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On the one hand, it destroyed the position of the workman as a self-sufficing industrial unit, and made him dependent on a capitalist for employment and the means of supporting life.

A staltâ, or square of about fifty yards (rather more than half an acre), is the primary standard unit of value.

A staltâ, or square of about fifty yards (rather more than half an acre), is the primary standard unit of value.

These figures, moreover, are expressed in terms of the monetary price-unit, in dollars of the gold standard, and therefore the increasing total figure (and correspondingly, the increasing per capita) may be but the reflection of a change in the value of the monetary unit.

She accepted the city-state as the municipal unit of the Roman Empire, thrust back the Oriental behind the Euphrates, and promoted the Hellenization of all the lands between this river-frontier and the Balkans with much greater intensity than the Macedonian imperialists.

The colonies were separate units, each jealous of its own industrial prosperity.

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In these dark ages, resembling those of European medieval times which followed the Germanic migrations and the fall of the Roman Empire, Peru was split up into a large number of small independent units.

In several southern and western states the administrative unit is the county, and local affairs are managed by county commissioners elected by the people.

They were again making nearly full speed; though Andy felt pretty confident that, had it been necessary for Frank to coax an additional unit or two of "hurry" from the gallant little Kinkaid engine, it would respond to his efforts.

It was mainly a question of concentrating a sufficient amount of energy to enforce order in sovereign social units.

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[Sidenote: The cohort the tactical unit.

Among the European scientists and inventors to whom both Henry and Morse were indebted was the French electrician, André Marie Ampère (1775-1836), whose name (ampère) has been given to the practical unit of electric-current strength.

There is nothing so dead as a dissecting-room 'subject'; and the contemplation of the human body in the process of being quietly taken to piecesbeing resolved into its structural units like a worn-out clock or an old engine in the Mr. Rapper's yardis certainly not conducive to a vivid realisation of the doctrine of the resurrection.

The authors of these recent improvements tell us expressly that their aim is to abolish the last vestiges of intuition, videlicet of concrete reality, from the field of reasoning, which then will operate literally on mental dots or bare abstract units of discourse, and on the ways in which they may be strung in naked series.

In the interior of the Serb territory, during the eleventh and twelfth centuries, three political centres came into prominence and shaped themselves into larger territorial units.

Thus the settlers were scattered over large areas, and, as elsewhere in the southwest, the county and not the town became the governmental unit.

Was it Marx who said that the smallest indivisible human unit was two?

The task system, on the other hand, was instituted on the rice coast, where the drainage ditches checkering the fields into half or quarter acre plots offered convenient units of performance in the successive processes.

Thus the two ultimate units of physical manifestation, the atom and the planet, both follow the same law of self-sustained motion which we have found that, on a priori grounds, they ought in order to express the primary activity of Spirit.

Without that blessed bond, her people would be absolute units, as independent of each other as the grains of sand on the seashore, swept hither and thither by the ocean winds.

An agricultural unit in the uniform approved by the Woman's Land Army of America.

168 adjectives to describe  unit