5 adjectives to describe villanies

Roderigo's suspicious credulity, and impatient submission to the cheats which he sees practised upon him, and which, by persuasion, he suffers to be repeated, exhibit a strong picture of a weak mind betrayed by unlawful desires to a false friend; and the virtue of Aemilia is such as we often find, worn loosely, but not cast off, easy to commit small crimes, but quickened and alarmed at atrocious villanies.

This, my lords, has been urged with all the appearance of conviction and sincerity, and yet has been urged by those who are providing a shelter for the most enormous villanies, and enabling men who have violated every precept of law and virtue, to bid defiance to justice, and to sit at ease in the enjoyment of their acquisitions.

Also, many other hainous and abominable villanies doeth that brutish beastly people commit: and I sawe many moe strange things among them which I meane not here to insert.

What are all the records of history, but narratives of successive villanies, of treasons and usurpations, massacres and wars?

No more talk, nor no more dissention lawyer, I know your anger, 'tis a vain and slight one, For if you doe, I'le lay your whole life open, A life that all the world shallI'le bring witness, And rip before a Judge the ulcerous villanies, You know I know ye, and I can bring witness.

5 adjectives to describe  villanies