299 adjectives to describe surprising

"I just wanted to give him a little surprise.

And he took steps that it should be, for he began stealing away Kaviak's few cherished possessionshis amulet, his top from under the bunk, his boats from out the water-bucket, wherewith to mitigate the barrenness of the Yukon tree, and to provide a pleasant surprise for the Esquimer who mourned his playthings as gone for ever.

He took a couple of steps farther into the room, only to utter an exclamation of intense surprise and horror; then turned quickly with an almost scared face.

The affair created a great deal of enthusiasm; but the race was conducted with honor and fairness, which was quite an agreeable surprise to my father, who soon found the Missourians to be at heart very clever menthus showing that outside appearances are sometimes very deceptive; they nearly all came up and congratulated him on his success, asked him why he had not bet more money on the race, and wanted to buy Little Gray.

"Oh," said Connie, with mild surprise.

Most of those who come to Rye enter the town, and with a sudden surprise not to be found elsewhere, by the Landgate upon the north.

He had relinquished his straw, and his kind face shone with a pleased surprise.

The events that followed in Belgium furnished a genuine surprise to the world.

After a day and a night I reached my master's house, and was received by him with joyful surprise.

So did Mr. P. For an instant they gazed at each other in utter surprise.

Upon them he read extreme surprise, undoubting belief in the veracity of their teacher, and the dawning gleam of a timid hope that they themselves might become participators in the transcendent discovery he proclaimed.

The young Baron ungently reversed the position of the corpse, and scanned its features with evident surprise and dissatisfaction.

She drooped in bitter disappointment, mistaking my blank surprise for displeasure; her words brought over my mind a rush of that horror with which I ever recall the scenes I witnessed but too often at Indian funerals.

The one thing was, that Hector had shown considerable surprise when he found that Willie could not read.

" "Are there then shades of difference in the denominations, as well as all these denominations?" asked Eve, in unfeigned surprise; "and this, too, in a population so small?"

They were the first words Kelson had uttered since the start, and the slight surprise in their tone was not quite complimentary.

"O, Richard, what a delightful surprise!

Some vague sense of my presence must have influenced the man, for he swung suddenly about, uttering a stifled cry of startled surprise, as we met face to face.

" Why, oh, why? Without swift joy and sweet surprise, Surely those lips upon my eyes Could never lie, Though both our heads were white as snows, And though the bitterest storm that blows, Of trouble and adversity, Had bent us low: all life still shows To eyes that love "Couleur de rose.

We grow accustomed to all life's disagreeable surprises as time rolls on.

No more unpleasant surprises, I'm sure.

She met his look in momentary surprise.

To his admiration and infinite surprise, her respiration had apparently ceased.

"And he brings no kind of introduction to meno letter or anything?" asked the doctor, with feigned surprise, as though he knew what was coming.

Noble, generous, and self-forgetting, tender and most faithful in friendship, burning with indignation at injustice shown to another, longing to find virtues instead of digging for faults,her greatest suffering arose from pained surprise, when persons proved themselves less noble than she had deemed them.

299 adjectives to describe  surprising
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