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And not only so, there will follow also, in the solemn style of the Bible, a change of givest, livest, giveth, and liveth, into givvest, livvest, givveth, and livveth.

" It is one of the most spirited things imaginable, when well sung, and, when applied to the topsail-halyards, brings the yards up in grand style.

In these years he rose from the vivid but confused and exaggerated manner of Filocopo to the perfection of polished literary style.

In fairest light each borrow'd grace; From him I'll learn to write; Copy his clear familiar style, And by the roughness of his file Grow, like himself, polite.'

"I wouldn't want to have my peculiar style of beauty spoiled by smallpox marks," said the ensign, with a smile on his homely, winning face.

You know an ingenious oration must neither swell above the banks with insolent words, nor creep too shallow in the ford with vulgar terms; but run equally, smooth and cheerful, through the clean current of a pure style. LIN.

The frescoes and panel-work were a study by themselves, uniting the classic and modern styles in allegorical subjects.

He appeared one day on the public walk at The Hague, dressed in his usual plain and modest style.

The Farrier's Dog and His Fellow.= This story, written by the gifted young Southern woman, will appeal to all that is best in the natures of the many admirers of her graceful and piquant style.

Our entertainment here was in so elegant a style, and reminded my fellow-traveller so much of England, that he became quite joyous.

Bentham's later style, as the world knows, was heavy and cumbersome, from the excess of a good quality, the love of precision, which made him introduce clause within clause into the heart of every sentence, that the reader might receive into his mind all the modifications and qualifications simultaneously with the main proposition: and the habit grew on him until his sentences became, to those not accustomed to them, most laborious reading.

Artistically, this play was Byron's most elaborate attempt to revive the unities and other restrictions of the severe style, which, when he wrote, had been "vanquished in literature."

A bit rugged perhaps, but staunch, and his quiet sincerity was after all better style than the cleverness of Mortimer's friends.

It remains without life or zest, not an experiment but a task honestly and thoroughly done in the Perpendicular style.

Winchester is one of the earliest of these noble cathedrals; but its Norman feature of the round arch is not the general characteristic of the edifice, the original piers having been recased in the pointed style, in the reign of Edward III.

The wealth of ideas thus daily communicated to the country appeared in the most attractive garb, for Kossuth possessed a masterly style, and his leaders and shorter articles showed off to advantage so many unexpected beauties of the Hungarian language that his readers were fairly enchanted and carried away by them.

The latter, owing to his obscure style and to the scholastic details of which many parts of his treatise are made up, is little read, and seldom sufficiently appreciated.

Mrs. Carey, wiping the tears of merriment that came to her eyes in spite of her, so exactly had Nancy caught Cousin Ann's epistolary style, read the real communication, which ran as follows:

From romance, writers turned to realism; from Italian influence with its exuberance of imagination they turned to France, and learned to repress the emotions, to follow the head rather than the heart, and to write in a clear, concise, formal style, according to set rules.

Although energia does belong to both poetic and rhetoric, as pseudo-Longinus implies, there seems to be here a definitely rhetorical conception of poetic style.

" Evening Telegram, New York:"In clear, concise, entertaining, narrative style, Albert G. Spalding has contributed in many respects the most interesting work pertaining to base ball, the national game, which has been written.

Pericles greatly admired Anaxagoras, and became deeply interested in grand speculations, which gave him a haughty spirit and a lofty style of oratory far removed from vulgarity and low buffoonery, and also an imperturbable gravity of countenance and a calmness of demeanor and appearance which no incident could disturb as he was speaking, while the tone of his voice never showed that he heeded any interruption.

In the pulpit, to the foot of which place he is led every Sunday, by certain sacred diaconal lamas, who previously "rub him down" and saddle him for action, in a contiguous apartmentin the pulpit, we say, he operates in a superior style, and he looks better theremore like a parsonthan anywhere else.

=The Best of Friends.= This continues the experiences of the Farrier's dog and his Fellow, written in Miss Dromgoole's well-known charming style.

St. Thomas's is one of the local churches erected through the exertions of the late Rev. R. Carus Wilson; and, like all those churches, it is built in the Norman style of architecturea massive, severe style, which will never be popularly pleasing, but will always secure endurance for the edifices constructed on its principles.

728 adjectives to describe  styling
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