94 adjectives to describe stride

He was just back from Germany and reported Bismarck and the Emperor (I should have said, perhaps, the Emperor and Bismarck) as rather worried over the rapid strides France was making in radicalism.

From this date the business advanced with giant strides.

Turned into the room with short, hasty strides, then back again. Came to confront her.

32 The big man crossed the floor with one vast stride, and, seizing Donnegan by both shoulders, dragged him under the full light of the window; and still the crazy laughter shook Donnegan and made him helpless.

By this time I had found my hill legs, and could keep pace even with the Indian's swift stride.

He would be upon her in another half-dozen slow, ponderous strides.

Did you ever think what gigantic strides the world has made within the memory of men now living, and who are yet unwilling to be counted as old?

With organic chemistry, molecular physics, and physiology yet in their infancy, and every day making prodigious strides, I think it would be the height of presumption for any man to say that the conditions under which matter assumes the properties we call "vital" may not, some day, be artificially brought together.

Without stopping in their steady stride, the Red Sox hung on, waiting for the Callahans to slump.

Bull following with his enormous strides, and, as the floor creaked under him, the eyes of the others jerked after him, stride by stride.

" The little man was struggling and panting sometimes breaking into a trot to keep up with the immense strides of his companion.

Two minutes later Diablo was rocking across the hills with his mighty stride, and the cow pony of Pete Reeve was pattering beside him.

Peters and Santiago saw him bear to his left from the window; passing diagonally over the Rue de Rivoli and over a corner of the Tuileries gardens; they saw him clear the Louvre, and thence they dumbly watched him still slanting upwards, stepping out with a firmer and more confident stride as he dwindled and dwindled away with his old brown coat.

"Come," he ordered, and set out at a sweeping stride.

The loose stride is contracted; the swing of the vigorous shoulders is restrained, and, instead of an honest fellow tramping sturdily after his own fashion through the paths of literature, we are treated to an imitation of Dr. Johnson, done by an illiterate butcher's son.

He would be upon her in another half-dozen slow, ponderous strides.

But in the absence of external dangers corruption, following wealth, was making fearful strides among the people, and impiety was nearly universal.

I wonder where Euktemon is to-night, Euktemon with his rough and fitful talk, His moody gesture and defiant stride; How strange, how bleak and unapproachable;

Kit was walking down the road with swift angry strides.

He follows with impatient strides.

She saw his stalwart form down through the summer haze, coming with his springy stride through the wheat.

With stately stride He crossed the level sands and wide, Then on his shield the challenge gave His broad sword thund'ring like a wave For single combat.

As the sheriff sank obediently to his knees, the wolf slipped up to him with a stealthy stride and stood half crouched, his teeth bared, silent.

" The black brows of Mr. Cassilis met in a sudden frown, he tossed his whip aside, and took a sudden quick stride towards the recumbent Bellew with so evident an intention, that Small Porges shrank instinctively further within the encircling arm.

Her head down, mane flowing, tail extended, she was covering the ground with tremendous strides.

94 adjectives to describe  stride