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103 adjectives to describe  stair

103 adjectives to describe stair

"Get me?" "Oh, youWohwohwoh!" With her face flung back and twisted, and dodging his outflung arm, she was down four flights of narrow, unused stairs and out.

Scarcely had he left the attic, however, than she too hastened down the steep, narrow stairs.

Will you please to give us your arm?" and taking an arm which was very little able to give her support, she walked down the broad stairs and into the apartment where the Colonel sat.

He struck a match with shaking fingers and ran down the cellar stairs.

Down the hall they went, then up a flight of wooden stairs which carried them to a covered bridge, and so to the upper story of the factory.

Muckluck turned and flew down the dark little stair, threaded her way in and out among the bystanders on the wharf till she reached the Sister's side.

There it was pouring down from the end of the wooden spout, just clearing the tarred roof of the spiral stair, and plashing on the ground close to the foot of it; in their eagerness they had never thought of where it would run to next.

It was built on piles and at the top of the outside stairs a veranda ran along the front.

" "What are you raving about?" asked Ferd, although both he and Teddy started obediently toward the attic stairs.

That little fairy palace wrought With many a grave fantastic thought; I send a kiss to wander there, To climb from golden stair to stair, Wind in and out its cunning bowers,

"My aunt's candle is out; she hath gone to bed," whispered Victorine, as holding Willan's hand she stole softly down the outer stair.

Then Browning passed through into a back room and climbed some dirty stairs, finally rapping at a door.

" They occupied two small rooms at the top of a respectable but middle-class tenement building, and had to descend innumerable flights of bare wooden stairs before they emerged upon a narrow street thronged with people of all sorts and descriptions except those who were too far removed from the atmosphere of Duggan street to know that it existed.

"Speak him fair, father; take no note that aught is amiss," she called back from the upper stair, from which she was vanishing into her chamber.

XXII THE SEVEN BRASS HINGES Into a space perhaps four feet in width from wall to wall and seven deep from the front door to the foot of a cramped flight of crazy wooden stairs, some ten people were crowded, Sofia and the maid Chou Nu in a knot of excited men.

They mounted the shallow oak stairs side by side.

In the yellow gloom, the odors of food permeating it, they filed out and up the dim lit stairs into dim-lit halls, the line of conversation and short laughter drifting after.

Descending rapidly by a secret stair instead of entering the vestibule where half a dozen menials of different employments were in waiting, he passed by one of the narrow corridors of the palace into an inner court, and thence by a low and unimportant gate into an obscure alley which communicated with the nearest street.

In a while he brought them to a slimy stair, and climbing this, with ever growing caution, they found themselves at last beneath the frowning shadow of the citadel within the walls of Belsaye town.

It appeared now that the letters were always found on the fourth stair from the top.

She rescued it and went out, lickety-clapping down the flight of rear stairs.

The two Gileses had him in their care, and Will was again acting as driver (I believe 'twas the very coach of the previous night); he was taking Harry's orders as to driving at a very soft pace to the nearest stairs, 'where,' said Harry, 'we will meet you; these ladies will walk with me.'

Nasty stairs; very nasty stairs.

Dark altar stairs.

She led him up the winding stone stair to a room which was just beneath the eaves of a high, round tower; but she would not let Little John come with him.

There are mysterious little doors, through which you can get a peep of crooked little stairs leading to the upper rooms or to the roof, from dusky inside verandahs.

A low-looking, evil-faced fellow opened the door to us and growled acquaintance with Olinto, who, striking a match, ascended the worn, carpetless stairs before me, apologizing for passing before me, and saying in Italian "We live at the top, signore, because it is cheaper and the air is better.

The sword had been hidden in a sort of hollow under the remains of the broken stair.

But the twilight would be long, he told himself, and in that other, beneficent inner twilight he worked on, packing the snow, and crawling gingerly up the perilous stair a half-inch at a time.

There, under the bending elder tree, sat the mother, and swathed her newly-born child; old, sunken knights' castles rose again from the marshy ground; the drawbridge fell, and they saw into the empty halls, adorned with images, where, under the gloomy stairs of the gallery, the death-proclaiming white woman came with a rattling bunch of keys.

Great cloudy ridges, one rising above the other, like a grand stair up to the heavens.

But when the fugitive entered the great hall that communicated with the principal stairs, they found themselves in the centre of a dozen menials of both sexes.

Still, he that has not mounted the lower step of the heavenly stair, has certainly not mounted the higher; and therefore, if we have not attained to the likeness of John the Baptist, still more, we have not attained to the likeness of Christ.

Ambition, hew thy rocky stair!

