176 adjectives to describe standest

In the spring of 1911, at the very dawn of the National League season, the grand stand of the New York National League club burned to the ground.

Her moral and religious principles were known by the firm stand she took against common incentives to dissipation and irreligionsuch as card-playing and Sunday entertainmentsagainst the introduction of questionable topics, unseemly language, and vacuous frivolity into conversation.

The floor was painted and highly varnished, and flower-pots were at the numerous windows on little stands.

They were forced back to the Oureq river, then to the Vesle, where they made a determined stand.

Until recently there were two wooden gas stands at the sides of the reading desk.

From the region of Le Cateau and St. Quentin the German advance was by Noyon to Compiegne (famous for its memories of Joan of Arc's famous sortie), at which point the Allies made a desperate stand and the Germans had to fight for every inch of ground.

As a matter of fact when the crew ultimately mutinied, the captain and a lieutenant were severely wounded; but I can find no evidence for the picturesque legend of a group of officers making a last heroic stand on the quarter-deck, and ruthlessly mowed down by the insurgents' fire.

The kitten stand.

He passed on to the end of the room, and came to a sudden stand before the window.

At once they took a decided stand.

[on Jersey], but Lord Seaforth's new-raised regiment of 700 Highlanders, assisted by some militia and some artillery, made a brave stand and repelled the intruders.' 'One of the men advised her, with the cunning that clowns never can be without, to ask more; but she said that a shilling was enough.

The enemy's cavalry made a bold stand, the foot relieving each other, and making a general halt, to assist their horse against ours.

Don't forgit dat!" Joe and his guide took a jitney to the nearest public hack stand, where a number of automobiles were waiting, and Joe entered one of these with Micky.

Certainly they are on revolving stands, but to say that they revolve is to disregard utterly the character of the Italian official.

a lofty prince doth stand, A warrior, and son of the blue sea, Before the God of Fire in thine own land, Before thy holy fires that from us free Dread Darkness, where dark Nuk-khu reigns.

We entered the Chapel and I locked the door behind us, after which we carted the armored dummy up the aisle to the gate of the chancel rail where we put it down upon its round, wooden stand.

"This is the place, is it not," he asked, "where Colonel Washington made his gallant stand against the French and Indians last year?"

Opening the door upon the Hassiebrock front room, convertible from bed- to sitting-room by the mere erect-position-stand of the folding-bed, a wave of this tarry heat came flowing out, gaseous, sickening.

"A stationary stand has been put in.

He told Josephs the coachman as much when he had dispatched an underling to fetch the cleanest four-wheeler procurable at an adjacent stand.

"I cannot close the brief account of this glorious stand of the British troops without putting on record my deep appreciation of the valuable services rendered by Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien.

But the result seems hopelessly distant when the mass of the poor and wretched stand before one in the flesh.

Over large areas, poplar, white birch, and Jack pine trees now predominate on lands which formerly bore dense stands of white pine.

"As the victorious twinnes of Laeda and Ioue, That taught the Spartans dauncing on the sands, Of swift Eurotas, daunce in heauen aboue, Knit and vnited with eternall hands, Among the starres their double image stands, Where both are carried with an equall pace, Together iumping in their turning race.

But when they met, they made a surly stand; And glared like angry lions as they pass'd, And wish'd that every look might be their last.

176 adjectives to describe  standest