59 adjectives to describe stung

"I deserved any mark of your displeasure; I only wish I could persuade you that the sharpest sting lies in the lips we love.

A little sting pierced my arm like a hot wire; too sharp almost to be sore, and my rifle fell from me.

Next Anger rushed: his eyes, on fire, In lightnings owned his secret stings; In one rude clash he struck the lyre, And swept with hurried hand the strings.

No defense has yet been devised that will ward off the deadly sting of the submarine's torpedo, delivered as it is from beneath, out of the sight and hearing of the doomed ships' crews, and exploded against a portion of the hull that cannot be adequately protected by armour.

Indeed, it was only natural that our ancestors, from their dread of the serpent on account of its poisonous sting, as well as from their antipathy to it as the symbol of evil, should ascertain those plants which seemed either attractive, or antagonistic, to this much-dreaded reptile.

Something terrifying in the cruel sting of the bitter wind that cut into the flesh like whip-lashes, and shrieked and howled in its unspent rage over that lonely and desolate mountain fastness.

At last, just at the most interesting point of the game, the sudden sting of a steel-bee caused Mr. P. to give a quick bawl, when the fish took a home-run and came back no more.

He had written And here the gout, half tyger, half a snake, Raged with a hundred teeth, a hundred stings; which was changed to The sleepless gout here counts the crowing cocks, A wolf now gnaws him, now a serpent stings.

The momentary sting spurred her on faster, until her foot caught and she stumbled and would have fallen except that Mr. Heatherbloom had turned at that moment and put out an arm.

In fact, it was one of this strange man's peculiarities that it was just those delicate and personal scenes with which privacy is usually associated that he preferred to have in public, for he knew that his reproaches had an additional sting when they fell upon other ears besides those of his victim.

The bees are prone to rage, and often found To perish for revenge, and die upon the wound Their venomed sting produces aching pains, And swells the flesh, and shoots among the veins.

Th' affected ease that slights her starting tear, The words whose coldness kills from lips so dear; The hand she loves, alone can point the dart, Whose hidden sting could wound no other heart These, of all pains the sharpest we endure, The breast which now inflicts, would spring to cure.

Thus in the Revolt of Islam (Canto 8, st. 20): 'Yes, it is Hatethat shapeless fiendly thing Of many names, all evil, some divine Whom self-contempt arms with a mortal sting,' &c.

The smitten rock that gushes, The trampled steel that springs; A cheek is always redder Just where the hectic stings!

Under the incessant sting of it her longing for Greatorex became insupportable.

He prepared himself to meet with patience that incredible sting and penetrating hurt of a woman's mockery.

The crimson masses of Norantea on the highest tree-tops were here most gorgeous; but we had to beware of staring aloft too long, for fear of riding into mud-holesfor the wet season would not end as yet, though dry weather was dueor, even worse, into the great Parasol- ant warrens, which threatened, besides a heavy fall, stings innumerable.

Directly he feels the insulting sting of the hook he rushes down stream at a terrific rate, so that the line, instead of being taut, dangles loosely on the water.

"Not very wise or very kind people to say so," quoth Rosamond; "though, by the bye, the intended sting is happily lost, considering that it lies among five.

And that, you know, was the hottest, most intolerable sting of all.

We subsist In slavery; all is slavery; we receive Laws, but we ask not whence those laws have come; We need an inward sting to goad us on.

thy keenest sting; "Nor Heaven," She cried, "nor Earth, nor Hell can hold "A Heart abandon'd to the thirst of Gold!" Stamp'd with wild foot, and shook her horrent brow, 160 And call'd the furies from their dens below.

I do not wish for thee the joys Which from earth's pleasures spring; These give at best a fleeting bliss, And leave a lasting sting.

That was her first agony and then came the lesser stings of "Momma's" insults, and at last, a fear.

The mosquitoes beset them in swarms, plaguing even the poor animals with their lusty sting.

59 adjectives to describe  stung