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221 adjectives to describe store

Her little store of money was counted over.

Has not the demand for sugar and cotton, for naval stores and timber, overtaken the supply?

And were't not pity that vast store of Beauty Shou'd, like rich Fruit, die on the yielding Boughs? Dia.

Besides, there was only one of them at a time, and they didn't trouble common people much, but in this enlightened nineteenth century I have seen a poor, miserable, six foot dry-goods clerk turned out of a retail store by a strapping little female, who couldn't jump a counter worth shucks.

Let all and each, whether monks or laics, who wish to amass merit for themselves, make the roads smooth and in good condition, grandly adorn the lanes and by-ways, and provide abundant store of flowers and incense to be used as offerings to it.

Its ample stores and munitions of war were a priceless boon to Montgomery, who now redoubled his efforts to take St Johns.

When he was badthat is, when he had eaten his daily fill of the camp's scanty store (in such a little place it was not easy to hide from such a hunter as Kaviak)he was taken down to the Little Cabin, smacked, and made to say "Ow Farva."

Yet in the midst of this hearty winter the sun shines warm at times, calling the Douglas squirrel to frisk in the snowy pines and seek out his hidden stores; and the weather is never so severe as to drive away the grouse and little nut-hatches and chickadees.

" "'Tain't that he's missin'; he's got an inexhaustible store of his own.

The great magazine, containing immense stores of ammunition, was situated in the heart of the city.

Our next business was to lay in a sufficient store of provisions for our voyage.

The character of the prisoner being of the worst description, he was apprehended, when he confessed he had taken all the property, and disposed of it to a woman, named Priscilla Fletcher, the keeper of a marine store, 34, James Street.

Rich reward your hearts shall hold, None less dear if long delayed, For with gifts of wattle-gold Shall your country's debt be paid; From her sunlight's golden store She shall heal your hurts of war.

Rachel went to the nearest dry-goods store, and bought a yard of blue ribbon.

I suspect that the crows get nothing but the gratification of curiosity and the pickings of some secret store of seeds unearthed by the badger.

Just then I heard that there was a trading ship ready to sail, and taking leave of my friend I went on board, carrying with me a goodly store of cocoanuts; and we sailed first to the islands where pepper grows, then to Comari where the best aloes-wood is found, and where men drink no wine by an unalterable law.

It is different because it is a cooperative store and it belongs to those who buy as well as to those who serve.

To this long gun, therefore, we now attached our tractor, useless as a tractor but containing valuable gun stores, and our three guns.

Vortigern furnished his fortress with a plenteous store of arms and engines, of food and sergeants.

Kantara grew into a wonderful town with several miles of Canal frontage, huge railway sidings and workshops, enormous stores of rations for man and horse, medical supplies, ordnance and ammunition dumps, etc.

Author and guardian of my life, Sweet source of light divine, Andall harmonious names in one My Saviour, thou art mine! What thanks I owe thee, and what love A boundless, endless store Shall echo through the realms above When time shall be no more.

Their capacity for coöperation is seen in their establishment of their own coöperative stores.

"Mebbee ye've wondered why I sot sech store by Johnnie.

He smiled when he paid out twenty-five cents of his slender store for the refreshment.

Whom chosen thou unto thee takest; And whom into thy court receivéd, Thou of thy checkrole number makest: The dainty viands of thy sacred store Shall feed him so he shall not hunger more.

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