103 adjectives to describe stair

"Get me?" "Oh, youWohwohwoh!" With her face flung back and twisted, and dodging his outflung arm, she was down four flights of narrow, unused stairs and out.

Scarcely had he left the attic, however, than she too hastened down the steep, narrow stairs.

Will you please to give us your arm?" and taking an arm which was very little able to give her support, she walked down the broad stairs and into the apartment where the Colonel sat.

He struck a match with shaking fingers and ran down the cellar stairs.

Down the hall they went, then up a flight of wooden stairs which carried them to a covered bridge, and so to the upper story of the factory.

Muckluck turned and flew down the dark little stair, threaded her way in and out among the bystanders on the wharf till she reached the Sister's side.

There it was pouring down from the end of the wooden spout, just clearing the tarred roof of the spiral stair, and plashing on the ground close to the foot of it; in their eagerness they had never thought of where it would run to next.

It was built on piles and at the top of the outside stairs a veranda ran along the front.

" "What are you raving about?" asked Ferd, although both he and Teddy started obediently toward the attic stairs.

That little fairy palace wrought With many a grave fantastic thought; I send a kiss to wander there, To climb from golden stair to stair, Wind in and out its cunning bowers,

"My aunt's candle is out; she hath gone to bed," whispered Victorine, as holding Willan's hand she stole softly down the outer stair.

Then Browning passed through into a back room and climbed some dirty stairs, finally rapping at a door.

" They occupied two small rooms at the top of a respectable but middle-class tenement building, and had to descend innumerable flights of bare wooden stairs before they emerged upon a narrow street thronged with people of all sorts and descriptions except those who were too far removed from the atmosphere of Duggan street to know that it existed.

"Speak him fair, father; take no note that aught is amiss," she called back from the upper stair, from which she was vanishing into her chamber.

XXII THE SEVEN BRASS HINGES Into a space perhaps four feet in width from wall to wall and seven deep from the front door to the foot of a cramped flight of crazy wooden stairs, some ten people were crowded, Sofia and the maid Chou Nu in a knot of excited men.

They mounted the shallow oak stairs side by side.

In the yellow gloom, the odors of food permeating it, they filed out and up the dim lit stairs into dim-lit halls, the line of conversation and short laughter drifting after.

Descending rapidly by a secret stair instead of entering the vestibule where half a dozen menials of different employments were in waiting, he passed by one of the narrow corridors of the palace into an inner court, and thence by a low and unimportant gate into an obscure alley which communicated with the nearest street.

In a while he brought them to a slimy stair, and climbing this, with ever growing caution, they found themselves at last beneath the frowning shadow of the citadel within the walls of Belsaye town.

It appeared now that the letters were always found on the fourth stair from the top.

She rescued it and went out, lickety-clapping down the flight of rear stairs.

The two Gileses had him in their care, and Will was again acting as driver (I believe 'twas the very coach of the previous night); he was taking Harry's orders as to driving at a very soft pace to the nearest stairs, 'where,' said Harry, 'we will meet you; these ladies will walk with me.'

Nasty stairs; very nasty stairs.

Dark altar stairs.

She led him up the winding stone stair to a room which was just beneath the eaves of a high, round tower; but she would not let Little John come with him.

103 adjectives to describe  stair