398 adjectives to describe turn

A sudden turn of the road brought him in sight of a trig little farm, against whose red gate a man was leaning, leisurely enjoying the beauty of the morning before he began work.

Any one of these celebrated processes, by itself, might have been desirable; but their indiscriminate and impetuous combination in the present case gave the Flowerpot a confused impression that her whole ride was a startling series of incessant sharp turns around obdurate street corners, and kept her plunging about like an early young Protestant tossed in a Romish blanket.

I never spake bad word, nor did any ill turn to any living creature.

If so, we must remember that children see, and hear, and think, that often in thoughtless ejaculations, or in those of heartfelt thankfulness, children may hear the name of God; that a simple story may have something that stirs thought; that churches are much in evidence; and that the conversation of little playfellows may take an unexpected turn.

It is a curious thing, this little turn in the brain, a thought.

I sometimes wish to introduce a religious turn of mind; but habits are strong things, and my religious fervours are confined, alas!

" She left the room, and I heard the key turn in the lock as she entered another chamber.

" By an odd turn the colonel thought of how his friends of his own class and generation had honestly admired the after-dinner speech which he had made that evening.

Traversing the same passages as before, save that a slight turn avoided the symbolic bridge, and formally challenged at each point as usual by the sentries, who saluted with profoundest reverence the Signet of the Order, we passed at last into the Hall of Initiation.

But while she thus rendered me bolder in speculation on human affairs, her practical turn of mind, and her almost unerring estimate of practical obstacles, repressed in me all tendencies that were really visionary.

He is well read in classical authors, and in the best English poets and writers; and, by his means, the conversation took now and then a more agreeable turn.

We were rapidly approaching the foot of the hills, where the river made another and abrupt turn.

But other influences were at work upon Hutton beside those of a mind logical by nature, and scientific by sound training; and the peculiar turn which his speculations took seems to me to be unintelligible, unless these be taken into account.

As well may we expect a man, who has been laid low with fever, to get up and go about to his work the moment his disease takes a favourable turn.

He was settled at Field Place, near Horsham, Sussex, and married Elizabeth, daughter of Charles Pilfold, of Effingham, Surrey; she was a beauty, and a woman of good abilities, but without any literary turn.

You done us a better turn than you think, Marie.

Yet he still hoped by talking over and discussing these matters to delay the execution of reforms till a more favorable turn in affairs should render them either harmless or unnecessary.

D, at Vienna once, did me an evil turn, which I told him, quite good-humoredly, that I should remember.

("It's eleven years since we had a Christmas tree," he added, "and the first thing you know we shall have lost the habit!") To his son Jack in Texas he expressed himself as so encouraged by the last business statement, which showed a decided turn for the better, that he was willing to add a thousand dollars to the capital and irrigate some more of the unimproved land on the ranch.

Those men who had failed, and yet, most tenacious, were hanging on for some last lucky turn of the wheel, knew the risk they ran.

render curved &c adj.; flex, bend, curve, incurvate^; inflect; deflect, scatter [Phys.]; refract (light) 420; crook; turn, round, arch, arcuate, arch over, concamerate^; bow, curl, recurve, frizzle.

The lieutenant was of a romantic turn of mind, and the mystery of the sea waif had interested him.

Behind the bank, and in rear of the tent, the cook and his mate were disembowelling a hapless moorghee, a fowl, whose decapitation had just been effected with a huge jagged old cavalry sword, of which my cook was not a little proud; and on the strength of which he adopted fierce military airs, and gave an extra turn to his well-oiled moustache when he went abroad for a holiday.

Generally (for they had not much to do) persons of a curious and speculative turn of mind.

I think an ingenious comparison between these works of intellect could be easily made by a man of a metaphysical turn of mind.

398 adjectives to describe  turn