8 adjectives to describe surrey

At the Asquam Station, Hop was drawn up with his antiquated surrey.

It will be time enough tomorrow to get a new buggy wheel, and the broken surrey won't be in anybody's way until we send for it.

Master drove up in a double surrey.

Then, in a second, the station appeared with the busses backed up against it, and beyond them the familiar surrey with a woman in it with yearning eyes.

All that night in her dreams she heard only old Reinhardt's angel voice proclaiming, amid the rich murmur of assent from the other strings: [Illustration] CHAPTER VI THE SIGHTS OF LA CHANCE One day at the end of a fortnight, Aunt Victoria and Arnold were late in their daily arrival at the Marshall house, and when the neat surrey at last drove up, they both showed signs of discomposure.

The man had intentionally so arranged that the start should be from the old ranch, and in consequence the girl had never seen either the new or its furnishings, until the November day when the overloaded surrey drew up in the dooryard, and the journey was complete.

Lovaina was sitting in her shabby surrey under the flamboyants, the Dummy at the horse's head.

The door closed behind him noiselessly, and a half minute later the loose-wheeled old surrey went rumbling past the door.

8 adjectives to describe  surrey