161 adjectives to describe statue

I gazed beyond the colossal statue that France gave to the U.S.'way across the water and the ships and the docks toward the West that I was leaving.

Facing the principal entrance is an equestrian statue of William II., at the back of which you note the church attended by the family.

The golden statue of the goddess was made by Phidias, and his name appears upon the basement in the inscription.

" They started for the door on the run, but Billie suddenly turned, ran back and began gathering up the pieces of the broken statue.

" "Oh, but I'll buy a little statue, anyway," said Billie decidedly.

The doors, wide enough to admit a dozen Martialists abreast, parted, and we entered a vaulted hall whose arched roof was supported not by pillars but by gigantic statues, each presenting the lustre of a different jewel, and all wrought with singular perfection of proportion and of beauty.

de Girardin, and the exquisitely classic profile, which, enframed, as it were, by the capricious spirals of the lightest, fairest flaxen hair, resembled the outline of some antique statue of a Muse.

Two exquisite statues stand in front of the windows, one of Venus, the other Diana, midway between which is an immense porcelain vase on a pedestal.

Nor, when we entered the great hall, did he relinquish possession of us, and we followed submissively, as he led the way past the winged bulls of Nineveh and the great seated statues, until we found ourselves, almost without the exercise of our volition, in the upper room amidst the glaring mummy cases that had witnessed the birth of my friendship with Ruth Bellingham.

The terms employed by Shelley seem to glance more particularly at that celebrated statue: this was the more appropriate as Byron had devoted to the same figure two famous stanzas in the 4th canto of Childe Harold 'Or view the Lord of the unerring bow, The God of life and poesy and light,' &c. 1. 9.

On the other side, between two other pillars, lies the Black Prince, with recumbent statue in full armor.

A wooden statue of St. Louis stood opposite the entrance door.

Before the theatre in Weimar, Germany, where the two men lived, stands a remarkable statue of the pair: and their coffins lie side by side in a crypt in the same town.]

Accordingly, he honored Antinous either because of his love for him or because he had voluntarily submitted to death (it being necessary that a life be surrendered voluntarily for the accomplishment of the ends he had in view), by building a city on the spot where he had suffered this fate and naming it after him: and he further set up likenesses, or rather sacred statues of him, practically all over the world.

"The voice of Marius," says Scott, "could not sound more deep and solemn among the ruins of Carthage, than the strains of the pilgrim among the broken shrines and fallen statues of her subduer."

Its east front is decorated with an imposing row of heroic statues; its west front is almost as magnificent.

Here was a lovely statue by Michael Angelo, from which dangled the scalp of a Red Indian.

Not that his ideal statues are worthless, or fall short of great beauty and exquisite delicacy; not that his skill as a mechanician is other than great.

This is one of the ways of accounting for his numerous unfinished statues.

Here we have the sarcophagi in pairs, recumbent figures stretched upon a shallow curve inverted, colossal orders of a bastard Ionic type, a great central niche framing a seated Madonna, two male figures in side niches, suggestive of Giuliano and Lorenzo as they were at last conceived, four allegorical statues, and, to crown the whole structure, candelabra of a peculiar shape, with a central round, supported by two naked genii.

Behind this building, at the crossing of two fine streets, stands the curious "mannikin " statue and fountain, evidently a relic of the shameless age.

There is also a female statue, beautiful from the waist upward, but shaggy and cloven-footed below, and holding a little cloven-footed child by the hand.

If we can't get a finished statue, rounded out in all its details, of the rough block we work upon let those to come take charge!"

Colossal masses of bronze statuary are grouped over each front; high above the roof and surrounding the great drums of the domes are lines of giant columns in granite bearing giant statues in bronze; and crowning all rises the vast central dome, flanked by its four smaller domes, all heavily plated with gold.

It is a glorious statue and in every respect characteristic; such grandeur, such majesty in the countenance!

161 adjectives to describe  statue