It was easy to conceive death as a hideous personality lurking at the bottom of those rotten stairs, waiting patiently for his victims; not constrained to go abroad for them, knowing that they were creeping to him, creeping and crawling, unassoiled by priest, hindered by no physician, unredeemed by love, deaf, and blind, and dumb!

He remembered that, at the farther extremity of the cavern, the rock rose like a flight of rude stairs, sloping from the floor to the roof; he had often clambered up those rugged steps, and he knew that, by means of them, he could place himself at an elevation above the reach of the highest tide.

So the two went down the dismal stairs of the house in Hare Court together.

Towards the end of January there was a change in the poor invalid up-stairs.

At twenty-one minutes past two we resumed our journey; and from twenty-two minutes past to half past eight we descended an irregular stair composed of several ledges, shipping much water.

He helped her down the irregular shaky stair and then, along the gray cool empty street he walked with her toward the brightened sky.

"You're a dear, to climb all those dreadful stairs.

" "Then will I come," whispered Roger hoarse and eager, as the friar turned slow-footed to follow the others adown the slippery stair, "beseech thee, lord, thy man am I, twice sworn to thee till death, so suffer me beside thee.

It is so quiet and pleasant among your books and papers, and it was so dull up-stairs!

In the mournful silence of midnight air You hear on its stately and winding stair The echoes of fairy feet.

When all were ready they crowded up the straight starlit stairs.

As neither of his present visitors was a stranger beneath the roof of the Signor Gradenigofor so the proprietor of the palace was calledthey ascended its massive stairs, without pausing to consider any of those novelties of construction that would attract the eye of one unaccustomed to such a dwelling.

On the previous day she had been sitting on the cold new oilcloth of the topmost stairs, minutely instructing a maid in the craft of polishing banisters.

I stepped down one stair conscious of increasing movement below, the meat cleaver still gripped in my hands.

It is like climbing the uneven stairs of some vast and roofless ancient palace, upon each floor of which dwell families who have come in and roofed over the suites of rooms and made houses out of them.

There was a hesitating movement on the unseen stairs above, and then Hilda could see Sarah Gailey's felt slippers and the valance of her skirt.

"Get me?" "Oh, youWohwohwoh!" With her face flung back and twisted, and dodging his outflung arm, she was down four flights of narrow, unused stairs and out.

Around her loom the vacant rooms, Wind the upward stairs, She climbs on into a loneliness Only her taper shares.

I kept on my way, but the thought of it followed me all up the weary stairs into the high room where the great machines were standing silently.

The matrons, and older men, have subsided into whist up-stairs.

The boy had not been afraid because he was well concealed under the windmill stairs.

He mounted the polished stairs gingerly, gave one look at the bedroom part-way up, touched his cap, and said: "That will do for the chef-major.

With better strength, on visit-days she bears To mount her fifty flights of ample stairs.

Now, at last, up he came, three stairs at a time, brimful of new and wonderful experiences, to be more than a little astonished by the manner and enthusiasm of his welcome.

A low-looking, evil-faced fellow opened the door to us and growled acquaintance with Olinto, who, striking a match, ascended the worn, carpetless stairs before me, apologizing for passing before me, and saying in Italian "We live at the top, signore, because it is cheaper and the air is better.

She climbed that first flight of semi-circular stairs without hindrance, secretly hoping that by no mischance either Marrin or one of his sub-bosses might emerge.

In reply he said: "Oh, dat's all right den," at the same time leading the way up a pair of creaky stairs.

Here, descending a short curved stair behind a portiรจre, I came into a marble-paved sort of larder, in which was an old negress in blue dress, her hair still adhering, and an infinite supply of sweetmeats, French preserved foods, sherbets, wines, and so on.

He descended the damp stone stairs and passed out into the street again, dazed and disturbed in mind.

In a dream of loss he gazes upon her, as the angels lift up the flower-garnished sheet; and not only her face, but every detail of that room of death is etched in tears upon his eyes,the distant winding stair, the pallid death-lamps, the intruding light of day.

The Doctor ran up the dusky stairs to the drawing-room.

She dreamed that she was descending endless stairs and dark corridors, with a heavy, shapeless burden on her shoulders.

For example, when ascending familiar stairs in the dark, they notify us when we have reached the top.

Forward of the farther stairs (down the well of which they had seen the engineer's head), by which they were standing, the deck was closed in, as with cabins.

Only, instead of square, flat stairs there were these cross pieces of wood, to hold the cakes of ice from slipping down the toboggan slide back into the lake again.

In the fore-part of the vessel several sailors were found lying dead in their berths, and the body of a boy crouched at the bottom of the gangway stairs.

My feet felt like lead as I ran along those dark galleries and down the stone flights of giddy stairs.

