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102 adjectives to describe  steeds

102 adjectives to describe steeds

We came to Haleb, whose territory we had overrun, borne by our swift, magnificent steeds.

There were also several stablemen, all much interested in the idea of taming the fiery steeds of the desert.

The second hour of night had rung When, on his gallant steed, He passed thro' Jerez' gate resolved Upon a desperate deed.

"Oh yes," said the Major, "that is one of our favorite steeds.

"My country's welfare first, then my fair spouse," He said, and leapt upon his faithful steed And stood, ere morn had streaked the eastern sky, Before his lord his bidding to obey.

But many days the same wind strongly blew, Keeping his bark close moor'd within the bay, Jerking the cable, like a restive steed.

Sisters, hence with spurs of speed: Each her thundering falchion wield; Each bestride her sable steed.

For they see in battered harness Only one hard-stricken man, And his weary steed is wounded, And his cheek is pale and wan.

How you tremble, little Sybil, At the cannons' dreadful sound, Did you see far away, the fallen steed, And its rider prone on the ground?

But not yet, O brave little frontier girl, O gallant little steed, is the race won and the danger passed!

The horse followeda tall steed, and on its back a rider.

His pursuers pressed their tired steeds in his rear, and Robert knew his only chance for life was to swim the stream.

Now, my brave youths, Now give a loose to the clean generous steed; Flourish the whip, nor spare the galling spur; But in the madness of delight, forget Your fears.

I was mounted on a roan California horsethe fleetest steed I had.

He fell back, but speedily recovered himself, and his spirited steed bore him in safety to a neighbouring wood.

One evening he heard the sound of a horse's hoofs, and presently appeared a knight riding on a splendid steed, and clad in resplendent armour.

All at once the nimble steed became so crowded on every side that his only escape from being gored to death was by a tremendous bound which he made over the back of a terrified steer who lowered his head for the purpose of driving his horns into his body.

Likewise the story of the centaurs only exemplifies the skill of Mylyzyus in breaking the wildness of the royal steeds.

I amupon thine honorO gray steed, Turn back thy head.

Nearer and nearer they urged the frightened steeds, and Monarch watchedwaited, as of old, for the dogs, till they were almost touching each other, then he sprang like an avalanche of rock.

And she saw upon the wide highway The figure of a knight; He rode upon a dappled steed, And all his arms were bright.

Wonderfully well did Tom manage his aerial steed.

He did so: and the nurse having mounted behind Oriana, again the now furious steeds started forward.

The four biscuits which had been served out to each man at Brussels the night before, with some cold beef, and the contents of their canteen, helped to regale the dragoons after their long and rapid march, while the stout steeds that had borne them found a delightful repast in the high rye that waved under their noses.

He loved to guide the rapid steed along the avenue.

Every one must feel the exquisite fitness of Juliet's "Gallop apace, ye fiery-footed steeds," etc., for one of her character, in her circumstances: every one, we trust, and Mr. Smith among the number, will some day feel the exquisite unfitness of using such conceits as we have just quoted, or any other, page after page, for all characters and chances.

Me anywise my soul stirreth to declare that to the Emmenidai and to Theron hath glory come by gift of the Tyndaridai of goodly steeds, for that beyond all mortals they do honour to them with tables of hospitality, keeping with pious spirit the rite of blessed gods.

" He spoke and on his courser's head He slipped the bridle rein, And while he curbed his gentle steed He could not curb his pain, And to Ocana took his course, O'er Tagus' verdant plain.

His mate, after fitting a nosebag on the horse, came at a call to assist him, and together they lifted out a painted wooden steed wrapped in straw, and carried it to the store.

But the sagacious steed knew its business thoroughly well, and was indeed an admirable histrion.

For the first fifteen miles, until we came to the Smoky Hill River, which we were to cross, I could hardly keep the mule in advance of the General, who rode a frisky, impatient and ambitious thoroughbred steed; in fact, the whole party was finely mounted.

Instead of open battle, however, a sort of guerrilla warfare was carried on, in which, thanks to his marvelous steed Bayard, which his cousin Malagigi, the necromancer, had brought him from hell, Aymon always won the advantage.

