15 adjectives to describe trickster

To think that a simple, old-fashioned planter from the cotton fields of Mississippi could originate such a plan to outwit the two ablest political tricksters in the Senate!

Cheap tricksters, sharpers with the cards, he decided, and with that decision he banished them both from his mind.

"Now, Mr. Carter, you and I believe that these things are done by some clever trickster.

When commercial tricksters, believing in the lobbyists' favorite maxim, "The People Forget," feel that they have outlived the latest reform movement and see "the good old days" returning, the professional politicians introduce a few reform measures themselves, most stringent measures.

The difficulty with Stanton was that he was as likely to insult and to browbeat some loyal supporter of the government as to bring to book, and, when necessary, to crush, greedy speculators and disloyal tricksters.

As Harold Melville, the disreputable trickster, I am not fit to remain in your employto associate with honest men and women.

"Of course not," said the fat trickster.

In all Paris, from east to west and from north to south, there existed an unbroken chain of female tricksters, a system of organized theft, and all because, instead of satisfying men at once, these women were skilled in the subterfuges of delay.

To take our extant specimens of Satyr-plays, for instance: in the Cyclops we have Odysseus, the heroic trickster; in the fragmentary Ichneutae of Sophocles we have the Nymph Cyllene, hiding the baby Hermes from the chorus by the most barefaced and pleasant lying; later no doubt there was an entrance of the infant thief himself.

But the full sunlight of our republican life leaves no lurking-place for the mere trickster.

But Percy, no coward himself, knew how to make use of his sly crony; and despite their numerous quarrels, that often ended in actual fights, the pair of precious tricksters still kept company together.

"Shallow trickster!"

will you save me from this sorry trickster?' I had my eyes fixed, but still knew that Elzevir was beside me.

"He Freedom's fated suckler? The traitor, trickster, truckler!

Yet, unscrupulous as he was, the trickster shuddered at the thought of what that lie might cost him.

15 adjectives to describe  trickster