56 adjectives to describe tablet

The building is full of banners and wreaths and memorial tablets, including one lately sent by the French troops now fighting on the Italian Front.

On the opposite wall of the church, between two windows, was a mural tablet of white marble, with an inscription in black letters,the only such memorial that I could discern, although many dead people doubtless lay beneath the floor, and had paved it with their ancient tombstones, as is customary in old English churches.

Long preamble, regular trimetrical platitudeshere we are: "'These Red-Bristled Ghosts teach their dupes to break the ancestral tablets, and to worship the picture of a naked infant, which points one finger toward heaven, another toward earth.

Then he cast a number of Greek characters in type, and putting them into a bag and providing himself with some wooden letter-tablets of his own carving, he departed to seek his fortune.

Redden cheeks and lips, whiten hands and shoulders, polish nails, pencil eyebrows, squeeze in the waist, pad out the hipsswallow, at the last, that little tablet which you slip from the jewelled case at your wrist.

His chief temples were at Pergamus, Smyrna, and Trica, a city of Ionia, and the isle of Coos, or Cos; in which all votive tablets were hung up, shewing the diseases cured by his assistance: but his most famous shrine was at Epidaurus, where every five years in the spring, solemn games were instituted to him nine days after the Isthmian games at Corinth.

Advancing forth the sage his welcome gives, "'Tis Izdubar who comes to me and lives!" Embracing him he leads him in a room, Where many a curious graven tablet, tome, And scrolls of quaint and old forgotten lore Have slept within for centuries of yore.

"Miss Esther, I am going to leave some medicine for your aunt; these little pink tablets.

She was now standing at the mantel-piece, having lifted the syringe-box from the night-table, taken from its velvet lining both the syringe and the vial containing the morphia tablets, and gone to the mantel-piece to melt one of the tablets in a little of the distilled water there.

Plain Gothic-bordered tablets, with a central monogram, occupy the wall below the window.

No more corrosion of the old monumental tablets covered with lies!

Manso, however, obtained leave to set up a modest tablet; and eight years afterwards a Ferrarese cardinal (Bevilacqua) made what amends he could for his countrymen, by erecting the stately memorial which is still to be seen.

The Moal fell sick and died there, and Vestacius sent back the golden tablet by the servants of the Moal, whom I met at Assron, in the entrance into Turkey, and from them I learnt all that happened to Theodolus.

They had all the material for teaching the pretty lessons of war inflammable tablets which would make a house blaze in less than five minutes after they had been strewn about the floors and touched by a lighted match (I have a few specimens of the stuff)incendiary bombs which worked even more rapidly, torches for setting fire to old barns and thatched roofs.

And you will order, I suppose, all those regularly passed decrees to be engraved on brazen tablets "The consuls consulted the people in regular form," (Is this the way of consulting the people that we have received from our ancestors?)

There are pillars, cornices, entablatures, jambs, altars, mullions and sculptured tablets, all of white marble, and many of them in an excellent state of preservation.

Persepolis treasury tablets.

A nameless poet has left in the imperishable tablets of a Babylonian library an epic poem of great power and beauty.

The broken tablets and half-legible inscriptions, which constituted the memorials of the fathers and founders of this colony, were peculiarly interesting.

[Egypt.]The mutilated statistical tablet of Karnak (Trans.

All points of the compass vanished; all streets remained alike,the same endless vista of mystic characters, red, black, and gold, on narrow suspended tablets, under which flowed the same current of pig-tailed men in blue and dirty white.

Near the cross at Eyam, and in the distance of the Cut, is the tomb of Mrs. Mompesson, on one end of which is an hour-glass with two expanded wings; and underneath on an oblong tablet is inscribed CAVETE; (beware,) and nearer the base, the words Nescitis Horam (ye know not the hour).

Two tablets of bronze, presented by the Geographical Societies of Paris and Petersburg, ornament his commemorative monument.

Their general shape and construction are peculiar to Scotland, being a perpendicular tablet of marble or other stone, within a frame-work of the same material, somewhat resembling the frame of a looking-glass; and, all over the churchyard, these sepulchral memorials rise to the height of ten, fifteen, or twenty feet, forming quite an imposing collection of monuments, but inscribed with names of small general significance.

" "You are very kind," he said, and he took the pretty tablets from her hand.

56 adjectives to describe  tablet
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