For though Shakspeare himself seemed to think with regret that the dirge of the hobby-horse had been sung, yet, as we ourselves have given evidence, it is impossible for any one to write on this subject without taking an occasional airing on one or more of those imaginary steeds that stand at livery with no risk of eating off their own heads.

Long ago Heracles made war against the old king Laomedon, because he had not given him the immortal steeds that he promised.

During those perilous times, the lonely horseman, in a dangerous region, relies much on his intelligent steed for warning.

Moreover, the horses were not lively steeds.

Thus, to their fame, when finish'd was the fight, The victors from their lofty steeds alight: Like them dismounted all the warlike train, And two by two proceeded o'er the plain, Till to the fair assembly they advanced, Who near the secret arbour sung and danced.

when the Judge's dear child Is dragged through the streets by a runaway wild, Of course he's on hand, and a "ten-strike" he makes, For he stops the mad steed in a couple of "shakes";

Away they flew, the roadside poplars dancing past at either window, the horses thundering along with their stomachs to the earth, and that demon driver still waving those horrible red hands in the moonlight and screaming out to the maddened steeds.

The magic steeds are waiting, I bear thee off.

Not as of old, like Homeric Achilles, ??de? ya???, Joyous knight-errant of God, thirsting for labour and strife; No more on magical steed borne free through the regions of ether, But, like the hack which I ride, selling my sinew for gold.

We came to Haleb, whose territory we had overrun, borne by our swift, magnificent steeds.

It was a noble sight to see the majestic white steed flying toward the mound with the velocity of the wind, while the diminutive pony miraculously followed in the wake like an inseparable shadow.

It was a lady mounted on a horse, A slender girl upon a mighty steed, That bore her with the pride horses must feel When they submit to women.

Her brothers cried, When she was lifted on the milky steed, 'Ah!

Dryden resembled rather the mortal steed which was yoked with these immortal twain, the brood of Zephyr and the Harpy Podarga; only we can hardly say of the poet what Homer says of Pedasus [Greek:

Behind her chariot ten sovereigns ride; Behind them comes all Heaven's lofty pride, On pale white steeds, the chargers of the skies.

But in passing he bent down a very pliant bough, which, when released, flew back and hit my peaceful steed sharply on the legs.

Old Hucks, still smiling, but dreadfully nervous over the discovery of Joe, and Mr. Merrick's sudden activity in the boy's behalf, speedily harnessed Daniel and induced the reluctant steed to amble down the path to the cabin.

To stimulate the knights to greater efforts by a view of the promised prize, the emperor bade a groom lead forth the renowned steed.

Sacripant, however, watched his opportunity, and mounted the horse; so that now the two companions had each a separate steed.

That night from the castle-gate went down, With silent, slow, and stealthy pace, Two shadows, mounted on shadowy steeds, Taking the narrow path that leads Into the forest dense and brown, In the leafy darkness of the place, One could not distinguish form nor face, Only a bulk without a shape, A darker shadow in the shade; One scarce could say it moved or stayed, Thus it was we made our escape!

King Arthur and his knights are said on moonlight nights to gallop round the fortifications on steeds shod with silver shoes.

After considerable haggling as to price, he disappeared, to return with two of the sorriest steeds I ever set eyes on.

Count Aymon, in the mean while, had been obliged to flee from his besieged castle, mounted upon a sorry steed instead of his fleet-footed horse.

compress'd she took the ebon bowl, And cast it on before the startled steed; Swiftly it roll'd, and swiftly follow'd she; The road all desolateno shade of tree, No living thing about the dreary waste; No sound but of her courser's clanging hoofs, His shaking tassels, and his measured breath; Afar, the mountain black against the sky.

The Duke of Argyle was obliging enough to mount Dr. Johnson on a stately steed from his grace's stable.

The King, then, was mounted on a superb milk-white steed, with wide-flowing mane and tail, and of the easiest and gentlest pace.

