186 adjectives to describe versions

Condensed version prev.

This metrical version of "Sohrab" is the only complete episode of the Sháh Námeh contained in the present collection.

At Paris he succeeded by the help of some previous knowledge of the Chinese character, and by means of Couplet's Version of the Works of Confucius, in construing a poem by that writer, from a selection in the king's library, and sent a literal version of it to his friend Reviczki.

You will note the difference in my spelling of my name and the later versions."

One of the most quotedand also mis-quotedproverbs of the wise Solomon says, as translated in the authorized version: "Where there is no vision, the people perish."

The comedy of Timon, which was chiefly taken from Lucian, and one, if not more, of Boiardo's prose translations from other ancients, were written at the request of Duke Ercole, who was a great lover of dramatic versions of this kind, and built a theatre for their exhibition at an enormous expense.

One of the Buddhist Confucians in whose works this revised version makes its appearance most clearly was Niu Seng-yu, who was at once summoned back to court in 846 by the new emperor.

The whole four parts, translated from the original Spanish into French, appeared in eight volumes, and an abridged version was made by the Marquis de Paulmy.

But the way I have related the affair is the correct version.

Shorter version originally pub.

They had already heard a brief version of the story from Oritz Konig back at Mars Base.

On the question of Belgian neutrality and the events which precipitated the British ultimatum, what we know to be a false version of the facts is current in Germany, as is evident from the published statements of the leaders of German thought and opinion, and it may be many years before its currency is displaced.

Very common, however, in Italian art, is a less fantastic, but still wholly poetical version of the Annunciation, representing, in fact, not the Annunciation, but the Incarnation.

Our official version of the psalms is then in many ways defective.

The following elegant version of these lines by Mr. A. T. Barton, Fellow and Tutor of Johnson's own College, will please the classical reader: Musa levat duros, quamvis rudis ore, labores; Inter opus cantat rustica Pyrrha suum; Nec meminit, secura rotam dum versat euntem, Non aliter nostris sortibus ire vices.

Original Spanish language version of The Rebellion of the hanged.

SEE Musset, Alfred de. Medieval French literature; representative selections in modernized versions.

" "Why?" "Well, it's a very funny story, and there are a dozen different distorted versions of it," he said.

They present a poetic and idealized version of life, deal with the highest passions and the wildest buffoonery, and introduce a great variety of those daring situations and incidents which we agree to call romantic.

When these two accounts are disentangled, they are each practically complete and apparently represent variant versions of the same flood story.

About the year 1470, when the persecution of both Jews and Mahometans was at its heightexcept in the kingdom of Granadaand when the testimony quoted from the Old Testament against worship of images must have been extremely galling to the worshippers, the priests thought it necessary to enforce the prohibition of vernacular versions of the Bible.

On the whole we may lean somewhat decidedly to the hypothesis of a mutual study of each other by the Christian writers, though the other hypothesis of the existence of different versions (whether oral and traditional or in any shape written) cannot be excluded.

The primitive Accadian text, accompanied by an interlinear Assyrian version published in the "Cuneiform Inscriptions of Western Asia," Vol.

But in a modified version, it has become the germ of a theory of heredity of which J.T. Cunningham, of Oxford, is the chief backer.

With little difficulty he was found to be Marra, the gunner's mate who tried to desert at Otaheite, and the publication was stayed till after the authorised version was out.

186 adjectives to describe  versions