255 adjectives to describe supports

From every point of view, theologic, historic, artistic, the results coincide and afford mutual support.

The people were mad for a declaration of war against Austria, though the military strength of the Roman States was grossly inadequate for such a conflict, and the head of the Catholic Church was naturally reluctant to come to extremities with a Catholic power which had long been the firmest support of the papacy.

Only so much of your vote as is needed will go to A; the rest will go to B. Or, on the other hand, if A has so little support that his chances are hopeless, you will not have thrown your vote away upon him; it will go to B. Similarly you may indicate a third, a fourth, and a fifth choice; if you like you may mark every name on your paper with a number to indicate the order of your preferences.

" It is gratifying to remember that at this very critical juncture in the cause of Italian unity and independence, the English Government gave its very cordial support to that cause, and ably defended the course pursued by King Victor Emmanuel, his ministers, and his people.

Novelists and dramatists, I think, are the only class, who, without doing anything else, have earned a comfortable support by their writings.

The majority of the new Chamber gave a hearty support to Count Cavour.

I saw an Infantry Brigadier, who said that things were going well, but asked for some additional Artillery support for his left flank on the other side,

First thing we know, tine whole shebang of the boys will be claiming the exemption of sole support of wife.

They have had no warships behind them, no diplomatic support, no political ambitions, no economic concessions.

"No." He did not mention her bravery, or the loyal support of Beth and Patsy, but after a moment he added: "I'm not worth defending.

The Bourbon forces, to the number of about two thousand, with some cannon, discovering a few of our men without distinguishing uniform and mingled with peasants, boldly advanced a few lines of bersaglieri, with sufficient support and two guns.

On the other hand, his brethren gave him only a half-hearted support and doubted his orthodoxy.

Great Britain, France, and Italy were prompt to recognize the Duma committee and it was also given enthusiastic support by the Russian armies in the field.

Lord Scarsdale also assured me, that, if the subject should ever come before the House of Lords, it should have his constant support.

For cripples, my lords, can make no figure at a review, nor strut in a red coat with a tolerable grace; but fools are known by long experience to be the principal support of an army, since they are the only persons who are willing to pay it!

The glass stands on a wooden support, below which is a coil of copper wire, which, however, is not connected with any battery or other apparatus, and merely serves to condense the current.

He answered:'I am extremely obliged to you for the sentiments you do me the honour to express, and have observed with great pleasure the zealous and able support given to the CAUSE OF THE PUBLICK in the work you were so good to transmit to me.'

It is beyond doubt, that during that age, than which none was ever more productive of virtuous characters, there was no man in whom the Roman affairs found a more effectual support; nay, people even marked him out, in their minds, as a match for Alexander the Great, in case that, having completed the conquest of Asia, he should have turned his arms on Europe.

There were a number of other addresses, after which resolutions were adopted pledging the government the earnest support of the citizens, calling on the young men to enroll their names on the roster of the rapidly forming companies and declaring that they would furnish financial aid when necessary to the dependant families of those left behind.

Jean Dubuc of Detroit was another find of rare value and still another was Buck O'Brien of Boston, but these had the advantage over Baumgardner of getting better support both in the field and at bat.

These conditions of the navy in turn were products of the national spirit and of the will of the Government and people of Great Britain to devote to the navy as much money, as many men, and as vigorous support as might be necessary to realise the national purpose.

There are two weekly papers, one the Mining Record, an eight-page, bright, newsy paper which deserves a liberal support.

This must engage your generous support to sweep away those tyrants, and to raise liberty where now foul oppression rules.

Though the Hegelian system has been the fruitful mother of many liberal ideas, there can be no doubt that Hegel's influence, in his own lifetime, was an effective support of Prussian bureaucracy.]

The followers of Cornificius obtained from these ample support and made their way in safety to Agrippa.

255 adjectives to describe  supports