Away to the north the timbered plateaus dropped from level to level like a gigantic stair until they merged with the horizon-line of the plains.

We then conducted him down the Post-house stairs, Parliament-close, and made him look up from the Cow-gate to the highest building in Edinburgh, (from which he had just descended,) being thirteen floors or stories from the ground upon the back elevation; the front wall being built upon the edge of the hill, and the back wall rising from the bottom of the hill several stories before it comes to a level with the front wall.

He ought to have run, and leaped up that inner stair and pounded with his fists on that door.

All the evidence we shall get will be of an innocent social club-room down-stairs.

There were mothers in the audience who cooked and mended, swept and dusted, ran up and down innumerable stairs, washed greasy dishes, wore ugly house dresses, slaved and scolded and got chapped hands, all for their children.

I stood within the gate, and, oh, my friend, Before that holy sight I prone did bend, And hid my face upon the jacinth stairs.

How pleasantly would he have mounted the stair, laden with who knows what small gifts?a box of mignonette for the window-sill, an old book or two, as likely as not a live kitten, for indeed there was never an end to the variety or ingenuity of his offerings!

Dead are now those grenadiers; Quelled are Europe's anxious fears; By the Seine the Emperor sleeps; France her watch beside him keeps; But the lonely Horse Shoe stair Still preserves its sombre air, For the light of long ago Falls no more on Fontainebleau.

As Honorรฉ's mother turned the angle half-way up the muffled stair, she saw at the landing above, standing as if about to part, yet in grave council, a man and a woman, the fairestshe noted it even in this moment of extreme distressshe had ever looked upon.

" I gained fresh heart from that trivial diversion of thought, and stood quietly contemplating alternately the hall below and that above (both of which were visible from my place on the intermediate platform; all was still in both of these wide corridors), to make sure of the safety of my enterprise; and now, once more my foot was on the brink of those mysterious stairs which led, I felt, to doom or to liberty.

The side entrance gave directly on to a long flight of naked stairs, and up these stairs Hilda climbed into the unknown, towards the redoubtable and the perilous.

" His steps descended the noisy stairs rapidly; the door creaked.

At the top of the nunnery stairs, Rudolph met them with awkward ceremony, and with that smiling air of encouragement which a nurse might use in trying cheerfully to deceive a sick man.

The north-east angle has an octagonal stair turret carried up above the parapet.

"I was glad, yass, to kedge you," she said, as they mounted the front, outdoor stair; following her speech with a slight, unmusical laugh, and fanning herself with unconscious fury.

I don't think I ever felt so much like a wringed-out dish-cloth as I did when I went up them palatial stairs.

Well, those days are past, and now Come gray hairs, and yet somehow I can't think those years have fled Still those roadways know my tread, Still I climb that old pine stair, Sit upon the stiff-backed chair, Stealing glances toward my left

Gathering together his courage, he penetrated into a corridor lighted by pink electricity, and then up pink stairs.

The two Italians were invisible, and the little affray up-stairs seemed to have attracted no attention at all.

So saying, he turned his picture to the wall, seized his cap, locked his door, scrawled outside with a piece of chalk,"Summoned to the Tuileries on state affairs," and followed me, whistling, down the six flights of gloomy, ricketty, Quartier-Latin lodging-house stairs up which he lived and had his being.

Meantime, Sigbert followed the young Lord Walter up the rough winding stairs to the chamber where Mabel lay on her cushions.

" Mrs. Marshall nodded a preoccupied assent, and Sylvia fled away down the endless corridor, looking neither to the right nor the left, down repeated flights of scrubbed and sterilized marble stairs, into the entrance hall, and, like a bolt from a bow, out of it on the other side, out into the street, into the sunshine, the heat, the clatter, the blessed, blessed smell of cabbage and dish-water....

She climbed that first flight of semi-circular stairs without hindrance, secretly hoping that by no mischance either Marrin or one of his sub-bosses might emerge.

" The proprietor shook his head and, rather reluctantly, went on to explain that Number Seven was different from the other private rooms in this, that it had a separate exit with separate stairs leading to an alleyway between the hotel and a wall surrounding it.

Henry Selz came up the shabby stairs springily as a man of forty should.

Charmingly odd and quaint were the merry groups of girls, catching and swaying upon the shadowy stair; dainty ruffles peeping through the balusters; laughing faces bending above the dark, old rail.

In the front of this court there was a great hall sixty cubits long, having chambers over it; and in the hall was a great sofa, higher than a man, which was ascended by three silver stairs, one in front, and the others at the two sides.

[Illustration: "Picked out the softest stair 'e could find.

Only, instead of square, flat stairs there were these cross pieces of wood, to hold the cakes of ice from slipping down the toboggan slide back into the lake again.