She was suddenly roused from her painful reverie by the pulling up of Helen's ponies, with much clatter and wriggling recoil, close beside her, making more fuss with their toy-carriage than the mightiest of tractive steeds with the chariot of pomp.

Leaving the captured horse in charge of Mr. Burges, I followed the rest; caught another after a smart ride of three miles, but it was not till I reached the East Irwin that I could again overtake the rest, when, favoured by the steep bank of the stream, I succeeded in securing our truant steeds.

The warriors arose from their brief rest, and courteously aided each other while they replaced the harness of their trusty steeds, and pursued their way, the Saracen performing the part of guide, to the cavern of the hermit, Theodorich of England, with whom Sir Kenneth was to pass the night in penitence and prayer.

But now comes the narcotic invasion of alcoholic drinks, which paralyze the inhibitory nerves, with the others, and at once the uncontrolled heart, like the unchecked steed, plunges on to violent and often destructive results.

The first old lion now wanted to drink, and held right away for the two unfortunate steeds, roaring terribly.

" The tutored chiefs advance with speed, and bring Imperial presents to the future king; In stately pomp the embassy proceeds; Ten loaded camels, ten unrivalled steeds, A golden crown, and throne, whose jewels bright Gleam in the sun, and shed a sparkling light, A letter too the crafty tyrant sends, And fraudful thus the glorious aim commends.

In a moment he was flying over the prairie, the untamed steed rearing and pitching every once in a while in his efforts to throw his rider; but the man was not unseated.

Soon few were able like young Josรฉ to break an untried steed; few wielded more dexterously the lasso, or could drive with more unerring force the jagged lance into the side of a galloping bull.

The old taxicabs and the horse vehicles with their venerable steeds and drivers too old for service at the front, exhumed from the catacomb of the hours of doubt, ran up and down the Champs Elysรฉes with airing parties.

We traversed half the town, when Mrs. Blunt suddenly came to a halt opposite the Hรดtel de France, and pointed to a three-wheeled vehicle of the bath-chair type, to which a weird and very ancient-looking steed was attached.

John Grower says that Rosiphele princess of Armenia, insensible to love, saw in a vision a troop of ladies splendidly mounted, but one of them rode a wretched steed, wretchedly accoutred except as to the bridle.

Every one must feel the exquisite fitness of Juliet's "Gallop apace, ye fiery-footed steeds," etc., for one of her character, in her circumstances: every one, we trust, and Mr. Smith among the number, will some day feel the exquisite unfitness of using such conceits as we have just quoted, or any other, page after page, for all characters and chances.

Thou art spoken of as swift of speed and the destroyer of darkness, and the possessor of yellow steeds.

But their united numbers render them secure against petty bands of marauders, and the solitary bandolero, armed to the teeth, and mounted on his Andalusian steed, hovers about them, like a pirate about a merchant convoy, without daring to make an assault.

Then, hastening to the angry steed, Malagigi made him tractable by whispering his master's name in his ear; and, springing on his back, rode swiftly away.

Still undismayed, again they nimbly sprung, And round his neck the noose entangling flung: Now, all in vain, he spurns the smoking ground, In vain the tumult echoes all around; They bear him off, and view, with ardent eyes, His matchless beauty and majestic size; Then soothe his fury, anxious to obtain, A bounding steed of his immortal strain.

During that siege, Aymon awoke one morning to find that his beloved steed had vanished.

On bold Arabian steeds With decent pride they sit, that fearless hear The lion's dreadful roar; and down the rock 460 Swift-shooting plunge, or o'er the mountain's ridge Stretching along, the greedy tiger leave Panting behind.

"One thing more I would ask thee; 'tis that I might have a bolder steed, the one thou gavest me is not near spiritful enough for one who wishes to ride well and gayly.

The cabman did not hurry his tall raw-boned steed, and the drive to Temple-bar seemed a very long one to Adela Branston, whose mind was disturbed by the consciousness that she was doing a foolish thing.

She remembered the six white mules with their golden trappings, which drew the emblazoned coach of her uncle along; and how she leant back upon its purple velvet cushions, scarcely daring to glance amid the crowd of white-plumed cavaliers who reined in the curvettings of their brave steeds, lest she should meet Lorenzo da Carrara's eye, and betray their whole secret in a blush.

