111 adjectives to describe starts

" The Brahmin then, after having looked through either telescope, but for a longer time through the one at the bottom, and having performed his customary devotions, soon fell into a slumber, but not into the same quiet sleep as before, for he was often interrupted by sudden starts, of so distressing a character, that I was almost tempted to wake him.

Then the Colonel would give a little start, turn about, lift his double-bitter, and swing it frontier fashion, first over one shoulder, then over the other, striking cleanly home each time, working with a kind of splendid rhythm more harmonious, more beautiful to look at, than most of the works of men.

After a false start or sofor it was villainously set in four sharps for which I have an aversionI got through it.

Carmel had been out and was just crossing the hall of her hotel to the elevator, when she stopped with a violent start and clutching the air, was caught by her nurse who had hurried up at the first intimation of anything unusual in the condition of her patient.

As the occupants of the court filed out into the street, Crewe, who was watching Holymead, noticed the K.C. give a slight start when he saw Miss Fewbanks and his wife.

Mr. Judkins, the station agent at Chazy Junction, came out of his little house at daybreak, shivered a bit in the chill morning air and gave an involuntary start as he saw a private car on the sidetrack.

Yagorsha, opening his eyes with a guilty start, would go on with the yarn.

For a long time he had resisted all questioning, but at length had developed such strange changes of mood, showing a reluctance to go to school, a desire to be fetched in the carriage at night,which was a ridiculous piece of luxury,an unwillingness to go out into the grounds, and nervous start at every sound, that his mother had insisted upon an explanation.

"Come forth, Jacopo," said a keeper, "the Council seeks thee!" Jacopo felt the convulsive start of his father, but he did not answer.

Nevertheless, Captain Monk confessed emotion at sight of those two in a quite perceptible start; and Lanyard saw the eyebrows tremendously agitated as their manipulator moved aft.

But with a characteristic silent patience he made the necessary preparations for an immediate start.

With his uncle to help 'em, they got, let me tell you, a better start as most young ones!"

And life being problematic and uncertain as it is, and prone to wind about in the strangest way, no one may say with certitude that young Sam did not make a promising start.

Andy was amazed at a sharp start and shout on the part of his companion.

She was thus engaged when an agitated tap at the door gave her a mighty start, and she had just time to snatch off the decoration when Nell burst in, her face white with emotion.

Edouard Taylore, the French rider, held the world's record of 1:45 3-5 for the distance in a contest paced from a standing start.

You can't go out of your way to deny it, because that puts you on the defensive; and sending the truth after a lie that's got a running start is like trying to round up a stampeded herd of steers while the scare is on them.

He was aware of her almost imperceptible start of surprise.

But I feel more like making a clean, new start, in a new place.

The engineer gave an inward start when he saw the writing on the envelope, and as he tore it open he turned so that Gregson could see neither his face nor the slip of paper which he drew forth.

Considering the amount of stuff, and the long, rough climb up to the wagon, this was a most auspicious start.

'Well, I don't know,' he replied, catching fire at once, 'you ought to be used to killing, Jeffson.' 'How do you mean, Mew?' said I with a mad start, for madness and the flames of Hell were instant and uppermost in us all: 'you mean because my profession' 'Profession!

The rather hasty start and the lack of a well-defined scheme have made the Egyptian University a subject of severe criticism.

The man has had a considerable start of us already, and he has doubtless disposed of the jewels ere this.

" "Where?" exclaimed Inspector Chippenfield, with an indignant start.

111 adjectives to describe  starts