by referring to the countless dark stains on the reputation of his fraternity.

Even the gnarled roots of a fallen tree were dabbled with a fearful stain.

And there are those all steeped in crime, Whose fabric is one constant stain; Who fill up their appointed time, With conduct vile, and lips profane.

At one end was a dark, glossy blood-stain, made by the falling of a good-sized drop, and this was smeared slightly, apparently by a finger or thumb having been pressed on it.

For as the pilgrims, wearing, all, the cross For penance journey to Jerusalem, So will I, conscious of my grievous stain, Lead you against these foes of other faith Who at the bound'ry line, from Africa, My people threaten and my peaceful land.

Like water for the gross and earthly stain There is a cleanser for our sullied souls.

So many tear marks, and so much less reachable than tear stains.

In fancy's magic glass, she sees Her cheek, long faded by disease, The rose of health blooms there again, 'Tis no deceitful hectic stain.

It was Theodore's hat and coat, which he had been wearing when I chased him to this house of mystery and of ill-fame, and wrapped together with it was a rag all smeared with blood, whilst the same hideous stains were now distinctly visible on the door of the cupboard itself.

Their impious march to God's high altar bend, With feet impure the sacred steps ascend; With wine unbless'd the holy chalice stain, Assume the mitre, and the cope profane; 35 To heaven their eyes in mock devotion throw, And to the cross with horrid mummery bow; Adjure by mimic rites the powers above, And plite alternate their Satanic love.

It shone, too, upon a beautiful face, rigid and perfectly white, except for a horrible stain of black and red upon the temple.

Hilda worked daily at letters, circularizing, advertisements, andto a less extentaccounts and bills; the second finger of her right hand had nearly always an agreeable stain of ink at the base of the nail; and she often dreamed about letter-filing.

Nothing seemed to paralyse my powers of realisation so much as these twin stains of mysterious significance upon the face before me.

The charge of denial of justice in this case, and consequent stain upon our national character, has not yet been indorsed by the American people.

If the friend who invites you to visit him has a machine, then accept, for he is a brother crank; but if he has none, do not fill his generous soul with dismay by running up his drive-way, sprinkling its spotless white with oil, leaving an ineradicable stain under the porte-cochere, and frightening his favorite horses into fits as you run into the stable.

" Thus invited, Mrs. Harding did look, and the rueful expression of Rachel, set off by the inky stains, was so irresistibly comical, that, after a hard struggle, she too gave way, and followed Jack's example.

on whom history has cast innumerable stains, England has considerable obligations as a legislator.

I was standing before the silver cistern, I remember, washing away with my handkerchief an invisible stain from my hand, child-fashion, a loathsome impress, when I felt his audacious arms thrown suddenly around me, and his hot, polluting kisses on my face.

And beholding the deadly pallor of lip and cheek, the awful stains that spotted her white robe and the fading light in those sad-sweet eyes, Beltane cried alouda great and bitter cry, and fell before her on his knees.

For your gay goatish brute Drunk with warm melody Singing on beds of thyme With red and rolling eye, All the Devonian plain, Lips dark with juicy stain, Ears hung with bobbing fruit?

They are probably reluctant to fix an unnecessary stain upon the ermine of their profession.

The lowly stain upon each face, The taunt still fresh of prouder race, But speeds the step that springs a pace, To succor or to die! With rifles hotto waist-band nude; The brawn beside the pampered dude; The cowboy kingone graveand rude To shelter him who falls!

And tho in these ancient religions that await the Bridegroom, the mortal stains the immortal and the human mars the beauty of the divine, in the light of His appearing they will assume new attitudes and receive His quickening and thrill with His pulse.

Noticing stains of blood on the bed, he drew down the coverlet and saw that the girl was weltering in her gore, for one of her feet was lopped off.

The deck of the vessel was much defaced by the noxious stains; and even in converse with ladies the unmannerly fellows expectorated without sense of decency.

The tablecloth was of rich silk, soiled by numberless stains.

Taking my arm (the coat-sleeve never recovered from the oily stain), he led me to the ship's side and steadied the rope ladder while I went down, the purser following behind, or rather on my head.

Stains upon table linen made by acids and vinegar may be removed by simply washing in clear water; berry stains are easily taken out by pouring boiling water over them; peach stains are best removed by soaking for some time in cold water and then washing with soap before allowing warm water to touch them.

[Footnote A: So called because of the indigo dye of their tunics, which leaves a permanent stain on their bodies.

Externally the book showed manifest traces of a schoolboy's ownership, in broken corners; plentiful ink-stains, from exercises and punishments; droppings of illicit candle grease, consumed long after curfew-time; round marks like fairy rings on a greensward, which indicated the standpoint of extinct jam potswhere are those jam pots now?

I wouldn't let anybody look me down; I wouldn't give in to anybody!" Under this attack, the man of the world collapsed into an awkward overgrown boy, ill at ease, with red lids to his eyes and premature yellow stains on two fingers of his left hand.

