651 adjectives to describe used

There is, therefore, little use in your own denial.

To the rinds of ten lemons, pared very thin, put one pound of fine loaf-sugar, and two quarts of spring-water, boiling hot; stir it to dissolve the sugar; let it stand twenty-four hours, covered close; then squeeze in the juice of the ten lemons; add one pint of white wine; boil a pint of new milk, pour it hot on the ingredients; when cold, run it through a close filtering-bag, when it will be fit for immediate use.

The poets of course make frequent and noble use of the figurative.

"Qui va ?" "C'est moi," I answered, (with a very decent accent which I had cultivated by the daily use of a mild decoction of alum-wateran application which I can cordially recommend to Americans who do not naturally possess that peculiar "pucker" of the lips essential to the correct pronunciation of the French language.) "C'est moi, mon ami," I repeated.

As a general thing, these latter are of no practical use in the world, and make as good a tail to the kite of the 'strong-minded women' as anything else.

Pictures and picture-books should also be considered; some being in constant use, some only brought out occasionally.

"What now?" groaned the forester, wild-eyed, "Sweet Jesuah, torture me not!" "Take back thy life," said Beltane, "and I pray God that henceforth thou shalt make of it better use, and live to aid thy fellows, so shall they, mayhap, some day come to bless thy memory.

Thus an everyday use of the term today was once wrenched and immoderate speech.

The water was received in large closed basins, above which rose splendid monuments: these basins supplied other subterranean conduits, connected with various quarters of the city, and these conveyed water to small reservoirs furnished with taps for the exclusive use of certain streets.

Here is the firsta railway line in process of doublingand large numbers of men, some of them German prisoners, working at it; typical both of the immense railway development all over the military zone, since last year, and of the extensive use now being made of prisoners' labour, in regions well behind the firing line.

With but a moderate use of fancy, you can set out with him in his yellow coach for the King's house in Drury Lane.

In leaving a legacy to a married woman, if no trustees are appointed over it, and no specific directions given, "that it is for her sole and separate use, free from the control, debts, and incumbrances of her husband," the husband will be entitled to the legacy.

In choosing isinglass for domestic use, select that which is whitest, has no unpleasant odour, and which dissolves most readily in water.

" "I move for a suspension of sentence," said Smith, "Spalding's defence of the weed, induces me to withdraw the indictment against it, leaving punishment only for the excessive use of it.

And yet less, my lords, can it be suspected, that he intends to deceive us, than that he can be deceived himself; for not only his probity, his love of his country, and his fidelity to the crown, concur to secure him from any temptations to make an ill use of his credit, but his own interest obliges him to offer that scheme for the regulation of our forces, which, in his own opinion, will most certainly contribute to their success.

In the fourth century the Council of Laodicea spoke of the introduction of some hymns, which were not approved; and St. Basil tells us that hymns were in universal use in the Eastern Church.

Lenore drew back rather haughtily at this familiar use of her first name.

"My father, though not a member of any church, was strict in his family discipline in regard to the observance of the Sabbath, the breach of which, on the part of his children, was very apt to be followed by consequences not the most pleasant in the world, for he held that a good switch was an essential article of household furniture, and its occasional use a cardinal principle in the philosophy of family rule.

In cookery, its principal use is for stuffings and sauces, for which purpose the red is the most agreeable, and the green the next.

Frame sentences to illustrate the correct use of the words.

For the probabilities are that of the coal resources, whose existence is clearly known, the more fertile and better situated parts will already be in process of exploitation; and there is not likely, therefore, to be a supply of substantially better seams which can be substituted for the worst of those in actual use.

But peace had now been of long continuance; and though a nation's banner floated from the tower of the fort, and was seen afar by mariners,though the cannon occupied their ancient places, ordered for instant use,though all within the fort was managed and conducted day by day with careful regard to orders,the operations indicated, in the spirit of their conduct, no fear of warlike surprises.

The treatment, in very many cases at least, to be of the slightest use, should be immediate, as a person in a fit (of apoplexy for instance) may die while a surgeon is being fetched from only the next street.

" By-and-by, in spite of the limited English of the community, certain facts stood out: that Peetka held the white man in avowed detestation, that he was the leading spirit of the place, that they had all been suffering from a tobacco famine, and that much might be done by a judicious use of Black Jack and Long Green.

Compared with so vast a power as this, the temporary use of your houses and territory is a mere trifle, an ornamental accessory not worth considering: and this too, if ye preserve your freedom, ye will quickly recover.

651 adjectives to describe  used