" AZARCO REBUKED "Draw rein, draw rein one moment, And calm thy hurrying steed, Who bounds beneath the furious spur That makes his flank to bleed.

the camp is ours!" yelled the tail-ender, as he clung to the rear of the remarkable procession; for never before had these solemn woods witnessed anything like such a progressive picture of modern magic as these four lads booming along on metal steeds capable of making fifty miles an hour and more, in case of necessity, and over a smooth road.

Now, my brave youths, Now give a loose to the clean generous steed; Flourish the whip, nor spare the galling spur; But in the madness of delight, forget Your fears.

With a word he quickened the pace of his cleric steeds, and the doctor was dropped parallel with the carriage window.

Not after what happened to Joe that day!" She had seen that Rosebud was given in charge of the groom who always looked after the clever steed, and now Helen moved over where she could watch Joe's comparatively new wire act.

Charlemagne yielded at last to her entreaties, and promised to grant the sons of Aymon full forgiveness provided the demoniacal steed Bayard were given over to him to be put to death.

And Virata then gave him (as dowry) seven thousand steeds endued with the speed of the wind and two hundred elephants of the best kind and much wealth also.

So, looking upon Beltane with eyes of yearning, Black Roger perforce wheeled and rode out into the glade, and striking spurs to his eager steed, galloped swiftly away.

In the incomparable apologues of the "Phaedrus" he represents our inward charioteer as driving toward the empyrean two steeds, of which the one is virtuously attracted toward heaven, while the other is viciously drawn to the earth; but he countenances the inference that the earthward proclivity of the latter is to be accounted pure misfortune.

And the mighty-armed Bhishma also, the son of Santanu, turning back his steeds decked with gold, enormous in size, and of tawny hue, rushed bow in hand, for protecting Duryodhana from Partha's hand.

Instead of two broken-down horses, six well-fed and well-watered steeds were attached to the wagon, and it was evident that no matter how short had been the supply of food and water, the horses and occupants of this particular conveyance had had everything they desired.

A hunting-horn sounded, and the youth drew himself together into an attitude of eager attention; the baying of hounds and trampling of horses' hoofs came nearer and nearer, and by and by there came in view the ends of boar-spears, the tall points of bows, a cluster of heads of men and horsesstrong, sturdy, shaggy, sure-footed creatures, almost ponies, but the only steeds fit to pursue the chase on this rough and encumbered ground.

When she had got nearly before the wind, she came up and rolled to-windward like a ship, and Mark scarce breathed as he saw her plunging down upon the reefs, like a frantic steed that knows not whither he is rushing in his terror.

In one of the defiles he lost his favorite horse, and in his book he bids a touching farewell to the friendly steed which had shared with him so many toils and dangers.

For the first fifteen miles, until we came to the Smoky Hill River, which we were to cross, I could hardly keep the mule in advance of the General, who rode a frisky, impatient and ambitious thoroughbred steed; in fact, the whole party was finely mounted.

Theo's riding dress was borrowed, and though it did not fit her exactly she looked unusually well when she met Mr. Carrollton in the lower hall, and once mounted upon the gay steed, and galloping away into the country, she felt more than repaid for the loss of her morning slumber.

She had also managed to dispose of little Rebecca, so the coast was clear when Mr. Price, on his gayly caparisoned steed, arrived.

Till then, my glorious steed, thou shalt run thy course; thou mayst please thine ear with the crunching of the heads crushed under thy feet.

They are no very graceful steeds, but they go well, and through roads which they say are bad for France, but to me they seem gravel walks and bowling greens.

Chapter I. "An acorn fell from an old oak tree, And lay on the frosty ground 'O, what shall the fate of the acorn be?' Was whispered all around By low-toned voices chiming sweet, Like a floweret's bell when swung And grasshopper steeds were gathering fleet, And the beetle's hoofs up-rung.

And the son of Virata then urged the four handsome steeds with flanks adorned with golden armours.