102 adjectives to describe steeds

We came to Haleb, whose territory we had overrun, borne by our swift, magnificent steeds.

There were also several stablemen, all much interested in the idea of taming the fiery steeds of the desert.

The second hour of night had rung When, on his gallant steed, He passed thro' Jerez' gate resolved Upon a desperate deed.

"Oh yes," said the Major, "that is one of our favorite steeds.

"My country's welfare first, then my fair spouse," He said, and leapt upon his faithful steed And stood, ere morn had streaked the eastern sky, Before his lord his bidding to obey.

But many days the same wind strongly blew, Keeping his bark close moor'd within the bay, Jerking the cable, like a restive steed.

Sisters, hence with spurs of speed: Each her thundering falchion wield; Each bestride her sable steed.

For they see in battered harness Only one hard-stricken man, And his weary steed is wounded, And his cheek is pale and wan.

How you tremble, little Sybil, At the cannons' dreadful sound, Did you see far away, the fallen steed, And its rider prone on the ground?

But not yet, O brave little frontier girl, O gallant little steed, is the race won and the danger passed!

The horse followeda tall steed, and on its back a rider.

His pursuers pressed their tired steeds in his rear, and Robert knew his only chance for life was to swim the stream.

Now, my brave youths, Now give a loose to the clean generous steed; Flourish the whip, nor spare the galling spur; But in the madness of delight, forget Your fears.

I was mounted on a roan California horsethe fleetest steed I had.

He fell back, but speedily recovered himself, and his spirited steed bore him in safety to a neighbouring wood.

One evening he heard the sound of a horse's hoofs, and presently appeared a knight riding on a splendid steed, and clad in resplendent armour.

All at once the nimble steed became so crowded on every side that his only escape from being gored to death was by a tremendous bound which he made over the back of a terrified steer who lowered his head for the purpose of driving his horns into his body.

Likewise the story of the centaurs only exemplifies the skill of Mylyzyus in breaking the wildness of the royal steeds.

I amupon thine honorO gray steed, Turn back thy head.

Nearer and nearer they urged the frightened steeds, and Monarch watchedwaited, as of old, for the dogs, till they were almost touching each other, then he sprang like an avalanche of rock.

And she saw upon the wide highway The figure of a knight; He rode upon a dappled steed, And all his arms were bright.

Wonderfully well did Tom manage his aerial steed.

He did so: and the nurse having mounted behind Oriana, again the now furious steeds started forward.

The four biscuits which had been served out to each man at Brussels the night before, with some cold beef, and the contents of their canteen, helped to regale the dragoons after their long and rapid march, while the stout steeds that had borne them found a delightful repast in the high rye that waved under their noses.

He loved to guide the rapid steed along the avenue.

102 adjectives to describe  steeds