266 adjectives to describe understandings

Twenty years from now a league including cities of the Philippines, China and Japan, is by no means out of the question, and it may be that the introduction of Base Ball into all three countries will result in a better understanding between the peoples and perhaps bring all three races to a better frame of mind as relates to their personal ambitions and rivalries.

He delighted in Bruce, but had with Edith, of course, more mutual understanding and intellectual sympathy, and though they met constantly, his friendship with her had never been misunderstood.

Sentences: The leader of the minority the upholders of the measure sharply as to a secret understanding.

The man who reads literature and comprehends its message is receiving a fine training which shall fit him for a thorough understanding of the heart; of its practical, ethical, and spiritual problems; of its domestic joys and sorrows; of its human cares and burdens; of the appeals that will come to him for sympathy; of the temptations that beset the race; and of the hopes and trials of the world.

"If parents offer what the child does not need," he says, "they will destroy the child's faith in their sympathetic understanding."

War and politics are never mentioned, as these delicate subjects would prevent a friendly understanding.

He had come out on the distinct understanding that no fees were to be attached to his office, only a definite salary.

The conclusion they had come to with regard to the meaning of the note was correct: a tacit understanding had existed for some time among the inner circle of the Thurstonian party that this should be the signal for a gathering of the clan; but the note, when Diggory had found it, had been lying in the impromptu post office for a day and a half, and the meeting to which it was a summons had already taken place on the previous evening.

None of them smiled, and it is noticeable that these people, like our own Don, do never laugh, taking such demonstration as a sign of weak understanding and foolishness, but watching all our actions very intently.

I thought he only wanted a little understanding, a little kindness.

A CORRECT understanding of the law of growth is of the highest importance to the student of Mental Science.

To grasp fully its powers and possibilities requires a clear, definite understanding of its spirit, scope, plan, and purpose, and its attitude toward the Federal Government.

We have set before ourselves the necessary and legitimate aim of spreading and enrooting German influence in Turkey, not only by military missions and the construction of railways, but also by the establishment of intellectual relations, by the work of German Kulturin a word, by moral conquests; and we are determined, by pacific means, to reach an amicable understanding with the Turks and the other nations in the Turkish Empire.

It is that, so far as I see, Mr. Saffron is of perfectly sound understanding, and capable of making a valid will.

After her first experience with de Coligny, which was an abandonment of her cold philosophy for a passionate attachment she thought would endure forever, Ninon cast aside all that element in love which is connected with passion and extravagant sentiment, and adhered to her philosophical understanding of it, and kept it in its proper place in the category of natural appetites.

It is his intuitive understanding ... rather than learned analysisof which there is yet overwhelming evidencethat makes it so splendid.

With a narrow understanding and a contracted heart, he had been able by habitual cunning and invincible effrontery, to acquire the reputation of a man of parts.

Though it may be thought that an opinion so very absurd could never find credit with people of the meanest understanding, yet I have conversed with some who were much inclined to believe it; so very prevalent is the prodigious and absurd with some part of mankind.

I believed my superior Understanding would form him into a tractable Creature.

It is probably a mere verbal unwritten understanding, but, neverthelesss is more potent in its working than the written treaties.

A cordial understanding cannot exist between England and her nearest neighbour.

Practice, not profession,goodness, not doctrines,spiritual understanding, not mere belief, gain the ear and right hand of Omnipotence, and call down blessings infinite.

At Rome, however, he was prevailed on to go and see the Pope, on the express understanding that he should not be obliged to kiss his holiness's toe; and he came away with a very pleasant remembrance of the Holy Father.

"You were as near your death a few moments ago as ever before in your life, Croissetand now for a little plain understanding between us.

" She felt Nell quiver at the words and drew her closer still, with intimate understanding.

266 adjectives to describe  understandings