235 adjectives to describe toiler

From the very endeavor after excellence comes a certain exaltation of spirit, which ennobles the least fragment of daily toil.

Possessing absolute power over the bodies and souls of their slaves, and grown rich from their unrequited toil, they became possessed by the demon of avarice and pride, and lost sight of the most vital of the Christly qualities.

Its population was composed of hardy, warlike, and religious people, condemned to poverty and incessant toil by the difficulty of getting a living on sterile and unproductive hills, except in a few favored localities.

Not by the road Pap Himes pointed out; not by the devious path Mandy Meacham suggested; but by the rugged road of good, honest toil, to heights where was the power and the glory, she would certainly strive.

"Maggie, when a man learns by patient toil to tell the under side of an ace he does not often forget, but of course there is always the chance, that's the charm of itnobody can be quite sure.

Weeks were spent in this arduous toil, and their efforts were fully rewarded.

A passionate man, he had centred all his hopes upon his son, whose position in life he fondly expected to repay him for his years of unremitting toil, and this was the end of it all!

Who amongst priests leads the life of ceaseless toil which the Cure d'Ars led?

XXX "We lived in peace and comfort; and were blest With daily bread, by constant toil supplied.

So by the favour of the river's god Ulysses crept to land half-drowned; both his knees faltering, his strong hands falling down through weakness from the excessive toils he had endured, his cheek and nostrils flowing with froth of the sea-brine, much of which he had swallowed in that conflict, voice and breath spent, down he sank as in death.

With infinite toil and trouble this point has been slowly gained by mankind, through the circumstance that the very same political aggregation of small primitive communities which makes them less disposed to quarrel among themselves tends also to make them more than a match for the less coherent groups of their more barbarous neighbours.

Life at its normal best is full of agonizings and endless toil and sufferings; what matters, what it is really there for, is that we should learn to conduct it with Dignity, Courage, Goodwillto transmute its dross into gold.

He accustomed her to the severest toils, and the most perilous enterprises.

Weary toil my vigor drains; All unnoticed it remains!

I got upon one of the highest of them, to see how far they reached, and perceived that they continued for about fifty stadia or more, and beyond that it was all sea again; we resolved therefore to drag the ship up to the top boughs, which were very thick, and so convey it along, which, by fixing a great rope to it, with no little toil and difficulty, we performed; got it up, spread our sails, and were driven on by the wind.

Double, double toil and trouble; most wearisome and profitless.

This would be serious enough if it were only the world-old struggle between capital and labour and had only involved the conditions of manual toil.

How bowed the woods beneath their sturdy stroke! Let not Ambition mock their useful toil, Their homely joys, and destiny obscure; Nor Grandeur hear with a disdainful smile, The short and simple annals of the poor.

I suppose a man's truest happiness lies in the keenest energy, the conquest of difficulties, the highest fulfilment of his own nature; and I think it possible that, under the conditions of our existence as men, the finest happinessthe happiness of ecstasycan only exist against a very dark background, or in quick succession after extreme toil and danger.

Mother is supposed to be wholly or largely unemployed and longing for unpaid toil.

One would have said that to the daughter of such the close cotton-mill room with its inhuman clamour, its fetid air, its long hours of enforced, monotonous, mechanical toil, would be prison with the torture added.

Cunning, intrigue, the oily tongue, have, through extended and powerful conspiracies, brought the resources of society under the control of the few, who stood aloof from his homely toil.

A life of strenuous toil!

'The swan,' says he, 'in arms shall shine: The soldier's glorious toil be thine.

Till every heart to innocence be tuned, Nor sinful pleasures ever dare intrude, To mar the image God has made and blest, With means of pleasure, happiness and rest; That all may find, in holy joys and pure, Relief from care, for every sorrow cure; And live to be in holy pleasures blest, Till earthly toil is changed for heavenly rest.

235 adjectives to describe  toiler
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