40 adjectives to describe tunnels

So strangely hidden away is it among close and dirty houses that it was only after three long searches through all the courts thereabouts that I found the "reeking little tunnel," and twice I passed the entrance without observing it.

They were at a bend in the drive where the big trees met overhead, forming a leafy tunnel.

A few armfuls of spruce boughs shingled over this roof, and a few minutes' work shoveling snow thickly upon them to hold them in place and to make a warm covering; then a doorway, or rather a narrow tunnel, just beyond the stub on the straight side of the semicircle, and their commoosie was all ready.

But as yet they did not venture into the gloomy cellar with its mysterious tunnels.

The Secret of the lost tunnel.

Right into the bowels of the mountain a vast tunnel fifty feet in height was driven.

I found that we were in a subterranean tunnel, which appeared to extend into the bowels of the earth.

"He goes to and fro from the palace through underground tunnels.

It is an elliptical tunnel of brick, placed under ground, and marked by turrets of brick and stone placed along its course.

When one of these spoke there was a trembling of earth, and through the sky a great shell hurtled, with such a rush of air that it seemed like an express train dashing through an endless tunnel.

Should the dip of this ancient channel be such as to make the Stanislaus Cañon available as a dump, then the grand deposit might be worked by the hydraulic method, and although a long, expensive tunnel would be required, the scheme might still prove profitable, for there is "millions in it.

Far ahead of her she could see Dick walking briskly toward the fatal tunnel.

Aunt Beatrice took me through it, and seemed immensely proud of the funny old tunnels and store-rooms that were tucked away in all sort of odd corners.

Within the shadow of the mountain is hidden a wonderful glena long tunnel between cliffs, densely arched over with trees and fringed with ferns; even at midday full of a green gloom.

Des Esseintes viewed the arcades of the rue de Rivoli, drowned in the gloom and submerged by water, and it seemed to him that he was in the gloomy tunnel under the Thames.

She stood by the rock wall until she was chilled; as noiselessly as a creeping shadow she went back to her fire and shivered before it and warmed herself, turning her head quickly to peer into the dark of the hidden tunnel, turning again as quickly to glance toward her rude door, her heart leaping at every crackle of her fire; she thawed some of the cold out of her and went to look out again.

To his right was an enormous clear wall which sealed off the landing area from the immense tunnel through which the ships had come.

Half way up the hill, a miniature train appeared from time to time issuing from an absolutely irrelevant tunnel, and, progressing at the rate of quite a mile an hour, crawled into the corresponding tunnel on the other side.

By a defensive gallery, it appeared that he meant a lateral tunnel running parallel with the trench-line, in such a manner as to intercept any tunnel pushed out by the British miners.

Who is not astonished at the triumphs of the engineer, the wonders of an ocean-steamer, the marvellous tunnels under lofty mountains?

It was a mere tunnel between the trees, whose branches overtopped it with a roof of green, but it had been leveled with great care,more care than I thought necessary,and would give smooth going to the wagons and artillery.

And now, if any of my young friends who may read this book should ever visit London, and go to see the great tunnel, as they gaze in wonder at it, let them remember Sir I. Brunel, and that little ship-worm; and then, let them say to themselves: "This mighty tunnel is an illustration of the truth that humility helps to make us useful.

Now what could be more unlike London under the German invasion and all that nasty little tunnel known as Lower Robert Street, than Peter Tavy?

Baikal had been the scene of a titanic struggle between the Czecho-Slovak forces and the Bolsheviks, who had in case of defeat planned the complete and effective destruction of the line by blowing up the numerous tunnels alongside the lake, which it must have taken at least two years to repair.

" They listened for a few minutes and then drove through the pali tunnel, emerging high over Kaneohe Bayplanes of pure light green, turquoise, dark blue.

40 adjectives to describe  tunnels