216 adjectives to describe storm

The twenty-ninth of May dawned clear and bright in pleasant contrast to the violent storm which had raged the day before.

In this comprehensive glance we may also notice the shallow wind-worn caves in stratified sandstones along the margins of the plains; and the cave-like recesses in the Sierra slates and granites, where bears and other mountaineers find shelter during the fall of sudden storms.

We were fifty-three days at sea, driven once so far to the southward by a severe storm, which struck us the second day out, as to sight the north coast of Africa before we were able to resume our westward course.

The tap-tap of machine guns firing at the highest pressure, intense rifle fire from all parts of the enemy position, the fierce storm of shells rained on the hill by the Berks battery, which during the charge fired with splendid accuracy no fewer than 200 rounds of shrapnel at a range of 3200 to 3500 yards, and the rapid fire of Turkish field guns, completely drowned the cheers of the charging yeomen.

But just as the assault was going to begin, a dreadful storm arose, which not only shook the ships asunder, but even shattered them in a terrible manner, so that they were all obliged to be towed toward the shore, without having made the least impression on the city.

Many a hale fellow well met by that fearful hail storm must go to grass ere the red glare of the war has passed away.

Presently from the mountain there rushed down A furious storm of wind, then heavy showers Of snow fell, covering all the earth with whiteness, And making desolate the prospect round.

There had been a tremendous storm at Nome the day before Ted arrived, and landing was more difficult than usual, but, impatient as the boys were, at last it seemed safe to venture, and the party left the steamer to be put on a rough barge, flat-bottomed and stout, which was hauled by cable to shore until it grounded on the sands.

A yell from the crowd greeted us as we appeared beside him,a menacing yell, which died away into a low growling, and foretold an approaching storm.

On the night of the 5th September, 1838, the steamer Forfarshire, bound from Hull to Dundee, was caught in a terrific storm off the Farne Islands.

For the bitterest thought that ever came to me is one which troubles my rest from time to time even now: Did I love her as she deserved; was I a staff for her to lean upon in her trouble; was I not, rather, a careless, unseeing boy, who recked nothing of the impending storm until it burst about him?

And the bullets and the shellsit was like passing through the most awful hail storm.

But now, as the sun grew low, the close-locked fray began to roll southwards fast and ever faster, a mighty storm of eddying dust wherein armour gleamed and steel glimmered back and forth, as Duke Ivo and his proud array fell back and back on their last stronghold of Pentavalon City.

315 XXXVI "O come," he cried, "come, after weary night Of such rough storm, this happy change to view.

The Immortal storm: a history of science fiction fandom.

[Illustration: CAMPING IN THE SNOW.] Accompanied by four men I started out in the blinding snow storm, taking a southerly direction.

On the latter, markings and streaks of strange variety suggested, if they failed-to prove, the existence of frequent spiral storms, disturbing, probably at an immense height above the surface, clouds which must be utterly unlike the clouds of Mars or the Earth in material as well as in form and mass.

A frightful storm raged.

O, WERT THOU IN THE CAULD BLAST O, wert thou in the cauld blast, On yonder lea, on yonder lea, My plaidie to the angry airt, I'd shelter thee, I'd shelter thee; Or did misfortune's bitter storms Around thee blaw, around thee blaw, Thy bield should be my bosom, To share it a', to share it a'.

You seem to have more fever; can you not sleep?" "Not with all this equinoctial storm raging, and the tide you told me of coming up with the wind.

The angry storm begins to blow, For the weather changes with the moon.

However, our little Alaskan cousin was used to cold and trained to it, and would not dream of fussing over a little snow-storm.

Again in the same woods you find trees that are made up of several boles united near the ground, spreading at the sides in a plane parallel to the axis of the mountain, with the elegant tassels hung in charming order between them, making a harp held against the main wind lines where they are most effective in playing the grand storm harmonies.

This was the beginning of a long and dreary autumnal storm, a deferred "equinoctial," as many considered it.

But when I exact that evenness of temper should be animated by occasional storms, do not be under the impression that I pretend lovers should always be quarreling to preserve their happiness.

216 adjectives to describe  storm