Mortal, sure 'Tis the Blood of Maiden pure That stains thee so.

Better to struggle on alone Than blot your pure life's blameless shine With cloudy stains of mine.

Then with a joy unshared save by the vagrant, I see the threshing floor well filled and fragrant, The sloping straw-thatched cottage roofs again, The window panels carved, of varied stain.

He stared blankly at the reddish, dark stain, as if its spell had been hypnotic.

The Circassian face is a pure oval; the forehead is low and fair, "an excellent thing in woman," and the skin of an ivory whiteness, except the faint pink of the cheeks and the ripe, roseate stain of the lips.

And Saladin, stunned and bewildered sore, The greatest prince, save in the grace of God, That now wears sword,mounted his brother's barb, And, followed by a half-score followers, Sped to his castle Shaubec, over against The cliffs by Ascalon, and there abode: And sullenly made order that no more The royal nouba should be played for him Until he should erase the rusting stain Upon his knightly honor; and no more

The vast stain of mud and alluvial filth extended for leagues into the gulf.

It was Richard who saw it first, and Richard's hand which brushed away the skeleton of Frank's letter from the skirts of his bride, leaving a soiled, yellowish stain, which Susie Granger loudly deplored, while Ethelyn only drew her drapery around her, saying coldly, that "it did not matter in the least.

She sent the boy to call his father, and when they came in together, the child's wide blue eyes were open, full of supernatural calm; her parched lips parted with a faint smile; and the loose golden curls pushed off her forehead, where the blue veins crept, like vivid stains of violet, under the clear skin.

For now that his grandfather's back was turned there was plainly visible on the white of the collar, near the base of the brain, a scarlet stain.

In the old capital they stood, With yellow fox-furs plain, Their manners all correct and good, Speech free from vulgar stain.

This very paw, so strong and aristocratic, (the tufts of useless hair you see between my toes proclaim the purity of my race) this very paw bore a bluish stain for eight days and the degrading odor of rusty steel clung to it a long time after ... TOBY-DOG What's the little pot for? KIKI-THE-DEMURE He drinks from it doubtless.

Lady Macbeth's are not the only white hands from which that cruel stain can never be removed.

In her veins Flows common and plebeian blood; It is such as daily and hourly stains The dust and the turf of battle plains, By vassals shed, in a crimson flood, Without reserve, and without reward, At the slightest summons of their lord!

He could see the damp stain of tears on her face, but there was no sign of them now in the eyes that seemed seeking in his own the truth of his words, spoken a few moments before.

The wife of the Colonel of the 75th chasseurs (young and nice looking) placed a white ribbon with gold fringe ends round the neck of the Vicomte, while he knelt and kissed her hand on the damp grass, and when he got up there was quite a wet stain on his knees.

In fancy's magic glass, she sees Her cheek, long faded by disease, The rose of health blooms there again, 'Tis no deceitful hectic stain.

On examining the paper photographs, we have found no distinct granules, but diffused stains of deeper or lighter shades.

" She didn't answer; at length she turned round and said: "You've been ill again, haven't you?" One cheek had a dirty tear-stain on it, which made her inexpressibly young and pathetic and helpless.

He was leaning heavily against a pillar with his handkerchief, already showing crimson stains, pressed tightly against his lips.

Ye walkers too that youthful colours wear, Three sullying trades avoid with equal care: The little chimney-sweeper skulks along, And marks with sooty stains the heedless throng; When 'Small-coal!' murmurs in the hoarser throat, From smutty dangers guard thy threatened coat; The dust-man's cart offends thy clothes and eyes, When through the street a cloud of ashes flies.

He is still wearing the coat he wore in the fight; there are two ragged little holes in the left sleeve and a puncture in the side of it; and it is spotted with stiff, dry, brown stains.

He is still wearing the coat he wore in the fight; there are two ragged little holes in the left sleeve and a puncture in the side of it; and it is spotted with stiff, dry, brown stains.

On his head was jammed a linen boating hat that had once been white; gaping away from his hairy chest was a faded dingy checked cotton shirt that had once been brown and white; his blue trousers were spotted and splashed with dusty stains; he was chewing tobacco.

The wet trees hang above the walks Purple with damps and earthish stains, And strewn by moody, absent rains With rose-leaves from the wild-grown stalks.

Unhappy Dryden!In all Charles's days, Roscommon only boasts unspotted bays; And in our own (excuse some courtly stains) No whiter page than Addison remains.

Feudalism and the Church property had been swept away, and the royal authority now received its final blow; nay, the King himself was slain, under the influence of fear, it is true, but accompanied by acts of cruelty and madness which shocked the whole civilized world and gave an eternal stain to the Revolution itself.

For blood has left upon their souls Its everlasting stain!

And suddenly high above the swaying crowd rose the head and shoulders of a man, a mighty man in the dusty habit of a miller, upon whose low-drawn hood and be-floured smock were great gouts and stains evil and dark; and now, beholding what manner of stains these were, all men fell silent and blenched from his path.