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198 adjectives to describe top

It was found that to these very little people the most important part was the high front against which they were accustomed to stand, not the flat top which they seldom saw.

He saw nothing but the round motionless tops of the little olive trees.

If they were as near like adamant as they looked it would take a man years to cut steps to the lofty top, even though he were given proper tools for the work.

It had a rounded brown top, when the snow uncovered it.

There is a path along the cliffs overhanging the sea, with glorious views of Lebanon, up to his snowy top, the pine-forests at his base, and the long cape whereon the city lies at full length, reposing beside the waves.

Its broad top was crowded with drays and cabs conveying the freight and passengers to and from the steamboats, that lay compactly wedged together at its edge.

It was long after midnight now, and if one listened carefully he could catch the customary noises of the woods at such a time, from the soft crooning of the breeze as it sighed through the pine tops, to the occasional note of some night-bird calling to its mate, or the plaintive voice of a hungry young coon waiting impatiently the return of its foraging mother.

On either side, whenever a glimpse could be had through the boughs, we looked upon leaning walls of trees, whose tall, rounded tops basked in the sunshine, while their bases were wrapped in the shadows cast by themselves.

The rising sun behind the mountains threw long slant rays across into the bare tree tops, so that the shimmer of it dappled horse and man.

Some of my readers surely recollect Wordsworth's noble lines about these mysterious wanderers, of which he had seen many a one about his native hills: As a huge stone is sometimes seen to lie Couched on the bald top of an eminence, Wonder to all who do the same espy

Sitting on the golden slope at the campoodie, looking across the Bitter Lake to the purple tops of Mutarango, the medicine-man drew up its happy places one by one, like little blessed islands in a sea of talk.

When I went out and in as a missionary among the Chinese people for about thirty years, it sometimes occurred to me that only the inmates of their monasteries and the recluses of both systems should be enumerated as Buddhists and Taoists; but I was in the end constrained to widen that judgment, and to admit a considerable following of both among the people, who have neither received the tonsure nor assumed the yellow top.

The lower limbs curve downward, gradually take a horizontal position about half-way up the trunk, then aspire more and more toward the summit, thus forming a sharp, conical top.

"And thenafter I had fed youyou were going to kill me, my dear Jean," laughed Howland, flopping a huge caribou steak on the naked top of the sheet-iron stove.

A ray of bright red suddenly flits above the thick tops of the scrub-oaks.

Tiny knots on distant cliff-tops, when looked at through the glass, are found to be single trees of enormous height and breadth.

Only infrequently did a tree, with roots gripping like claws, lift its ragged top above the big boulders.

He would not cut close any more, but simply throw the biggest trees with dry tops.

He then lay down in the bushy top of a fallen pine, and without the assistance of any "call," such as hunters generally make use of, uttered the low, cautious cry of the wild turkey.

These are the tender tops of the Jebelee, plucked as the buds begin to expand, and carefully dried in the shade.

The little chubby hands that grasped the handle of the pail timidly crept closer together, and by the time they had reached the rugged top, it needed but one warm embrace to mingle the two souls into one, henceforth forever.

Enough for them and for us to know that no dishonour was done to the grand old man; that as he died far away on the lonely mountain top without a child to close his eyes, his last look fixed upon the good land and large which lay spread out below, of entering which he had been dreaming for fortyit may be for more than fortyyears.

It had a rounded brown top, when the snow uncovered it.

And with breezes of the South they came wafted to the mouth of the Axine sea; there they founded a shrine and sacred close of Poseidon, god of seas, where was a red herd of Thracian bulls, and a new-built altar of stone with hollow top.

That," he added, splashing in a prodigal streak of whooping scarlet, "is resurgent joy surmounting the misty mountain-tops of" The opening door below him cut short the disquisition.

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