659 adjectives to describe termes

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Rattlesnakes and small owls are generally found in great numbers in the prairie-dog towns, and live in the same holes with the dogs on friendly terms.

"You would be surprised," said he, "to find how successful they have been in investing their craft with the forms and trappings of science, the parade of classification, and the mystery imparted by technical terms.

He was surprised, simply enchanted, at the entire frankness of her recognition; she acknowledged openly that it mattered to her tremendously whether or not he was on intimate terms or flirting with little Miss Argles, or with little Miss anybody.

Native and classic are the better terms to use, provided both are used broadly.

SECOND GENERAL EXERCISE Copy both sections (the first consists of fairly familiar terms, the second of less familiar terms) of each of the following word-groups.

The drifting cloud detritus gave it a kind of visible body, which explained many perplexing phenomena, and published its movements in plain terms, while the texture of the falling mass of rain rounded it out and rendered it more complete.

The charter of Pennsylvania, where this congress of anarchy has been impudently held, contains a clause admitting, in express terms, taxation by the parliament.

or, "Cases of conscience adjudicated upon the most reasonable terms?"

Hence the contemptuous term of "kidney-eaters," synonymous with dotard.

Slang (still in common use) 'stumer', a generic term for anything worthless, especially a worthless cheque.

Paz was unwilling to shed blood a second time; he offered advantageous terms to Quiroga; but the boastful Gaucho, full of confidence in his savage lancers, refused to negotiate, and marched against his skilful but unpresuming antagonist.

The author of "A B C of Electricity," showed clearly in that work his ability to explain a technical subject for the laymen who know nothing of scientific terms.

[170] Musical terms.

Professor Dewey tells us that "nothing is more absurd than to suppose that there is no middle term between leaving a child to his unguided fancies, or controlling his activities by a formal succession of dictated directions."

He therefore inclined his order of march to the right, so as to enable his right wing and centre to come into collision with the enemy on as favorable terms as possible, although the manoeuvre might in some respect compromise his left.

But not as yet did he reveal to the king and queen who he was, or whence he had come; only in brief terms he related his being cast upon their shores, his sleep in the woods, and his meeting with the princess Nausicaa: whose generosity, mingled with discretion filled her parents with delight, as Ulysses in eloquent phrases adorned and commended her virtues.

And when he came to himself, he said, How many hired servants of my father's have bread enough and to spare, and I perish with hunger!" Many a person who shuns abstractions and talks altogether of the concrete things of life, yet traps out circumstance in general rather than specific terms.

But the Jesuits are accused of pushing this doctrine to its remotest consequences, of being its most unscrupulous defenders,so that Jesuitism and expediency are synonymous, are convertible terms.

The idea is that if our typical baker be paid more than the market price for a loaf, he will be able in turn to pay more to the butcher than the fair price for his beef; the butcher thus benefited will be enabled to deal on more liberal terms with the tailor; the tailor so favored by legislation will be able in his turn to order a better kind of beer from the publican and pay a higher price for it.

They could have made their own honourable terms with Turkey but these self-determining people will now be held down by the 'matchless might' of the allied i.e., British forces.

They are there so that in case of political controversy we shall have strength at our back when we seek to make favourable terms.

He denounced Skeelty in unmeasured terms and declared he would find a way to protect Millville from further invasion by these rough and drunken workmen.

Vincent, it is a vague term under such circumstances" "I could not love you, dear, so much, loved I not honor more.

JEFFERSON'S second presidential term began,March 4.

659 adjectives to describe  termes