50 adjectives to describe thumbing

Using the forefinger of his right hand as a marker, he counted under his breath, "one" on his left thumb, then after a frowning interval, "two" on his left forefinger, "three" on the middle digit, and so on, giving time for thought to each number, until he had exhausted the fingers of his left hand and was ready to start on the right.

It was a sensational renunciation and stuck out like a sore thumb.

" Chettle, a sleek, comfortable-looking man, with a quiet manner and a sly glance, laughed knowingly, twiddling his fat thumbs as he leaned back in the cab.

The songs please me better than the flat-foot and the hanging-lip and the broad-thumb of the spinners.

Marie had served the noble guests with pleasant alacrity, passing the rainbow-tinted trout caught as well as broiled by her own hand, and the luscious huckleberries in tasteful baskets of her own braiding, and Tontz Main de Fer, the chivalric companion and friend of La Salle, was moved like Geraint, served by Enid, "to stoop and kiss the dainty little thumb that crossed the trencher."

James I. took a great interest in plain and ornamental job printing, and while trying to pick a calling card out of the jaws of a crude job-press in the early years of his reign, contributed a royal thumb to this restless emblem of progress and civilization.

he asked, a grimy thumb on the point indicated.

His fairer skin was bedizened with freckles; and when with a blunt thumb he pushed up the outer ends of his heavy eye-brows or cocked the thumb at a speaker whose views he did not share, it could be seen that he was the most aggressive of the three men.

He killed the biggest moose with a blow of his fist, and caught whales with his crooked thumb for a hook.

But we shall have him yet, and between ourselves we shall keep a very strict guard upon the Emperor's person until we do, for Master Toussac is not a man to be despised.' I seemed to feel his great rough thumb upon my chin as I answered that I thought he was a very dangerous man indeed.

" Pete, with a thick thumb upon the right line, went on "'The Professor's researches here may prove of vital importance.

He jerked a dirty thumb toward the stairs.

Into their dreams no shadow fell Of his disastrous thumb Groping discreet, and gradual, Across the quiet room.

"Sure, there's my mansion," grinned Hank, pointing over his shoulder with a fishy thumb.

I had a daughter once, for a few weeks, long enough to make me strangely fond of the responsibilities of a father; and then Karslake took her away, leaving me nothing to do with my life but twiddle futile thumbs and contemplate the approach of middle age."

"Good!" said Sharon, and touching the outer tips of his frosted eyebrows with a huge gloved thumb he clicked to the roan and was off to a sprinkle of bell chimes.

He presented the end of a gnarled and muscular thumb.

"Even in the legendary classic shades of learning, the cold pressure of the golden thumb crowds down and chills penniless brains.

Lightly he drew his greedy thumb From out that casement pale, And strode, enormous, swiftly home, Whinnying down the dale.

"'And right away, Governor, I got the answer to itflat thumbs!'

" He fitted the smoking lantern back onto the shelf to have his hands free for action, and drew a cutlass out of the arm rack, running one leatherly thumb along the blade to test its sharpness.

Pointing his eyebrows severely, he cocked a presumably loaded thumb at Merle.

"You say here," he said at last, pulling the description of the house from his pocket and pointing to the words with a thumb as massive as it is dingy and as dingy as it is massive"you say here 'well-stocked kitchen garden.'"

On a rostrum beyond and above the crowded heads the musicians swayed at their worktabouka players with strong, nervous thumbs; an oily, gross lutist; an organist, watching everything with the lizard eyes of the hashish taker.

I was right in conjecturing that the creature had no opposable thumb; but a little ingenuity had compensated this so far as regarded the power of carrying.

50 adjectives to describe  thumbing