26 adjectives to describe tell

The ballad tells of his fears as he sees Dagmar's page coming, and they proved only too true.

Long live brave Tell, our shield, our Savior!

9. Close, carver, by some well cut books, Let a thin busto tell, In spite of plump and pamper'd looks, How scantly sense can dwell! 10.

A few specimens had been imported from the Hospice before Mr. Cumming Macdona (then the Rev. Cumming Macdona) introduced us to the celebrated Tell, who, with others of the breed brought from Switzerland, formed the foundation of his magnificent kennel at West Kirby, in Cheshire.

The chief point in reeling is to ensure that the correct number of threads is in each cut, i.e. to obtain a "correct tell"; this ideal condition may be impracticable in actual work, but it is wise to approach it as closely as possible.

I tole you I wouldn' do nothin' desperate tell I talked weth you.

Let me of thee and of thy beauties glory An endless tell, but never wearying story.

And lest some hideous listener tells, I'll ring my bells.

A thousand stories which the ignorant tell and believe die away at once when the computist takes them in his gripe.'

"I wish to relate a story which I heard a joglar tell at the court of the wisest king that ever was, King Alfonso of Castile, where were presents and gifts, judgment, worth and courtesy, spirit and chivalry, though he was not anointed or sacred, but crowned with praise, sense, worth and prowess.

It is thought probable that Clay's native oratorical ability, which he assiduously cultivated,the gift which, as Schurz says, "enabled him to make little tell for much, and to outshine men of vastly greater learning,"misled him as to the necessity for systematic and thorough study.

And had I not heard lonely miners tell of times when they gladly would have walked ten miles to shake hands and talk a few moments with a child?

"When I hear a missionary tell that the pariah caste sit on the ground, the peasant caste lift themselves by the thickness of a leaf, and the next rank by the thickness of a stalk, it seems to me that the heathen has reached a high state of civilizationprecisely that which Victoria has reached when she permits a Herschel to sit in her presence!

If angels led horses by the bridle at the Marne (as a pious legend tells), at Versailles the Devil had his muzzled oxen treading out the corn.

A very pleasing story tells of how an aged bell-ringer waited breathlessly to announce to waking thousands the vote of Congress.

Hereupon enters Clytemnestra, and in a speech of rhetorical exaggeration tells of her anxious waiting for her lord and her inexpressible joy at his return.

the place I know, yet ask me not; Bid not these aged lips the secret tell; That hath wooed on so many to their death.

Their shortness tells of the shortness of those intervals.

'A sail in the offing,' said Herbert. 'How that solitary sail tells, Annabel!' 'I feel the sea breeze, mother.

Swift tells, that Stella had a trick, which she learned from Addison, of encouraging a man in absurdity, instead of endeavouring to extricate him.' Mr. M'Queen's answers to the inquiries concerning Ossian were so unsatisfactory, that I could not help observing, that, were he examined in a court of justice, he would find himself under a necessity of being more explicit.

Then came on other marks of inward trouble and general waste, which he spoke of to his physician as peculiar, and doubtless owing to accidental causes; to all which the doctor listened with deference, as if it had not been the old story that one in five or six of mankind in temperate climates tells, or has told for him, as if it were something new.

9. Close, carver, by some well cut books, Let a thin busto tell, In spite of plump and pamper'd looks, How scantly sense can dwell! 10.

"Billy 'ull tell 'ee about that," and he winked surreptitiously at his friend.

Old tarnished covers You that reflect her with fresh young face unchanged Tell that we met, that we parted, not as lovers; Time, chance, brought us together, and these estranged.

At last, despairing of ever making his unruly tongue tell of his passion, he took a dagger and, following her to the bathing place on the river bank, he cut out his own heart, cast it at her feet, and fell down lifeless.

26 adjectives to describe  tell