702 adjectives to describe types

You are a distinct type, with your impulsive temperament, clear skin and tapering fingers.


Among human beings, the pure thyroid type is easily distinguished from the pure adrenal type, and both of these from the pure pituitary type.

The thyroid type differs as much from the adrenal type as does a greyhound from a bull-dog.

Partial reversion of Europe, between the fifth and eleventh centuries, towards a more primitive type of social structure.

The art of casting and chasing in bronze was extensively practised in the twelfth century, and I have seen a specimen with letters so cut in relief that they might be separated to form movable type.

They can be conceived of as normal types because they exist as normal types.

It is therefore probable that, in borrowing so familiar a type, the Israelites, in their calf-worship, meant, under a well-understood cherubic symbol, to acknowledge the full force of those virtues, under an emblem of divine power and goodness.

Select topics from the following list for discussion or explanation: The aeroplane's future as a carrier of mail The commercial future of the aeroplane A recent scientific (or mechanical or electrical) invention A better type of newspaperits contents and makeup A better type of newspaperhow it can be secured The connection between the advertising and news departments of a newspaperthe actual condition

In the forests, which at intervals approach the river, the snow was as deep as elsewhere, but there was not the desolation of the plains, for in the wood were many wild creatures, and man was there as well; not man of a very advanced type, it is true, but man rugged and dirty, and philosophic.

The ideal sella turcica for the ideal pituitary type is a large room in which the gland may grow and reach its maximum size and so its maximum function, without needing to exert pressure or destroy and erode bone in front of it, to the side of it or behind it.

A peculiar type of woman is attracted to the professions, whereas every man has to earn his living as a matter of course.

He possesses small genital organs which will not evolve properly in adolescence, or if they will not stand still, tend to revert to the opposite sex type.

That is, the newspaper made them out to be heroes of some rare, solid-gold type.

At the first glance his people are contemporary types, at the second they betray themselves for what they are reallycock-shies set up by the new comedy of Greece that every "classical" satirist in Rome or France or England has had his shot at since.

And in both countries the extreme type has shown itself profoundly unpatriotic.

Orsini, the leader of the conspirators, was not himself of a crazy criminal type.

Gortschakoff, Prince, quoted on death of Thiers; at Berlin Congress; a diplomatist of the old-fashioned type.

THE MIXED TYPES Among the mixed types, the lines of distinction are less clear, and so they are more difficult to classify.

Our first plays, especially of the romantic type, were extremely crude and often led to ridiculously extravagant scenes; and here is where the classic drama exercised an immense influence for good, by insisting upon beauty of form and definiteness of structure at a time when the tendency was to satisfy a taste for stage spectacles without regard to either.

These essays follow a standard type and do not necessarily reveal the actual man.

In short, the castrated male takes on a feminine type, and the castrated female, a male type.

The classical type is obese, with fat distributed everywhere, but more so in the lower abdomen and the lower extremities.

Yet, in spite of this daemoniac effort after uniformity, they are still the strangest congeries of racial and social types that has ever been placed at a single Government's mercy.

His grandfather was a conservative bourgeois of a superior type, who was the author of treatises designed to narcotize the forces of rebellion of his time.

702 adjectives to describe  types
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