94 adjectives to describe tread

Now as he stood thus, his broad, mail-clad shoulders and golden hair bathed in the refulgence of the great window, it seemed to him that from somewhere near there breathed a sigh, tremulous and very soft, and thereafter was the quick, light tread of feet, and silence.

Again he whistled, and with soft, slow tread the cow came towards him and rubbed her nose against his arm.

Sofia mounted rapidly, with a firm tread that was nevertheless practically noiseless, thanks to the paper-thin soles of well-worn slippers.

He did not want her to hear the stealthy tread of the undertaker's men, to meet the coffin which they were going to bring downstairs and place in the hall.

With a cautious tread, Jacopo advanced, and when the door was opened he entered the room alone, for none there had sufficient interest in an interview between a common Bravo and his father, to endure the glowing warmth of the place, the while.

Light-hearted Mercy, meantime, was walking on with her own swift, elastic tread, and thinking warmly and shyly of the look with which Stephen had bade her good-by the day before.

However there was no noise, other than the creaking and groaning of the ship's timbers, mingled with the steady tread of LeVere on the upper deck.

This condition is commonly the result of a severe and jagged tread with the calkin, and takes the form of an ulcerous and excessively granulating wound.

Two hours later a dull sound was heard, the occasional clink of arms, and the muffled tread of many feet on the soft ground.

And in a while to Beltane's straining senses came the faint creak of a door, a soft rustle, the swift light tread of feet, and starting forth of his lurking place he stepped forward with yearning arms outstretchedthen paused of a sudden beholding her who stood at gaze, one slender foot advanced and white hands full of roses and lilies, one as fair, as sweet and pure as the fragrant blooms she bore.

No welcome greeted our return, Nor clang of martial tread, But all were dumb and hushed as death Before the mighty dead.

He came to the porch and, with never a board to creak under his careful tread, he made his way silently around to the living-room side of the house.

She did not turn until a footstep paused behind her; she was so lost in dreams of Linnet and Morris that she had not noticed the brisk, hurried tread.

The counsellors assembled round the throne Within the council halls of zam-at stone, Now greet their monarch, and behold his face With trouble written on his brow, and trace Uneasiness within that eagle eye, While he with stately tread, yet wearily His throne approached; he turned to the mu-di, And swept a glance upon his khas-iz-i. Uneasy they all eyed his troubled face, For he had ridden at a furious pace.

Bullets scattering the gravel ahead of him and singing around his head, and hoarse cries behind, with a heavy-booted tread of pursuers, gave Kurt occasion to hurry.

Back, back she sails, down time's dark stream, To childhood's bright and sunny hours; And paints again her fairy dream, Her sports, her fancies, and her flowers. Touched by her wand, the sleeping dead Spring up to active life again: And in the busy pathway tread, Mingling in our joy and pain.

The dull tread of the Horse went past him, and left him unharmed and I heard the monstrous hoof falls going away and away through the quiet house and after that a dead silence.

" He went up the path before them with his careless tread, and waited whistling while Dick opened the door.

Immediately afterward the sounds came right on as if some invisible thing passed through the closed door and the ponderous tread was upon us.

The Three Families were in the habit, during the Removal of the sacred vessels after sacrifice, of using the hymn commencing, "Harmoniously the Princes Draw near with reverent tread, Assisting in his worship Heaven's Son, the great and dread.

It was marching men we heard, but they were scuffling with their feet as they came; they had not the rhythmic tread of most of the British troops we had encountered.

No regular path has been made to the grave, which lies considerably out of the road; but the frequent tread of visiters having pressed down the rank grass which grows in such places, the way to the tombstone is readily found without any guide.

Or else ... Something sinister in the slant of the Dupont shoulders, as he vanished, something indescribably evil in his furtive yet heavy tread of a beast of prey, struck a thrill of horror into the mind of Lanyard.

Slowly they came,not heavy, with a stout, manly tread, but muffled.

THE SANDMAN The rosy clouds float overhead, The sun is going down, And now the sandman's gentle tread Comes stealing through the town.

94 adjectives to describe  tread
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