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176 adjectives to describe  standest

176 adjectives to describe standest

In the spring of 1911, at the very dawn of the National League season, the grand stand of the New York National League club burned to the ground.

Her moral and religious principles were known by the firm stand she took against common incentives to dissipation and irreligionsuch as card-playing and Sunday entertainmentsagainst the introduction of questionable topics, unseemly language, and vacuous frivolity into conversation.

The floor was painted and highly varnished, and flower-pots were at the numerous windows on little stands.

They were forced back to the Oureq river, then to the Vesle, where they made a determined stand.

Until recently there were two wooden gas stands at the sides of the reading desk.

From the region of Le Cateau and St. Quentin the German advance was by Noyon to Compiegne (famous for its memories of Joan of Arc's famous sortie), at which point the Allies made a desperate stand and the Germans had to fight for every inch of ground.

As a matter of fact when the crew ultimately mutinied, the captain and a lieutenant were severely wounded; but I can find no evidence for the picturesque legend of a group of officers making a last heroic stand on the quarter-deck, and ruthlessly mowed down by the insurgents' fire.

The kitten stand.

He passed on to the end of the room, and came to a sudden stand before the window.

At once they took a decided stand.

[on Jersey], but Lord Seaforth's new-raised regiment of 700 Highlanders, assisted by some militia and some artillery, made a brave stand and repelled the intruders.' 'One of the men advised her, with the cunning that clowns never can be without, to ask more; but she said that a shilling was enough.

The enemy's cavalry made a bold stand, the foot relieving each other, and making a general halt, to assist their horse against ours.

Don't forgit dat!" Joe and his guide took a jitney to the nearest public hack stand, where a number of automobiles were waiting, and Joe entered one of these with Micky.

Certainly they are on revolving stands, but to say that they revolve is to disregard utterly the character of the Italian official.

a lofty prince doth stand, A warrior, and son of the blue sea, Before the God of Fire in thine own land, Before thy holy fires that from us free Dread Darkness, where dark Nuk-khu reigns.

We entered the Chapel and I locked the door behind us, after which we carted the armored dummy up the aisle to the gate of the chancel rail where we put it down upon its round, wooden stand.

"This is the place, is it not," he asked, "where Colonel Washington made his gallant stand against the French and Indians last year?"

Opening the door upon the Hassiebrock front room, convertible from bed- to sitting-room by the mere erect-position-stand of the folding-bed, a wave of this tarry heat came flowing out, gaseous, sickening.

"A stationary stand has been put in.

He told Josephs the coachman as much when he had dispatched an underling to fetch the cleanest four-wheeler procurable at an adjacent stand.

"I cannot close the brief account of this glorious stand of the British troops without putting on record my deep appreciation of the valuable services rendered by Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien.

But the result seems hopelessly distant when the mass of the poor and wretched stand before one in the flesh.

Over large areas, poplar, white birch, and Jack pine trees now predominate on lands which formerly bore dense stands of white pine.

"As the victorious twinnes of Laeda and Ioue, That taught the Spartans dauncing on the sands, Of swift Eurotas, daunce in heauen aboue, Knit and vnited with eternall hands, Among the starres their double image stands, Where both are carried with an equall pace, Together iumping in their turning race.

But when they met, they made a surly stand; And glared like angry lions as they pass'd, And wish'd that every look might be their last.

Graceful and young the peach-tree stands; Large crops of fruit it soon will show.

On the left stand St. Peter and St. Dominick, protectors of the company for whom the picture was painted.

In the square outside the Consulate a squad from the flagship were setting up a temporary band-stand, where the ship's band was to play when evening fell, while Hutcheson, perspiring in his uniform, drove with the Admiral to make the calls of courtesy upon the authorities which international etiquette demanded.

According to a law of the institution, the competitors fire at this mark with large rifle pieces charged with balls, and rested on triangular stands.

While ravish'd fancy vivifies the form; While judgment toils to analyze its charm; While admiration spreads her speaking hands; The lofty artist undelighted stands.

At present, cleared fields and cutover areas abound in regions that at one time were covered with magnificent stands of timber.

In the scene in the midst of the raging tempest the piety of the heathen Sailors and their zeal in sparing the guilty Israelite stand forth in favorable contrast to Jonah's action in refusing to carry out Jehovah's command.

The timid maids and bold of Babylon Are each in turn led to the rosy throne; The crowd of bidders round the herald stand, The richest and the poorest of the land.

Plunkitt of Tammany Hall: a series of very plain talks on very practical politics, delivered by ex-Senator George Washington Plunkitt, the Tammany philosopher from his rostrumthe New York County Court House bootblack stand.

They made a brief stand upon the ramparts and at the gates in a vain and fruitless struggle against the tide of victory which they soon perceived must fully overwhelm them.

These pimples he looked upon as the last feeble stand made by the pernicious juices left from the meat he had formerly eaten and the coffee he had drunk.

The Republicans, too weak to make an effective stand in Congress, tried to interpose state authority.

After a valiant stand against an unequal force, near Kingston upon Thames, he was obliged to quit the field, but was soon after taken prisoner, and suffered death upon the scaffold.

