109 adjectives to describe travelling

I mean that the very fullest education that schools, colleges, universities, and foreign travel can give, should be given to the woman who is fortunate enough to have them at command, and that every woman, according to the degree of her possibilities of education and opportunity, should have the best.

"You may skip them if you want to, but I know you want to see if your experience in your extensive travels correspond with the master's authority.

Her tender feet soon wounded were, and sore With the rough travel, and the weary way, And her slight limbs, o'ertask'd and loaded, bore Less lightly up their burden day by day; But, nature failing, Love imparted power To bear her steps up to the resting hour.

It was alive with constant travel and traffic: the country towns and inns swarmed with life and gaiety.

The master's shyness, resembling a deer's, kept the pair almost entirely out of England, and, on their continuous travels, the servant invariably stood between that sensitive diffidence and the world.

The last slow travel of his squad over dark, barren space and through deep, narrow, winding lanes in the ground had been a nightmare ending to the long journey.

" While he was thus meditating on his weary travels, which had hitherto been so useless, Dromio (as he thought) returned.

The cross head journals also should be long and large; for as the tops of the side rods have little travel, the oil is less drawn into the bearings than if the travel was greater, and is being constantly pressed out by the punching strain.

By the facilities of rapid travel the hunter, with the least possible sacrifice of time, is transported with whatever of luxury a Pullman car can confer (luxury to him who likes it) to the haunts and almost within the very sanctuaries of game.

Masses of rock of volcanic origin were thickly strewn around, and anything like fast travelling was impossible.

In these days of rapid travelling and telephone, an ambassador's role is much less important than in the old days when an ambassador with his numerous suite of secretaries and servants, travelling by post, would be days on the road before reaching his destination, and when all sorts of things might happen, kingdoms and dynasties be overthrown in the interval.

E. From the subsequent travels of Rubruquis, it will appear, that this ceremony was in honour of the Tartar messengers going from Baatu to the emperor, not from respect to the papal envoys.

Day by day they had grown nearer and nearer, and finally, after one week of this toilsome travel, we glided from the river to the crescent-shaped lake, and they now rose close before us.

Just before the occurrence of the last dream, his faith in the heavenly source of the invitation which, whether waking or sleeping, he had received, to go over and help his Christian brethren on the Continent, was confirmed by a prophetic message from John Kirkham, who, in the course of his religious travels, again visited Yorkshire.

The prospect of distant travel was discouraging, both on account of Martha Yeardley's weak health and of the state of the Continent; but, writes John Yeardley, "my mind is peaceful, and I have an abiding conviction that it is right to proceed, trusting in the Lord for light, strength and safety.

We accepted the invitation, and after several days of leisurely travel, the last hundred miles of which were up a river on a sidewheel steamer, we reached our destination, a quaint old town, which I shall call Patesville, because, for one reason, that is not its name.

Mackenzie, in his northern travels, heard the species spoken of by the Indians as "white buffaloes.

They knew the difficulties of sub-Arctic travel and how to cope with them.

There's a great strain aboot constant travelling, too.

They knew the difficulties of sub-Arctic travel and how to cope with them.

"Yes; I had no motive in keeping them secret, save that I did not wish my marriage to be known to my father until I myself could tell himand I know how fast such news travels.

One was a small ship suitable for local jaunts, and the other was a normal-sized craft capable of interplanetary travel.

Planetary travel according to Lawsonomy principles.

A few weeks of pleasant travel westward, and then the newly wedded pair came back to what, for a time, was to be their home.

To these might be added many notable foreigners whom he either met with in his continental travels or who were attracted to him by a lively interest in his writings.

109 adjectives to describe  travelling