57 adjectives to describe subtleties

They are such as do not interest this age,even the most gifted minds,for our times are comparatively indifferent to metaphysical subtleties and speculations.

The strongest interest of these dramas lies in their psychological subtlety, which is more enjoyable in the study than in the theater.

It exhausted all the subjects which dialectical subtlety ever raised.

But any one who does not feel the want which the scheme is intended to supply; any one who throws it over as a mere theoretical subtlety or crotchet, tending to no valuable purpose, and unworthy of the attention of practical men, may be pronounced an incompetent statesman, unequal to the politics of the future.

This intellectual subtlety, acumen, and logical power the Brahmans never lost.

He discusses with much learning, and all the logical subtlety so proper to the didactic muse, the pretensions of the Cyropedia of Xenophon; but at length rejects it as containing nothing but what was literally true, and therefore belonging to the class of history.

4. It is the fashion to decry scholastic distinctions as useless subtleties, or mere phantoms'entia logica, vel etiam verbalia solum'.

Yet such was the dynamic power of the man's marvellous personality, and the reputation he had earned, even in his early years, for supreme prescience and far-reaching diplomatic subtlety, that far and wide he was regarded as the greatest force in Italian politics.

She turned and he found himself looking into a pair of clear, blue-gray eyes, frank enough and yet in their very frankness possessing an alluring, indefinable subtlety.

metaphysics themselves, but intricate subtleties, and fruitless abstractions?

Among the many things I like in DORETHEA CONYERS' novels is the artistic subtlety, achieved by few of our other novelists, with which she manages to write them as it were in character.

He entirely lacked the keen insight and dialectic subtlety of such a writer as Bishop Butler; and, in his explanation of this Stoical shibboleth, any real meaning which it may possess is evaporated into a gorgeous mist of confused declamation and splendid commonplace.

Tristram Shandy is hardly a novel: the story merely serves to hold together a number of characters, such as Uncle Toby and Corporal Trim, conceived with rare subtlety and originality.

SUBTLE DOCTOR, name given to DUNS SCOTUS (q. v.) for his hairsplitting acuteness and extreme subtlety of distinction.

"Not that I don't think you're right, maybe," she hastened to add, "though"this wistfully, in a feminine and maternal subtlety of laying the first lines for sapping and mining his position"I often think about our life, all work and no play, and wonder if we oughtn't to give the children the chance we never had.

There is an almost unearthly beauty in the profiles of his Madonnas, a tempered sweetness in the modulation of their drapery and attitude, that prove complete mastery in the art of rendering evanescent moments of expression, the most fragile subtleties of the emotions that can stir a tranquil spirit.

Spinoza urged the uselessness of miracles, and Hume their incredibility, with a guarded subtlety and longsighted refinement of statement which made them in advance of their age except with a few.

St. John makes the matter equally definite: 'The Son of God,' he says, 'was manifest that he might destroy the works of the Devil,' and St. Paul, mindful of the inner subtleties of the conflict, warns his readers that Satan has changed his tactics and has transformed himself into an angel of light.

But with Mr. Clare he could have no rivalship; the venerable character of Mr. Clare disposed him to submission: this great man seemed to have survived all the acrimony of contention, and all the jealous subtleties of a mistaken honour.

Macchiavelli, who seems to have taken no interest whatever in philosophical speculations, is drawn by the keen subtlety of his very unique understanding into the following observation, which possesses a really deep meaning.

Italians will continue to show a shining example to the world by reason of their gaiety and charm of character, their mental subtlety, which with time will grow less involved and more lucid in expression, by their art of life, even now not much inferior to the French, by their sensitiveness to beauty, by their capacity for enthusiastic appreciation, and by their technical genius in applied science.

It made you feel happy to see such a huge capacity for enjoyment, such mighty subtlety, such ponderous gaiety.

One of the minor "subtleties" was a peacock in full panoply.

He had an almost perverse subtlety of mind which put a favourable interpretation on what seemed most formidable.

When a man will not enter into philosophical subtleties, he observes with the first cast of the eye a hand, that was the first mover, in all the parts of the universe, and set all the wheels of the great machine a-going.

57 adjectives to describe  subtleties