This on Valentine's eve he commended to the all-swallowing indiscriminate orifice(O ignoble trust!)of the common post; but the humble medium did its duty, and from his watchful stand, the next morning, he saw the cheerful messenger knock, and by and by the precious charge delivered.

And Arjuna then blew his conch which always made the bristles of the foe stand erect.

Notwithstanding the evident stand taken by the President, the Calhoun party continued their opposition on State lines to the Federal authority.

THE FEMALE ORATORS Nigh London's famous Bridge, a Gate more famed Stands, or once stood, from old Belinus named, So judged Antiquity; and therein wrongs A name, allusive strictly to two Tongues[10].

A beautiful thing with which we grow familiar stands often before us dumb and inarticulate, with no appeal to the spirit.

Draxy was curled up on an old-fashioned cherry-wood stand close to his chair, but so high that she rested her little dimpled chin on his head.

This place wuz one of my favorite deer stands.

Black slaves had placed before them brass trays with pots of mint-tea, glasses in filigree stands, and dishes of gazelles' horns and sugar-plums, and they sat serenely absorbing these refreshments and gazing with large calm eyes upon the motionless water and the reflected trees.

Freshly-gathered flowers were heaped in the vases of the floral stands, filling the close, cool room with an overpowering fragrance.

If your seat chances to be on the left side of the car, and if you look quickly just as the whistle sounds, you will see in the foreground a broad field running away to the river, and in it an oval track, a gayly colored grand stand, and just beyond, at some distance from each other, what appear to the uninitiated to be two gallows.

the gesdin shining stands, With crystal branches in the golden sands, In this immortal garden stands the tree, With trunk of gold, and beautiful to see.

Thus mask'd in mysteries does the godhead stand: The more obscure, the greater his command.

The king had likewise a gold bason on a golden stand, into which he spat out the betel when chewed; and a gold fountain with water for washing his mouth.

How will sweet Ovid's ghost be pleased to hear His fame augmented by an English peer; 60 How he embellishes his Helen's loves, Outdoes his softness, and his sense improves; When these translate, and teach translators too, Nor firstling kid, nor any vulgar vow, Should at Apollo's grateful altar stand.

High on a rocky cliff did once a gray old castle stand, From whence rough-bearded chieftains led their vassalsruled the land.

The town vanishes quickly, but the quarry we howked it out of stands grim and red, watching the train for many a mile.

Its huge parapets of hewn stone stand upon either side of the street; but they have walled up the wide gateway, from which the colossal drawbridge was to have sprung high in air, connecting together the main towers of the building, and the two hills upon whose slope its foundations stand.

And out of this area shalt thou measure off a space twenty-five thousand cubits long and ten thousand cubits wide, and on it shall the most holy sanctuary stand.

The word "modest" will soon become like the word "honourable," which is said to be employed by the Japanese before any word that occurs in a polite sentence, as "Put honourable umbrella in honourable umbrella-stand;" or "condescend to clean honourable boots."

The first of the "park palings" does not stand at A, which is 0ยฐ, nor does the hundredth stand at B, which is 100ยฐ, for that would make 101 of them: but they stand at 0ยฐ.5 and 99ยฐ.5 respectively.

And the converse is true; and in the elaborate and conscious manners of the dog, moral opinions and the love of the ideal stand confessed.

The popular ideas of God ill stand examination by the standard furnished by the principle of identity.

"I can see that the firm of Denton, Day & Co. has come to a crisis in its business career, owing to the illogical stand recently taken by one of its members.

on; above; over *sobrecoger* overcome *sobresalir* stand out *sobrina* f. niece *sobrino* m. nephew *sociedad* f. society *solapa* f. lapel *soldado* m. soldier *solemne* solemn; impressive; out and out *solemnidad* f. solemnity; *pobres de y solemnes pobres* utterly and hopelessly poor *soler* be in the habit of; be accustomed to *solicitar* solicit; beg *solo* adj.

'As to you, Lucien,' my friend continued, 'I am surprised, considering the position to which you aspire in my family, that you should for an instant stand in the way of any wish which I may express.

In the interior stand three plainly built tombs, in one of which the queen is buried

The brass to Sir John d'Abernoun on the floor of the Chancel showing the chain armour worn between 1250 and 1300 A.D. Jacobean hour-glass stand.] ST.

Wishkobun, the Ojibway woman from the south country, and Virginia's devoted familiar, took her half-jealous stand on the other.

These were served in small earthen bowls or cups, and were brought in upon lacquered stands, about fourteen inches square and ten inches high, and placed, one before each guest, upon the tables.

All around it, close against the brown bricks, the fleur-de-lis stand white and stately, guarded by their tall green lances.

" In reading Novalis, it is hardly possible to discriminate between discourse and dreaming; his passion was for remote, never-experienced things "Ah, lonely stands, and merged in woe, Who loves the past with fervent glow!"

ELDRED On a ridge of rocks A lonesome Chapel stands, deserted now: The bell is left, which no one dares remove;

This indicated the existence of trees to Joe's practised eyes, and feeling that if the horses broke down they could better make a last manful stand in the wood than on the plain he urged his steed towards it.

