64 adjectives to describe textures

Ironing is necessary to smooth body-linen, and made-up articles of delicate texture or gathered into folds.

By the way, I wish you would see in future that my undergarments are of a silken texture.

The great mass of the mummy cloths is of coarse texture; but the "fine linen" spoken of in the Scripture was as fine as muslin, in some instances containing more than five hundred threads to an inch, while the finest productions of the looms of India have only one hundred threads to the inch.

Loose to the wind their airy garments flew, Thin glittering textures of the filmy dew, Dipped in the richest tincture of the skies, Where light disports in ever-mingling dyes, While every beam new transient colours flings, Colours that change whene'er they wave their wings.

On the body a crimson jacket, of a thick, solid texture, and tight to the shape; but without any pretence at ornament.

Indeed, wherever vegetation can be sustained, there they are, affording protection to the roots and seeds of more delicate vegetables, and, by their spongy texture, retaining a moisture which preserves other plants from the withering drought of summer.

There were, besides, eight carpets of glossy texture, with gold flowers; one representing "The Seven Virtues and the Seven Vices;" another the history of Charlemagne; another that of St. Louis.

" "How do you get your skins so soft?" asked Ted, feeling the exquisite texture of a bag she had just finished.

STERNWell set on, and carried low, if possible below the level of the back, in a perfectly straight line, or with a slight downward inclination, never elevated above the back, and in action always kept low, nicely fringed, with wavy feather of silky texture.

The smooth, glossy texture of his verse contrasts happily with the quaint, uncouth, rugged materials of which it is composed; and takes away any appearance of heaviness or harshness from the body of local traditions and obsolete costume.

Scales of rhizome and stipes narrow, of firm texture and with thick-walled cells.

Within, and around the back part, lay the flesh, of a coarse fibrous texture, slightly salmon-coloured.

The candy was evidently of a porous texture, so that the juice of the fruit would reach the consumer's pursed lips charmingly modified by its passage along the length of the sweet.

The leaves are neat and of leathery texture, and being evergreen lend an additional charm to the shrub.

She would have added, perhaps, that anyway it was more suitable work for Wilbur, the latter being of a rougher spiritual texture.

Its stalk is hollow, filled with a soft pith, and surrounded by a cellular texture coated with a delicate membrane which runs parallel to the stalk and is covered by a thin cuticle.

They are of stout, leathery texture, and plentifully produced.

In other woods there are no ducts, or they are evenly distributed, but the transition from the close autumn wood, consisting of smaller and more closely packed cells, to the wood of looser texture, formed in the following spring, makes a line that marks the season's growth.

His face looked tough and weather-worn; while the Reverend Doctor's, hearty as it appeared, was of finer texture.

On the body a crimson jacket, of a thick, solid texture, and tight to the shape; but without any pretence at ornament.

See the grisly texture grow, ('Tis of human entrails made,)

Handsome brocades, soft, elegant silks, woollen textures, and velvets are eminently suitable and becoming to women who are growing old.

Shall he, whose fragile form Demands continual blessings to support Its complicated texture, air, and food, Raiment, alternate rest, and kindly skies, And healthful seasons, dare with impious voice To ask those mercies, whilst his selfish aim Arrests the general freedom of their course; And, gratified beyond his utmost wish, Debars another from the bounteous store?

But in contact with myself or Eveena they were women, and showed only the wrong side of the varied texture of womanhood.

No lighter texture than their steel did the cuckoldy blacksmith frame to catch Mrs. Vulcan and the Captain in.

64 adjectives to describe  textures