But the Commons made a memorable stand against Edward III.

But in vain the charge is given, For see the mighty Angel stand, One foot on sea, and one on land, Swearing with uplifted hand, Nevermore in earth or heaven Shall the mystic key be found Or the mighty clock be wound! "RUBE" AND "WILL.

"Still let thy mild rebuking stand Between us and the wrong, And thy dear memory serve to make Our faith in goodness strong.

Where towers and domes bestud the gorgeous land, And countless masts, a mimic forest stand; Where cypress shades the minaret's snowy hue, And gleams of gold dissolve in skies of blue, Daughter of Eastern art, the most divine Lovely, yet faithless bride of Constantine Fair Istamboul, whose tranquil mirror flings Back with delight thy thousand colourings, And who no equal in the world dost know, Save thy own image pictured thus below!

On the very brink of the breach, De la Marckfor it was himselfsucceeded in effecting a momentary stand.

The next thing further was a place where washing was done, then came empty rooms that might be shops; after this a narrow and untidy street, and then a livery stablea sort of monopolistic cab stand, where a few ponies and carriages were to be

Mortal stand, Till by fire I have made known Whether thou be such a one, That mayst freely tread this place.

Dan brought horse and dog to a motionless stand with a single whistle, and then ran out to the edge of the willows.

But he hath other waiters now: A poor cow An ox and mule stand and behold, And wonder That a stable should enfold Him that can thunder.

The obstinate stand of General Fitz Lee's small force, however, defeated this object, and General Averill was forced to retreat beyond the Rappahannock again with considerable loss, and abandon his expedition.

The leaders of the cheering had again gotten control of their sections, and the long, deliberate cheer, majestic in its intensity of sound, crashed across the space, rebounded from the opposite stand, and went echoing upward into the clear afternoon air.

One had set up an ornate stand on the rue de Rivoli.

That Morse should make enemies on account of the outspoken stand he took on all these questions was to be expected, but I shall not attempt to sit in judgment, but shall simply give his views as they appear in his correspondence.

Hundreds passed near the granite columns, as if they expected to see the Bravo occupying his accustomed stand, in audacious defiance of the proclamation, for so long and so mysteriously had he been permitted to appear in public, that men had difficulty in persuading themselves he would quit his habits so easily.

Then, too, there was something that had appealed to him in the plucky stand of the terrified little creature.

Fragrant with Champak scents the warm wind sighs Heavily, faintly, languorously fanned By drowsy peacock-plumesto keep the flies From your full nose and eyes Waved from behind you, where on either hand Two silent slaves of Nubian polish stand, Whose patent-leather visages reflect The convex day, with mirror-like effect.

At this point you catch what seems to be a cluster of crossesthe surmountings of the tower; visions of a ponderous cruet-stand, of five nine pins, and other cognate articles, then strike you; afterwards the body of the church broadens slowly into view, and having described three-fourths of a wide circle with your feet, and passed through a strong gateway, it is found you are at the building.

Let the pony stand here a little; he's not so tired as you are.

It was a large heavy stick that he carried, a veritable club, one that it would be easy to recognise amid a host of others, even as he had recognised it that morning in the rather populous umbrella stand in the hall of Mrs. Assheton's house.

While all the other musicians, whose playing pleased the crowd infinitely better, were relying on their memories, the old man had placed before him in the midst of the surging crowd a small, easily portable music-stand, with dirty, tattered notes, which probably contained in perfect order what he was playing so incoherently.

Over the arched portal stand marble statues by Schwanthaler, and the roof of brilliant tiles worked into mosaic, looks like a rich Turkey carpet covering the whole.

His pride and self-conceit are humbled, his bad influence receives a very decided check, and he is forced to draw back at once from the prominent stand he has occupied.

This disaster was, however, prevented by the prompt stand made by two or three regiments; the enemy was checked, and a prompt counter-charge drove the Federal assaulting columns back into the woods.

And in one corner of the living room there was a queer stand with a silver stem sticking up through the center, and the stem curved over and down towards five or six little crystal glasses.

But, we may say, the moral principles which we have won with such difficulty will collapse and fail if we do not make a resolute stand against gross faults and strike at them wherever they show their heads.

"At every turn, Morena's dusky height Sustains aloft the battery's iron load, And, far as mortal eye can compass sight, The mountain-howitzer, the broken road, The bristling palisade, the foss o'erflowed, The stationed band, the never-vacant watch, The magazine in rocky durance stand, The holster'd steed beneath the shed of thatch, The ball-piled pyramid, the ever-blazing match.

These fine ivory carvings, the rare prints and a painting or two on the rude walls, the alabaster vase on the rude stand,filled with fresh, late-blooming flowers,the costly white fur rug on the floor, the delicate work basket with its coquettish bows of riband, contrasted oddly with the other simple things which had evidently been made in the wilderness by unskilled hands.

"Around him wide a sable army stand, A low-born, cell-bred, selfish, servile band." Dunciad, B. ii, l. 355. OBS.

"But all the sameI stand.